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Monday 12 September 2005 - Episode # 4046

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Triple C - Colleen, Cassie, Clueless !!!â€

The likes of sally & alf can’t believe that colleen is planing a sequel to her play - which raised over $900 for the hospital. Colleen plans to have the sequel in the autumn.

Despite colleen talking up her own (directing etc) abilities, everyone else is commenting about how Tilly & Luke’s wonderful performances “made†the play.

When Sally & Flynn decide to go home (after talking about play at diner), Cassie asks if she can visit Aden (at the hospital) on the way home. Sally & Flynn agree to Cassie’s request.

Whilst Cassie & Co are at the hospital, Hyde is in the school grounds when he spots something out of the corner of his eyes. When he investigates, he discovers the badly injured Ric.

Flynn & Cassie are talking to Aden when his brother (not his dad like I wrote in previous ep guide) enters the room. Jeff is really concerned for Aden. Flynn, however, is more concerned about the large gash that Jeff has on his hand. Jeff thinks nothing of it -saying that he did it at the building site that he works at. Flynn is most surprised that Jeff initially refuses treatment.

Hyde then eneters the hospital - he carries Ric into the medical facility.

Flyyn responds to Hyde’s call for help - and Cassie can’t believe that someone has bashed Ric and just let him there - to die (yes Cassie, Aden as such a “nice†family)

When flyyn & Nurse Julie stabilise Ric, he tells them that he can’t remember what happened to him. Soon after, however, Ric’s memory returns - and he tells Flynn, and then some police officers, that Aden’s brother bashed him. At this point, Flynn mentions (to the police) the gash on Jeff’s hand.

The police speak to Jeff - who says that he’s been at Aden’s bedside all night - and (surprise, surprise) Aden tells the police the same story. Ric can’t believe it when he is told what Aden & Jeff have been saying (note - wouldn’t the hospital has some kind of security camera footage - to check when Jeff entered, and exited, the hospital).

Flynn is totally on Ric’s side - and pays Jeff a visit the next day. Flynn is really inquisitive about the incident that caused Jeff’s hand on be bandaged. Jeff, off course, sticks by this building site injury story.

Meanwhile, Ric is in total disbelief that Cassie is siding with Aden - who she has known for “2 seconds†- in regard to both the tackle and the attack on Ric.

When Ric is visited by jack & Martha, Ric sees Jack and remembers that he called out to jack soon after the attack. Jack is clearly concerned, but merely tells Ric that he must have been too far away from Ric to hear his cries for help.

This continues to haunt jack, and it’s partic evident that jack is V uneasy as he looks at the mirror after he puts on his uniform for his 1-st day back at work since Martha’s practical joke lead to his hearing trouble. This is despite, or perhaps even more because of, Martha’s insistence that she loves a man in uniform.

Jack goes to the hospital. Ric sees Jack approaching, and Ric is clearly hoping that jack has information which discredits Jeff’s story (ie testimony from other at the building site saying that Jeff didn’t hurt his hand at work). Jack, however, is at the hospital - for a VERY different purpose - and Ric is astonished when jack says that he is being charged with assault - because of the tackle of Aden (end of ep)


Could Jack’s lies about his hearing lead to more lives being in danger? - as it looks like Ric & Flynn are at the mercy of Aden’s brother, Jeff !!!

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