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Tuesday 6 September 2005 - Episode # 4042

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Amanda Crosses The Line“

Author Note - To all those who enjoy reading my ep guides, you may also be interested in a slightly different take on life in Summer Bay. Myself & 2 close friends co-write a rather humorous story called “Twisted Tales-Reborn†!!!!!!! - it’s in the fan fiction section

Hayley is very concerned that kimmy is propose to her as a knee jerk reaction to what kit said to him. Kimmy insists that he’s been planning this (proposal) for ages - as he wants everything to be right for he & hayley when they start their family (all nice & traditional etc). This seems to convinces hayley - and she says yes (ie she’ll marry kimmy).

Kimmy & hayley tell everyone that there’s an engagement party at the beach house tonight - and colleen is partic keen to see the ring.

Everyone is really pleased for hayley - even Scott, who visits the beach house in the hours before the party to congratulate hayley. He says things like “all I ever wanted is for you to be happy†but you can tell that Scott is gutted - just like hayley who is TRULY deluding herself that she’s best off with kimmy.

Kimmy is most intrigued when hayley mentions that Scott came to the beach house talks to her.

Everyone gets really dressed up and attends the engagement party - during which scott tells alf that he’s really happy for hayley, whilst alf suggests that he doesn’t think that he’d be as cordial as scott. Btw, see below for more engagement party action.

Ryan is keen for Amanda to join in and play with his (new) slot car set. Ryan, however, notices that Amanda is a million miles away. Scott enters, and says that he’ll play with Ryan after he talks to Amanda. Scott senses that Amanda isn’t feeling the best - and she tells him a V biased version of her encounter with Beth & kit. Scott can’t believe that Beth is so against Amanda, and then he REALLY gives Amanda come ammunition - by telling her about kit’s (alcoholic past).

After Scott & Ryan bail, colleen arrives at the flat, she’s in dire need of Amanda’s help - as the play is just 2 days away (and they don’t have much money - because a certain someone stole it).

Colleen & Amanda go to Noah’s (knowing of the bar’s financial status), and colleen makes a BIG fuss when she finds a cockroach in the pre-prepared sandwich she ordered. Amanda & alf both try to calm colleen down, but she insists on leaving.

When Amanda & colleen are gone, Beth is V suspicious of what’s happened - and when Amanda is in the kitchen of the Robbie/Tash flat, ryan tells her that the cockroach from in his bug catcher is missing. Amanda of course merely fobs him off.

Soon after, Amanda is talking on the phone - and from the sounds of things, she’s talking to the person she owed money to. Whilst Amanda is talking, kit arrives at the door, and starts eavesdropping on the conversation. When the call finishes, Amanda puts her mobile down, and exits the room. Kit goes over to the mobile, and accesses the phone number of that last call. Kit quickly finds a pen - writes # on her hand. Kit is almost out the door when Amanda re-enters the room. Kit says that the door was open and that she was looking for Scott (not realising he was out). Amanda wonders what kit is hiding in her clenched fist. Kit won’t reveal.

After kit leaves, Amanda notices that her mobile has been moved - and she sees the pen that kit used. Amanda is frustrated.

When Amanda is at the engagement party (V sparkly marron dress) she gets a text message. It’s all in bold letters - and the person who sent the message isn’t happy that kit has their number. They demand that Amanda fix the problem.

Soon after, when Beth offers some food that she made herself, Colleen & Amanda decline - and things get more interesting when alf tells Beth that Noah’s will be getting a visit from a health inspector.

Kit hears this and she thinks Beth should confront Amanda. Beth suggests that it can wait for a less public forum - but kit confronts Amanda by herself.

Amanda tries to use the knowledge of kit’s past to rile Beth’s daughter, but kit isn’t keen to get into a catfight with Amanda tonight. (Note - I liked it when Amanda was messing with the lives of Dan, Leah & even Scott, but this campaign against Beth and Kit has put Amanda in my bad books).

Amanda, however, isn’t finished yet. When kit leaves her half-full glass of Orange juice unattended, Amanda goes over to it - and fills up the rest of the glass with alcohol. Amanda walks away form the glass with a smug expression of her face (end of ep)


Amanda manipulates Scott again - after a clash with Beth, whilst Leah gets some BAD medical news.

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