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Thursday 1 September 2005 - Episode # 4039

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Amanda’s “Luxurious†Accomodation !!!â€

Author Note – Hope you all don’t mind but I’ve decided to go back to doing these ep guides storyline by storyline like I used to (rather than writing up the whole ep in sequence)

Kimmy struggles to believe what kit is saying. He then gets angry when kit is forced to admit that she thinks hayley still loves Scott because of Hayley’s reactions and what hayley wasn’t saying.

Sally visits hayley in hospital. Hayley admits that she will always love Scott but they’ve missed their chance, and that hayley knows that she loves kimmy and that he’ll be a great dad etc.

When kimmy visits hayley, she is lying through he teeth (and you can hear it) when she says that she has no idea why kit thinks that hayley is still in love with Scott.

Kimmy confronts kit near the surf club. He accuses her of saying the things she did because she’s jealous of kimmy/hayley, ie kimmy thinks kit expected kimmy to be still waiting for her and now that he’s moved on, kit can’t deal with it.

Kit goes home, and opens cupboard. You know that she was just intending to get a glass, but she sees a bottle of cooking cheery/alcohol of this kind.

When Robbie enters, he sees kit with the bottle in front of her. Robbie hopes that kit hasn’t succumbed. Kit says that she didn’t help any – she wanted to though. Kit really wishes that something would go right for her for once (kit says this totally is tears)

Meanwhile, the disgusted Leah doesn’t want any excuses from Scott or Amanda. She wants them gone. Leah partic can’t believe that Amanda is still living at her house.

When dan comes home, Leah confronts him about what happened. They had a pretty BI argument. Dan thinks that Leah’s over reacting (esp. since amanda would have been gone if Leah arrived home on the day that she said that she would, ie Leah arrived home a day early).

Later, ryan is pleased to see Leah – and he’s V up front when asking if she got him anything whilst she was overseas. Leah gives Ryan (I think) a DVD pack and also wonders where VJ is. Leah says that her son is still with Leah’s parents.

When Leah talks to sally about what was happening (Amanda/scott) when she got home, sally thinks that Leah shouldn’t have been so hard on dan (who’s VERY much between a rock and a hard place with Amanda & Leah).

Amanda is on the phone at Noah’s. She sounds scared as she assures the person on the other end of the line that she will get them the money. Amanda pleads for all this NOT to become public knowledge.

Leah apologises to dan for her earlier outburst. Dan thinks they’ll have no more trouble with the “cashed up†Amanda – indeed, dan tells Leah that Amanda is staying at the sands resort until she can find a place of her own.

We then cut to the reality of Amanda’s situation – she “beds†down for the night in her CAR (near the beach) !!!

Next morning, Amanda awakes with a rather sore neck. Whilst looking at herself in the rear vision mirror, Amanda sees the surfboard carrying Scott approaching. Amanda ducks out of sight. She is thankfully that he doesn’t see her.

Dan & Leah are talking in their kitchen. Dan is keen to recommence their baby making activities (esp. since VJ is where he is). Leah is keen, but she wants to “touch base†with the real world 1-st, ie Leah wants to do a shift at the diner.

When Leah gets to the eatery, she gives the likes of Irene, colleen & alf (I think) some wine – as she suggests to alf that Morag would really love it. Irene & the others suggest that Leah should ease back into things, so Leah decides to just do the backing today.

As Leah is about to bail, she encounters Amanda. Leah insists that if Amanda stays out of he way there’ll be no trouble.

Leah returns home, and she tells dan that she’s just deposited $1500 into Ryan’s account, but now the balance is (only) that $ 15900. Leah assures dan that the bank checked this several times.

Dan asks Ryan to see if Amanda left anything behind. Ryan find a shoe box in the room that amanda was in. dan removes the lid – and sees all those financial statements which show him just how bad Amanda’s current monetary situation is.

Soon after, dan finds Amanda at her car. He tells her that he knows that she’s bankrupt – and he can’t believe that Amanda would steal from their son (end of ep)


Why is dan giving Amanda money? (esp. when the likes of Leah & Beth hate her), and it sounds like Martha may get back in jack’s good books – with another dare (that doesn’t look like it involves nakedness)

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