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Wednesday 31 August 2005 - Episode # 4038

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Bloodnut War !!!â€

Author Note -Apologies for the lack of detail but computer problems mean that I’ve had to quickly cobble together this more succinct version.

Robbie & Tash are on the look out for a new flat mate, and Beth wasn’t interested with a comment from Robbie about her getting friendly with Tony.

Meanwhile, kit was creating waves.

After being told about kimmy/hayley, and despite her words to Beth, it’s clear hat kit IS affected that she’s “lost†another guy she loved (Noah and now kimmy) to hayley.

Kit visits hayley in hospital. Kit doesn’t believe hayley when she says that in was a slip on the tongue when she said that she loves Scott. Kit insists that she know this because hayley looks at Scott the way she used to look at Noah. Indeed, when hayley admits that she does still loves scott, kit insists that starting a family isn’t a good enough reason for hayley & kimmy to be together.

When kit talks to Scott, he tells her that things would be way different if baby was his.

Kit then confronts kimmy - who has decided to propose to hayley (hes’ thinking of putting engagement ring in the bud of a rose that he would give to hayley). Kimmy can’t believe when kit is soooo fwd when she asks him “would you two even be together if it wasn’t for the baby?â€

There was also lots happening in Amanda’s world.

After Leah phoned dan (and said that she’ll be home in a day or two), Dan suggested that Amanda should find a place of her own. Because of this, Amanda is distraught because her real estate agent has rented that place she wanted to someone else.

Amanda asked Hyde for advance on her school pay - Hyde said its not government policy. The desperate for money Amanda had every intention to â€borrow†the money that had been donated for the play, but Hyde saw Amanda pick up bag with the money in it. He is pleased that it was Amanda and not someone else who picked up the money (which colleen left on diner counter). At surf club, Hyde tells colleen this.

Soon after, Amanda is quickly walking away from surf club when she has brief conversation with Scott & kit. Later, Colleen enters diner - she tells Hyde that play money has been stolen.

At Leah’s house, Scott is V pleased that Amanda is in V happy mood (he doesn’t know that she’s in mood because she has money to get herself a place now). They start kissing, and they are totally pashing on the couch when Leah arrives home form her holiday. Scott quickly exits (end of ep)


Dan accuses Amanda of stealing form Ryan, whilst the fallout from Kit’s return continues

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