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Wednesday 7 September 2005 - Episode # 4043

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Don’t Count Those Chickens Just Yet, Amanda“

At the engagement party, everyone toasts the happy couple, and there are the usual speeches.

The next day, hayley & kimmy are in Hayley’s room. Hayley suggest that kimmy should move into her room (with her) now that they’re engaged. Kimmy begins to stress about what will happen when the baby is born – and both hayley & kimmy start thinking about moving out of the beach house.

Later, hayley & kimmy are looking at the newspaper for a new place. Irene returns home and tells kimmy & hayley that they can stay at the beach house for as long as they like. After all, it’s not exactly packed with ppl at the moment (with Tash & Hyde moving out of late). Irene insists that hayley/kimmy should stay there until they can afford a deposit on a place of their own. Hayley & kimmy readily agree with Irene’s suggestion – and think that Kimmy’s old room will be a great nursery for their child.

At the engagement party, Kit has some of her (spiked by Amanda) orange juice, and she begins to look/feel not quite right.

This doesn’t, however, stop her from telling Scott about phone call that she eavesdropped on. Kit tells Amanda that the phone # that Amanda spoke to wasn’t one that belonged to any bank/financial institution.

Scott can’t believe that kit is so against Amanda – and he approaches Amanda about what’s happening. Amanda of course insists that it‘s just a misunderstanding – and Scott believes Amanda (note – well, this IS the same guy who fell for lie after lie by both Dani & the VERY married Lisa).

Nearby, Beth wonders where kit is – and son after, whilst Beth is taking a moonlit walk, she finds kit unconscious – with a bottle of vodka by her side.

Next morning, Beth talks to Irene about kit (perhaps) falling of the wagon. When kit approaches, she admits that she got drunk – but insists that it be because she got the taste for alcohol because someone spiked her drink. Beth (genuinely) wonders who it could be, but then Irene mentions that Amanda bought a bottle of vodka to the party.

Beth immediately goes to the Robbie/Tash flat, and she confronts Amanda about what’s happened. Amanda insists that she has no idea what Beth is talking about. Before the LIVID Beth bails, she tells Amanda that she will “pay†if she hurts one of Beth’s children.

Later, at the diner, kit & Scott clash – over the whole Amanda “misunderstanding†suggestion. Kit then confronts Amanda once more. Kit makes its clear that she doesn’t want to see Scot get hurt. Kit, however, makes a bad decision when she leaves her bag unattended (near Amanda) as kit goes to the counter.

Soon after, Kit is helping Beth out at Noah’s. Whilst kit is in the storeroom (eagerly looking at the bottles of alcohol).

At the bar, scoot talks to Beth about kit – and Beth is shocked to hear that Robbie found kit with a bottle in front of her a days of days ago (at the hunter house). Scott tells Beth that kit told Robbie she didn’t drink any. Beth & Scott then look in kit’s bag – and find (surprise, surprise) a bottle of alcohol.

When kit emerges from the storeroom, Beth confronts her about the alcohol. Kit insists that she DIDNâ€T drink any of that bottle a couple of days ago, and that someone – Amanda – planted this latest bottle in her bag.

As the discussion rages, Amanda enters the room, and kit accuses her of planting the bottle in her bag – but this time, Beth is on Amanda’s side (ie she’s thinks kit has fallen off the wagon).

Kit exits the bar in a combo of tears & disgust. Scott chases after her, but kit gets into her car and drives off before Scott is able to catch up with her.

Meanwhile, back at Noah’s, Amanda gloats about kit being “out of her hair†when Amanda phones her mysterious contact. (Note – thankfully, according to TV WEEK, Pretty Kitty Hunter WILL continue to be a BIG thorn in Amanda’s side)

AT the engagement party, sally talk to Leah about baby pippa teething. Leah comments on the time that she went through that with VJ. Leah also comments that she’s kind of looking fwd to going there with the child she and dan are trying to conceive.

Next morning, Leah & dan are depressed when another pregnancy test is negative.

Later, at the diner, sally is concerned when Leah gets a cramp. Sally (being the doctor’s wife that she is) suggests that Leah should see someone about it. Leah insists that it’s nothing.

Soon after, in the diner kitchen, Leah is talking to Irene & colleen when the pain returns –but it’s stronger this time. Sally enters the kitchen, and insists that they take Leah to hospital.

Once there (hospital), flynn & the female doctor do some tests on Leah – and soon after, flynn gives Leah and Dan that BAD news that Leah’s fallopian tubes are badly scarred (and beyond repair). Leah & dan are distraught – as Leah can NEVER naturally conceive again. (end of ep)


Ric & Aden clash on the rugby field (because of Cassie), and is this the end of Leah/Dan?

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