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Tuesday 13 September 2005 - Episode # 4047

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Flynn … And Bad Guys Whose Names Start With The Letter S !!!â€

Ric, Alf, Sally & Flynn can’t believe that Ric is being charged with assault. Alf tries to plead the case that Ric can’t be charged because the incident happened on the sporting filed. Jack counters this by saying that Ric can, if there is intent.

As jack is leaving, Martha calls out to him – and it takes jack quite a while before he responds. When Martha wonders why jack took so long, jack responds by saying that he didn’t hear her because he was concentrating on solving this (Ric) mystery.

Things get worse when Hyde tells Ric, sally & Flynn that Ric is suspended from school, because of the assault charge. When sally & Co wonder if Hyde can do anything about the suspension, Hyde insists that he’s following department policy. Hyde however says that he will assist Ric in keeping up with his studies etc – when Ric fears that he’ll have to redo another school year.

Meanwhile, Cassie is kissing Aden when Sean enters the room. Sean “suggests†that Cassie should bail, and Cassie is annoyed when Aden sides with his brother.

When Cassie is out of the room, Aden expresses his concerns about having to lie to the police. Sean, however, doesn’t care – as he doesn’t want to go BACK to prison.

After Sean exits Aden’s room, jack confronts him. Sean tells jack that he’s only interested in this case because it involves a friend of jack’s.

Cassie overhears this exchange between Sean & jack – and sees Sean throw a fierce air punch after jack has finished questioning him.

Martha is talking to Ric – and she is VERY intrigued when Ric says that he called out to jack whilst Sean was attacking him. Ric aslo tells Martha that jack said that he must have been too far way.

After Ric is discharged form the hospital, he’s in the mood to confront Sean about the lies that Sean & Aden are telling. Sally & flynn suggests that Ric should concentrate on recovering – but soon after, sally & flynn discover that Ric isn’t in his room like they thought he was.

Ric, of course, is actually of the Jeffries’ house. He bangs on the door – demanding that Sean speak to him (and admit the truth). Sean opens the door – but he threatens Ric, both verbally & physically.

Sean grabs hold of Ric – and is about to drag him inside, when Flynn arrives. Flynn says that Ric was has a witness to back up his story of Sean’s brutality. Sean responds by grabbing Flynn – and drags him inside. Sean closes the door behind him – and Ric rings the police.

Jack gets a radio call about the disturbance – and he charges out of the surf club.

Flynn tries to reason with Sean – whilst, at the same time, waiting for the right moment to charge towards the door. Flynn knows that Sean WILL use the baseball bat he’s carrying – but Flynn also knows that he has to try to escape. (Note – a person with a baseball bat shouldn’t be too much trouble for Flynn, who, of course, crash tackled the gun wielding Scotty P in 2003)

Nearby, Jack & harper arrive at a house – and they think the disturbance call must have been a hoax. They get another call on the radio – the disturbance is at 19 Kurrajong Rd, not 90 Kurrajong Rd like jack thought.

Flynn decides to take his chances. He quickly moves towards that door. There’s a struggle between himself & Sean, which is only halted when jack & harper enter the house and restrain Sean.

When Flynn & Ric get home, Flynn is most annoyed at Ric – for going over to Sean’s place, but sally thinks that enough’s been said about this today.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Cassie confronts Aden about Sean’s confrontation with jack that she overheard. Aden is forced to admit that he lied bout both the tackle and about his brother’s whereabouts on the night of the attack on Ric. Cassie leaves Aden’s room in disgust – saying that Aden is a TOTAL coward.

Jack & Martha are on his bed kissing, when there’s a knock at the door. Jack tells Martha that he heard it – but was trying t ignore it. When jack does answer, harper has a go at him for getting the street address wrong. Harper insist that jack has to lift his game.

When harper is gone, Martha confronts jack about his lack of hearing. Martha insists that jack has to tell someone that he’s not 100%. Jack tells her that his career will be over if it’s discovered that he went back to work medically unfit (end of ep)


Sounds like Jack’s lies are going to cost him his job - AND Martha !!!

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