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Friday 16 September 2005 - Episode # 4050

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Scott REALLY Is Simple !!!â€

Tilly shows Cassie & Ric the charms that Luke gave her (incl. the one that Tilly thought she lost).

Later, Ric & cassie are clearly jealous when Tilly & Luke are spending every single second of time together that they can - and this leads to the 4 of them almost being late for class.

Later, at the diner, Tilly & Luke's affection for each other seems to bring ric & Cassie closer together. Ric & cassie are getting playful with each other - to the point where cassie spills ric's milkshake into his lap. Ric tries to reciprocate -but as ric & cassie get physically closer you can see that they want to kiss - but then irene enters the room and suggests that they should stop mucking about. Ric then complies when Irene suggests that he should go upstairs (diner flat) and get cleaned up.

This isn't the only thing happening in Tilly's world. When she goes over to the van park house, sally sees that she's sunburn. Sally is concerned when Tilly said that she didn't use any sunscreen - and things get worse when Cassie says that she hardly does either.

This leads sally to invite Flynn & another (male) doctor to speak to Tilly & co's class about the dangers of skin cancer etc. when Flynn asks, the kids say that they are to embarrassed to show a stranger their bodies. Flynn asks for a volunteer for a skin test - but since no-one is willing, so Flynn removes his shirt and the another doctor begins to examine all moles that Flynn has (with some kind of medical instrument).

When the class is over, the other doctor wants to speak to Flynn. After sally & the kids have bailed, the other do suggests that Flynn NEEDS to have further tests on a partic mole, as the other doctor is concerned about it.

Son after, Flynn is at the diner, and sally can tell that he is pre-occupied.

Hayley apologizes to Leah for going on and on about the pregnancy yesterday.

Hayley then talks to Kimmy - he thinks the place that she found will be great for their wedding.

Hayley tells Kimmy that she is looking forward to today. Kimmy wonders why - esp. since he has a trade fair to go to & lots of training session booked at the gym. Hayley reminds him that it's the day of their 1-st birthing class. Kimmy says that there's not much chance of him getting out of the training sessions (more money saved for when the baby comes). Kimmy suggests that Irene can take Hayley to the birth class but Hayley says that Irene is working double shift at diner.

Later, Scott enters diner, and he overhears kimmy talking about hayley's situation. Scott offers to assist - and kimmy thanks him for this.

Soon after, Scott pulls up in his car beside Hayley, who was walking to birth class like kimmy thought she might be.

Scott drives her there - and helps Hayley as she walks to the building (at SBH) where the class in.

When they get to the classroom, the birth class instructor suggests that Scott should stay around - as Hayley will need help with the exercises.

As Hayley & Scott do the birthing exercises together, they are initially clearly V uncomfortable - but you can see that, as the class continues, Hayley & Scott love being in such close company to each other again. (Note - all I could think about, during this scene, was when sally went with gypsy to the latter's 1-st birthing class - and Leah’s mum's question about whether gypsy/sally were "together")

Later, kimmy is most surprised when Hayley tells him that Scott attended the birth class with her.

Scott "confronts" Amanda about the money. She almost can't believe it when he suggests that it must the money that they thought had been stolen from the play (only Scott thinks the money must have been misplaced).

Amanda offers to give the play money to colleen (yeah right) but Scott insists on doing it himself.

When Scott does, colleen is over the moon - and she tells him that she is going to donate it straight to the hospital (as the money was intended for helping with the production of colleen’s "masterpiece").

Meanwhile, Amanda sends her mysterious creditor an email - telling them that she no longer has that money to pay them.

Seconds later, Amanda gets an e-mail. Her creditor is NOT happy, and plans to play Amanda a visit soon.

Soon after, Amanda hears a knock on the door. We hear all spooky, scary music (and are supposed to think it's Amanda’s mystery creditor) but it's (the female) Doctor Free, who wants to speak to Scott. When Amanda says that Scott isn't home, doctor urges Amanda to get Scott the contact her as soon as possible.

All of that was after Doctor Free looked at hayley's hospital computer file - and noted that it says, "deleted" where the father of hayley's baby should be.

Later, Scott arrives home. Amanda wonders why he is later than expected. Scott says that there were traffic problems after Doctor Free crashed her car - and DIED.

When Scott is out of the room, Amanda phones her friend? Darryl (the same guy she was "with" recently?) and asks him what she'd have to do to get a paternity test redone (end of ep)


Flynn's skin cancer battle begins, and it sounds like Amanda will do ANYTHING to keep the truth (about the baby) from Hayley and - more to the point - Scott !!!!!

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