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Here's a few pictures from Chris Egan's latest movie projects for anyone who's still interested in him.

I made some caps from the trailer of Chris's new movie "Chasing Temptation" aka Virgin Territory/Guilty Pleasures/Decameron: Angels & Virgins :huh: lol
It's coming out in about March next year. It actually looks pretty funny... it's a comedy/drama/romance, I think, for anyone who's interested.


Also the Eragon website updated a few weeks ago, http://www.eragonmovie.com I was unable to get his picture off the site to post here, so if u go to that link click on "THE FILM" and then on "THE PEOPLE". Scroll down to Roran and there's his official promo pic.

Here is a pic of the back of his head from the trailer :P

And finally a pic where you can see Roran's face. :D Credit to the scanner.

Enjoy :D

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