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Tuesday 29 August 2005 - Episode # 4037

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Ella-lujah !!!â€

BEACH – Kimmy approaches Martha. He tries to talk to her but she is clearly somewhere else. As kimmy walks away, he encounters Tash. When kimmy asks Tash if she’s going for a swim, Tash replies “no just taking my towel for a walkâ€. Kimmy tells Tash about how sidetracked Martha is. Tash approaches Martha – who tells Tash that she’s done something stupid.

HOSPITAL – Flynn examines jack’s ear. Jack tells Flynn that he’s currently got no more of his hearing in left ear back. Flynn thinks they’ll be able to know more when swelling goes down. Jack & Tony are concerned when Flynn says that he’s unsure how long swelling will take to go down. Jack & Tony are REALLY concerned when Flynn says that these things are never written in stone – and there’s a possibility that jack won’t regain hearing in that ear. When Flynn leaves the room, Tony tries to reassure the downbeat jack.

SURF CLUB – Luke charges in, and looks for Tilly. He’s concerned that she’s not there

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke arrives, and tries to tell Tilly why he was WAY late. Tilly doesn’t want to hear it – she tells him that she thought he was different t all the other guys that she’s liked, but till says that she is wrong (ie luke’s a moron like the others). Luke bails.

BEACH - Tash tells Martha that the only reason that she’s so concerned for Jack is because she likes him. Martha tells Tash what happened. Tash insists that Martha MUST tell jack what happened.

HOSPITAL – Luke is talking to jack & Tony. When jack asks, Luke tells him that hes’ not with Tilly because she said something had come up. Flynn enters – he wants to do more tests on jack. When Tony & Luke go into the corridor, Tony wants to know what REALLY happened with Tilly. Luke tells him – and Tony disagrees when Luke says that he is over Tilly.

DINER –kimmy enters, and Hyde tries to talk to him. Kimmy insists that he can’t even look at Hyde at the moment (memories of what Hyde did).

Near the counter, Martha & alf tell about jack being in hospital. When Martha bails, Tilly approaches alf. She is annoyed at herself when alf tells her about jack being in hospital.

HOSPITAL – Flynn tells jack that he’ll be back with test results as soon as possible. As Flynn enters the room, Martha enters. It’s clear that she has every intention of telling jack what she did – but when jack says that he may have permanently lost the hearing in his left air.

Elsewhere, kimmy & Hayley (note – no mention/stupid reason for Ella Scott Lynch's red hair) talks about Hyde & kimmy. Hayley thinks that kimmy should square things away with Hyde – so they’ll have a totally fresh start before the baby is born etc (notes – Ella reminds me a lot of kit, ie rounded face, similar length red hair and the voices aren’t exactly dissimilar either. Btw, although there was speculation that hayley would be off screen for 6 months, it was 6 EPISODES instead).

Back in jack’s room, Martha decides to bail when Tony & Luke enter. Jack suggests to Tony & Luke that he’ not a baby and doesn’t need someone there for him 24/7. After Tony bails, Luke shows jack the fake spider that he found. Jack – through a series of flashbacks – realises that it was Martha who put that spider in his room, and that she was trying to apologise earlier.

NOAH’S – Kimmy approaches (the surprised) Hyde. Kimmy suggest that they should talk – and Hyde really likes that idea.

Nearby, alf suggests that Tash should bail (as it’s nigh time and Tash is underage). Tash says that she’s waiting for Martha, who just happens to arrive at that moment. Alf suggests that Martha should be on time for her shifts. When Tash ask, Martha says that she just couldn’t tell jack what happened. Tash responds by saying that “there’ll never be a good time for bad news, that’s why it’s called bad news†(note –Tash was “on a roll†in this ep)

DINER – Tilly enters, and approaches Luke. He doesn’t want to listen as she tries to apologise. As Luke bails, Tash enters. Tilly talks to hear about what’s happened. Tash suggests that Tilly has to find a way to make Luke listen to her. Tilly tells Tash that she is a genius (memories of when Kane & Tash found Kirsty at KK’s special place - following a suggestion for Tash). Tilly quickly bails.

OUTSIDE HOLDEN HOUSE – Luke approaches his front stapes. He sees an envelope. He opens it and a cryptic note leads him to mailbox. There’s another note in there – which leads him to some wind chimes. Luke finds a note from Tilly. She says that she’s a total idiot – and that she be at her place watching “to kill a mockingbird†(Luke’s fave film) at 5pm. Tilly hopes that Luke will join her.

HUNETR HOUSE – Tilly is stressing. Luke is late again. He arrives – and says that we HAD to make some popcorn. Both sit on the couch – and hold hands as the movie begins.

HOSPITAL – Martha enters jack’s room. She is about to tell jack what happened, but he beats her to the punch. Jack thinks that Martha is merely there out of guilt (not because she possibly likes him). Jack tells Martha that he NEVER wants to see here again. Martha exits the room in tears.

AFTER AD BREAK – kimmy tells hayley that he & Hyde have really begun to sort things out. Hayley thinks this is great – as now there’ll be no trouble for them.

ROADSIDE – Someone gets out of a car – it’s Kimmy’s ex KIT HUNTER !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Kit confronts Hayley about her feelings for Scott AND Kit also confronts Kimmy about his relationship with Hayley, plus what’s Amanda up to now?

H&A Related News

Just before we saw the 1-st H&A ep to feature Ella as Hayley, Channel 7’s public affairs show “Today Tonight†had a story on – you guessed it - Ella Scott Lynch !!!

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