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Monday 29 August 2005 - Episode # 4036

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Painful Irony !!!â€

Author Note - WOW !!!! i've been a member of BTTB for a year now !!!

HOLDEN HOUSE – Jack lies there unconscious.

NOAH’S – Beth & Tony chat, and their converstion incl. how wonderful Tony’s late wife was. Tony & Beth exit.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Luke enters, and looks for the local newspaper (for movie times etc). He thinks about asking jack, but sees that jack’s bedroom door is shut so Luke doesn’t

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly is on the phone (to Cassie?). Tilly dumps a pile of clothes on the couch and says that she has nothing to wear for her date. Beth & Tony enter as Tilly bails. Beth & Tony talk about Luke & Tilly getting close. Beth offers Tony some coffee – but he declines (as its V late etc).

HOLDEN HOUSE – Tony enters, and Luke tells him about going to movies with Tilly. When asked, Tony gives Luke some money for the date. Tony & Luke talk bout jack – and Tony then goes into jack’s room. He is shocked to find jack unconscious ion the floor. Luke hears all the commotion and rushes to jack’s room. Tony tells Luke to call an ambulance. Luke freezes when he sees the unconscious jack (memories of his mum). Luke then goes & rings the ambulance.

HUNTER HOUSE – Beth is out to go to bed (all lights are off) when she see the flashing lights outside. Beth exits her house, and is shocked to see the ambulance officers wheeling jack into their vehicle. Luke wants to ride in ambulance with jack to hospital, but ambulance officers say that only one person can go. Beth offers to drive (whilst Tony ride in ambulance with jack)

HOSPITAL – the ambulance officers wheel jack in. Flynn immediately begins to treat jack. Beth & Luke enter, and Tony tells them that Flynn & Co are treating jack (note – Beth’s hair is slicked back, ie not her usual spiky ‘do)

AFTER AD BREAK – Luke tells Beth that he froze when he 1-st saw jack just lying there (like his mum when she died).

In jack’s hospital room, Flynn discovers that jack is having hearing problems – and trouble with his balance as well. Flynn does some tests, and realises that jack has inner ear problems. Flynn goes out into the corridor and tells Tony, Luke & Beth the news. Tony walks away. Luke goes after him – but Beth suggests that tony needs some alone time.

DINER – Tilly is stressing about her date with Luke. As Tilly & Cassie have dessert, Tilly tells Cassie that she thinks that Luke was V spontaneous (ie she thinks that even he doesn’t know what flim they’ll be seeing)

HOSPITAL – Tony is stressing. Luke approaches – and hands him some coffee. Flynn approaches – he tells Tony that they’ve discovers that Tony has a hairline fracture in his skull, which has affected his inner ear. Flyyn tells Tony that they’ll only know the extent of the hearing problem after all the swelling goes down. Tony asks if they can see jack, and Flynn says that they can. As Tony &Luke head for Jack’s room, Beth thanks Flynn.

When Luke & Tony enter jack’s room, they deliberately speak up – do jack can hear them better. When Tony asks, jack says that he remembers getting out of the shower, and going in to his room, but the next thing he rems is waking up in hospital. Tony goes out – and Beth offers to take Luke home for the night. Luke agrees to bring some clothes etc for jack when he returns in the morning.

After Luke heads for the exit, Tony confides in Beth he tells her that jack’s situation bought things flooding back for him. He tells Beth that his wife DIDN’T die immediately at the roadside. She was taken to the hospital – and had blood coming from her ear (like jack). Tony tells Beth that Kate fought for every breath before she eventually succumbed to her injuries (note – Tony was GREAT in this scene. His emotional performance was similar to that of when he was defending jack from the accusations of that grieved parent a few weeks ago)

SURF CLUB – next morning, Cassie & Tilly enter. Tilly wonders if she’s made the right choice with her outfit. Cassie suggests that Tilly should stop stressing. Cassie bails, and Tilly enters Noah’s (her arranged meeting place with Luke).

HOSPITAL – Luke enters jack’s room, and Tony takes the opportunity to go and have a shower. Luke tells jack about how worried they were about jack.

DINER – Beth is telling Irene & alf about jack when Martha enters the room. Martha is shocked to hear what’s happened.

HOSPITAL – Tony & Luke are talking to jack, and when Tilly’s name is mentioned, Luke remembers his date with her. Luke is reluctant to go, but jack suggests that he should. Luke then bails, as Martha & alf enter jack’s room. When asked, jack insists that still doesn’t know why etc he fell.

NOAH’S – Luke is WAY late, so Tilly decides that he must have stood her up. She then bails. (Note – the song playing during this scene was the same one which played when Seb was waiting for Kirsty, days after Kane returned to the Bay in 2003, eg “…. never the 1-st, always the last … “)

HOSPITAL – Tony takes some of the clothes that Luke grabbed for jack out of the bag. Jack sees a red shirt and has a flashback of the incident (lie grabbing shirt, sees spider, falls backwards in fright, hits head). Jack tells Tony, Alf & Martha about the spider – and the look on Martha’s face clearly indicates that she’s in a quandary - “do I own up? Tony & alf exit, and does Martha – after telling jack that she hopes that he is better really soon. When Martha is in the corridor, its still V clear that she’s anguished.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Luke is hurriedly getting dressed etc for his date with Tilly. He goes into jack’s room. He sees - and picks up) - the fake spider. (end of ep)


Will Martha own up? and which of your faves (Kit ?) is returning – and why?

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