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Thursday 8 September 2005 - Episode # 4044

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Prelude To A Kiss“

Tilly & Luke are rehearsing colleen’s woefully scripted play - and they try to change the dialogue once more but colleen won’t have a bar of it (note - although I ADORE Star Wars, I think colleen is getting script ideas from George Lucas). Tilly & Luke are (joyously) about to rehearse the kiss when colleen called a halt to the rehearsal. She insists that Luke has to help her with collecting the programs from the printers. When colleen has left the room, Tilly & Luke are about to kiss - when colleen re-enters the room. She wants Luke to hurry up. Luke exits with colleen.

Later, at the diner, Tilly & Luke arranged to go to the movies (for some privacy from colleen, families etc if nothing else.

Soon after, Luke is ironing a shirt when Tony returns home. Tony wonders why (Luke is ironing). When Luke asks if he can go to movies, Tony says that he can’t - it’s a school night, and the play is tomorrow night etc.

Luke sends Tilly a text message - about the movie no go. Tilly sends a text message back to Luke - to meet in her backyard at 9pm.

Later, Luke makes a fair amount of noise as he uses a bin to climb over the fence. Luke subsequently falls to the ground in the back yard of the hunter house. Tilly is pleased to see him - and just as they are about to kiss, Tony looks through his window and catches them.

Leah & Dan are in shock when Flynn tells them that the reason that Leah’s fallopian tubes are damaged is because of THAT swab Flynn left inside Leah when he operated on her earlier this year. Flynn insists that Leah can still have a child using IVF etc.

When sally (GREAT chocolaty brown halter-top) gets home, she can see that Flynn is totally wrung out. Flynn soooooo blames himself for al that’s happened. Sally tries to make Flynn realise that whilst Leah may not be able to have a baby, at least, thanks to Flynn, Leah is still alive.

Sally then tells that she soooooo knows what Leah is going through (because of the heartbreak sally suffered when she was told that her uterus would have to be removed because of the ovarian cancer).

Soon after, Dan (and everyone) is surprised that Leah is back at work at the diner. Leah insists that it‘s the only way (living life as she normally does) that Leah can cope with what’s happened.

Flynn visits the diner - and tells Dan & Leah that he’ll help them whichever the way they try to have another child (IVF, adoption).

Later, Dan is shocked when Leah tells him that she knows that he wants more kids - so she’s letting him go. Dan can’t believe what he’s hearing - and insists that he meant his wedding vows (better or for worse etc). Dan also insists that they’ve already got 2 great kids - Ryan & VJ - and that a 3-rd (if it happens) would be a great bonus. Leah is REALLY pleased that Dan doesn’t want to end.

Alf & Tony are conducting rugby training - and Aden makes snide remarks whenever Ric makes an error. At the end of the training session, Alf and Tony tells the team that talents scouts are bound to be at their games - and when everyone is bailing, Alf suggests to Ric that he should be as dedicated as Aden (who Alf thinks that scouts will be V interested in).

That night, Cassie is surprised that Ric isn't going out like she thought he was. When Ric wonders why Cassie is so concerned, she tells him that she' invited Aden over for dinner.

Not surprisingly, Ric & Aden verbally spar all throughout dinner - and when Aden has gone home for he night, Cassie has a go at Ric because of his attitude towards Aden.

Next day, Alf & Tony take the rugby team for another training session. Ric (because of aden/cassie) is REALLY fired up. Ric well & truly proves just how riled he is when Aden runs at him during tackling practice. Ric thunders into Aden - knocking him backwards to the point where Aden hits his head - and is UNCONSCIOUS !!! (end of ep)


THAT tackle could lead to Ric being suspended from school - AND him being in SERIOUS trouble with Aden's family.

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