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Thursday 15 September 2005 - Episode # 4049

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “I See Redâ€

Hayley (at diner) tells Leah that she had a dream last night about a cottage - like the one that kimmy suggests they get wed at. Hayley then shows Leah a sketch that she did of the place that she dreamed about. Hayley also tells Leah that she’s found a place (on the net) that similar to the one she dreamt about. Hayley says that she’s wrung the place - and that she wants to check the place out before she books it. However, there is a bit of a rush - as someone else is close to booking the place at then time that kimmy/hayley want to get wed. Leah then agrees to go with hayley to this place in the country (note - hayley aslo shows Leah some info about the place, from its website).

As Leah & hayley are travelling, they are way delayed by some roadworks. It gets to the point where one of the workers suggests that they should find another way of getting to there designation.

At this point Leah suggests that she knows a short cut - and whilst they are travelling, you can see that Leah is getting more & more worked up over the fact that hayley is constantly talking about her pregnancy.

The duo decide to stop the car - as they are a “tad†lost. Worse still, there’s no mobile phone reception so there is no chance to contact the place that hayley found on the net. Hayley then, brilliantly, sees that they just happened to have pulled up in front of the place that she had a dream of. (Note - the actress, and the hair, may have changed, but this REALLY proves that hayley is still, well, Hayley).

As they walk along the dreamy place’s driveway. Leah is over the moon when hayley says that she definitely wants Leah as part of the bridal party.

When Leah is back in the bay, she talks to dan about hayley going on and on about the pregnancy. Leah once more offers dan an out clause form their marriage (because of Leah’s medical status) but dan isn’t letting go of Leah that easily.

Tilly encounters Luke near the surf club. She wonders if he’s been grounded (because of the whole jack thing). Luke says that Tony isn’t into grounding - but that Tony has made it clear that he is annoyed. For a moment you think that Luke is going to act all responsible (and go with Tony’s wishes) but then Luke suggests that Tilly should still come over to the holden house for lunch.

When Luke gets home, he confronts Tony about what’s happened - and is surprised that Tony had no intention of stopping Luke’s lunch date with Tilly. Tony however does make it clear that he is still annoyed with Luke for not sticking with their pact.

Soon after, Tony re-enters the room, and comments V favourably about how good everything that Luke has prepared -it’s a total sea of red, red shirt, red roses, red napkins on the table etc, all V romantic. When Tony has bailed, Luke removes a piece of jewellery from his bag (see below).

Meanwhile, at the beach, the sunbaking Tilly awakes. She’s now V sun burnt on the right side of her body -and is now worried bout her date with Luke. (Note - it’s ironic that flynn gets skin cancer, when this is the 2-nd time this year that Tilly’s got majorly sunburnt).

When Tilly arrives at the holden house, she’s wearing a jacket - and her hair covering the right side of her face. Luke offers to take her jacket - but Tilly insists on keeping the jacket on.

Tilly sees the table (and all that red). She tells Luke that she loves it - and you get the feeling that Tilly is thinking, “it matches my skin colourâ€.

Whilst they are eating, Luke is surprised when tilly is using her chopsticks in her left hand - and because she’s not going so well, he gets up and tries to help her. Luke gets so close to Tilly that he pushes her hair aside - and sees her burnt face. Tilly then tells Luke what happened at the beach.

Soon after, Tilly is lying on the couch. Luke hands her some damp washers - to put on her forehand & arm. Luke then gives Tilly a present (wrapt in red paper). Tilly can’t believe it when she sees the charm that she’d thought she’d lost forever (dropped it a few days ago). Tilly is further surprised when Luke gives her another (red wrapped) present. The small jewellers box contains two more charms - and L and an M (ie Luke & Matilda) it’s all V sweet - and I’m sooooo loving this lovestruck duo !!!!

It’s morning when kit awakes in his car - she’s still outside the place she followed Amanda to the previous night.

Amanda then exits the building - and as she does. Amanda hugs & kisses a mysterious bald guy. Kit, of course, responds by grabbing her mobile - and she takes several pics of Amanda & the guy kissing etc.

As kit goes to check if she’s got the evidence she needs, Amanda sees her - but kit is able to speed away before Amanda gets to kit’s car.

When kit arrives outside the surf club, she checks her phone - and sees that she does have great pics of Amanda cheating on Scott.

Amanda approaches, and a catfight ensues. During the fight, kit looses her grip on the phone, and it hit a rock before landing on the grass. Kit is able to get way form Amanda long enough to grab the phone and goes inside.

Beth is shcoked/pleased to see kit - who claims that she has proof that Amanda is a lying cow. However, kit’s phone was, of course, sufficiently damaged when it fell and she can’t show Beth & Co the pics she took. Amanda enters the bar - and claims that is just making things up, as Amanda was with her sister (in the city) all night. Kit can’t believe that Beth, Scot & Robbie believe Amanda (rather than their own flesh and blood).

Kit exits the surf club, and Beth follows her. Beth tries to console kit.

Soon after, Amanda tells Scott that she knows what alcoholism can do - as her sister is also affected. Amanda tells Scott about a rehab program in the city (that Amanda’s sister did).

Amanda the shows Beth some info about the rehab treatment - and the down trodden, disbelieved Kit agrees to do it (Notes - it’s clear that kit is NOT happy with her family, and I sooooo hope that kit FOERVER wipes that smile of Amanda’s face).

That isn’t the only stuff happening in Amanda’s world. She is forced to hide a rather large sum of money (did Amanda prostitute herself with the mystery man?) when Scott suggests that they have a shower together. Amanda quickly hides the money in one of the boxes of her stuff that is currently in the living room of the Robbie/Tash flat.

Later, Amanda phones the person she owes money to. She tells the person that she will be able to make this latest payment on time.

Meanwhile, Robbie, Tash & Scott decide to move those boxes of Amanda’s into the bedroom that she is sharing with Scott. Robbie looses his grip on one of the boxes - and Scott & Robbie sees all that money. They wonder what’s going on with the supposedly broke Amanda (end of ep)


Hayley asks Scott to go o a birthing class with her (when kimmy is otherwise detained), and a female doctor at the hospital discovers the truth of Hayley’s baby !!!

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