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Monday 19 September 2005 - Episode # 4051

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Diagnosis – TOTAL Shock !!!â€

Sally tells the likes of Leah & colleen that she’s going to surprise Flynn – by arranging “the honeymoon they never hadâ€, ie a holiday in Italy. Sally suggests that she is going to announce the holiday to Flynn by packing a suitcase full of Italian stuff. Leah & Colleen make various suggestions about what sally should put in the suitcase.

Later, sally returns to the diner – and Colleen gives her various items, incl. Italians food AND a framed photo of the late Pope John Paul II (that colleen sent away to the Vatican for).

Meanwhile, Doctor Matthews (the doc who accompanied flynn at the school demonstration recently) phones flynn – and says that flynn needs to come to the hospital (after Dr Matthews gets back the results of the biopsy on Flynn’s mole).

In a fantastically intercut scene, we sees sally joyously packing THAT suitcase, whilst Flynn has an MRI – and the images of Flynn inside the medical machine are rather eerie, but fascinatingly brilliant.

Doctor Matthews tells flynn that the cancer that started with the mole with widely spread throughout his body – and flynn is SHOCKED when doctor Matthews says that flynn may have only another THREE months to live !!!

In the final scene of the ep, we (for the most part) ONLY hear a V emotional piece of music. Sally finished packing the suitcase – by placing these airline tickets on top of the Italian stuff before she closing the suitcase. Flynn arrives at the door seconds later, and he baulks before entering. When he does, sally is all happy – as she is ready to tell Flynn about tho holiday, but then she sees his face. We can see that Flynn is telling sally what’s happened but (because of the approach to this scene) we don’t actually hear the words – but sally’s emotional reaction tells you EVERYTHING that you need to know. Sally hugs Flynn – and micro seconds before the ep ends, we actually HEAR sally crying (note – I hope my explanation of that TRULY AWEOME scene makes sense)

Meanwhile, Amanda decides that attack is the best form of defence. When scott wonders who she is talking to on the phone, and who a guy that she meets at the scurf club is, Amanda merely tuns the blowtorch back onto scott – after he casually mentions that he went to a birthing class with Hayley.

Because of this, Amanda decides that she REALLY must know why Doctor Free wanted to speak to Scott.

Amanda goes to the hospital, and expresses her sadness about Doctor Free’s death to a youngish male who works at the hospital. Amanda then uses her sex appeal – to persuade the male to get Hayley’s DNA samples. Amanda, of course, tells the guy that she is hayley. Amanda is V gracious the guy gives her the DNA samples.

Later, Amanda is talking to the guy she was with when Kit took those photos recently. The guy tells Amanda that he’ll be able to get the test results (on the DNA sample) to her soon. They guy also tells Amanda he has arranged a photographer who will pay her $20,000 for a racy photo shoot.

Soon after, Amanda meets with the photographer on a secluded beach. She asks him to show her the money – and he shows her a fistful of notes (not a cheque like I was expecting).

On command, Amanda removes the trench coat-like jacket she is wearing – to reveal a blue halter neck 2-piece swimsuit. After the photographer takes pics of Amanda in various poses, he “asks†her to remove her bikini top. Amanda does so – with her back to the camera of course.

Soon after, Amanda puts her top back on. Her phone rings – it’s Ryan, wondering where she is (as he’s in a school play that is on today). Amanda tells Ryan that she is on her way (to the school).

When Amanda is off the phone, the photographer wonders why she put the top back on – as he now wants to takes shots of ALL of her. Amanda suggests that topless pictures of a famous Hollywood actress should be enough for him, but the photographer insists that she won’t get paid a cent for the shoot (as the topless shots are worth NOTHING to him without the accompanying full body pics). Amanda desperately tries to grab the rolls of film (that the photographers has taken of her already) from his bag – but he is able to stop her.

Amanda is distraught – and things get worse when she arrives at the diner. Colleen tells her that dan & Ryan couldn’t wait any longer – and colleen ads that Ryan’s play would have begun by now.

If that wasn’t enough, Amanda gets a text message. It’s all in capital letters (as always). Amanda’s mysterious creditor tells her that they’ll be arriving in the bay VERY, VERY soon !!!!!!!


Sally TOTALLY can’t cope with the thought of living without Flynn

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Guest Ellie_fonto

OMG! Poor Flynn!!!!

Hey Im from England just finding out wot we've got 2 cum inda nxt few months on Home and Away here! Luks good!! Can't wait 2 see da episodes

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I felt so sorry for Amanda in that part. Damn that photographer. *kicks him* Anyway, it's really sad that Flynn's going to die. I can't wait to see the reactions of the people of Summer Bay. It's going to be devasting. And yes, I think he WILL die. :(

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