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Wednesday 14 September 2005 - Episode # 4048

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Kit Hunter, P.I. !!!!â€

Hayley & kimmy begin to talk about when the are going to get married. Kimmy suggests that they have the wedding in 6 weeks. Hayley phones Will – and then she tells kimmy that will & gypsy will be away on holiday in 6 weeks. Kimmy suggests holding the wedding until will & gypsy return from their trip, but Hayley’s not keen on that idea. She suggests that they wed BEFORE Gypsy & will go away – in 3 weeks. Kimmy says that he likes that idea, but colleen thinks they’re rushing things.

Hayley & kimmy then talks about the venue. Hayley is obviously still thinking about will & gypsy when she suggests that the get married at the wharf, but kimmy has a totally different idea. He suggests they get married in the country – where everyone who wants to can stay at a farmhouse. Although kimmy senses some apprehension, hayley tells him that she loves the idea.

Martha tries to get jack to tells the truth about his hearing (or lack thereof), and, because of the Ric and street address incidents, so to does Luke.

Jack isn’t listening to either of them, and things potentially get worse when jack’s superior officer suggest that jack should “show them what hes made of†when jack joins them at a stake out tonight. Jack eagerly agrees.

After jack exits, Martha senses (form the way that Luke is talking) that Luke knows about jack’s hearing.

Martha & Luke are talking about the situation when Tony returns to the holden house. Both Martha & Luke try to keep the info about jack form Tony – but Luke is guilt tripped when Tony reminds him of the pact that the Holdens have (to always tell each other everything). When Luke does tell, Tony is annoyed that Luke & Martha kept this form him.

Soon after, jack returns home triumphant – as the drug running criminals were apprehended. Tony, however, immediately launches into a verbal attack. Jack can’t believe that Martha & Luke told Tony, but Tony is way more concerned that Jack risked lives like he did.

Jack is clearly not happy as he tells Martha that he’s been relegated to desk duty until his hearing fully recovers. Martha can’t believe that he’s blaming her for all this – so she bails, and is then seen crying in a nearby park.

Amanda gets a text message – the person she owes money to wants the next payment in 48 hours.

Soon after, Scott & Amanda are at the diner when Scott gives Amanda a V nice necklace (note – will Amanda pawn it – if the money situation gets bad enough?)

A little later, Amanda approaches dan. She asks him for a loan of $5000. Dan refuses this request – as it will seriously affect his & Leah’s financial stability.

Amanda then phones someone, who sounds like an old friend/acquaintance of hers. They arrange to meet later today.

Meanwhile, Beth is worried about kit. Beth hasn’t heard from her daughter since she accused kit of lying about Amanda & the alcohol. When asked, Robbie says that neither he nor Scott has heard from kit either.

Soon after, someone uses the spare key to get into the Robbie/Tash flat. The person ids, of course, kit – and she immediately starts rifling through Amanda’s things, trying to find evidence against the suspicious schoolteacher.

Kit hears someone opening the door – she tries to hide, but Tash enters and sees Kit. Tash wonders what is going on. Tash then quickly tells kit to hide in the kitchen, as she can hear Robbie & Scott approaching.

Then the hunter brothers enter, Tash initially suggests that they should cook dinner for a change, but then Tash remembers Kit is in the kitchen, and suggests that she is going to make everyone a special diner (and that no one can enter the kitchen whilst she does).

Tash goes into the kitchen – and she chastises kit for a number of things – not phoning Beth, drinking again, AND breaking in to search through Amanda’s things. Kit insists to Tash that Amanda IS up to no good – and that she’s deeply in debt but not to a financial institution.

Kit asks Tash to get rid of Robbie & Scott, so she can bail, and continue the investigation against Amanda.

Tasha complies – and “suggests†that Robbie & Scott should go out & get some pizzas, as she’s ruined the special diner. Robbie & Scot exit, and kit does so soon after.

Amanda (on the phone) tells the person she owes to that she will have the latest payment on time, and assures them that person causing her trouble (kit) is out of the picture.

Soon after, Amanda arrives (in her car) at an unknown house. An unknown man greets her at the door – and all of this is under the watchful eye of Kit, who is sitting in her car nearby (end of ep)


Kit takes some pictures (on her mobile) of the mysterious meeting, but Amanda sees that she’s been sprung – and vows revenge on Kit !!!

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