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Friday 26 August 2005 - Episode # 4035

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Amanda - Home Wrecker Extraordinaire !!!"

ROADSIDE - Amanda gets out of her car. She checks Leo's pulse - and discovers that he's DEAD !!!

NOAH'S -Alf has a go at Martha for that NUDE run (bad for family reputation etc). Nearby, Tony speaks to Beth, and they arrange for Beth & Tilly to go over to Holdens place for dinner tonight. Tony then speaks to Martha. Tony suggests that Martha shouldn't let Jack rile her so much. Martha tells Tony that she's annoyed that jack seems to have no weak spots. Tony tells her that jack is PETRIFIED of spiders (note - if my memory serves me correct, so is Tilly)

ROADSIDE - Amanda drags Leo’s body for a bit. She then removes her jewellery (necklace, rings etc) in Leo’s pockets. Amanda also takes Leo's bandana from him. As Amanda walks back to her car, Beth drives by. Amanda hopes that Beth hasn't seen her.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda arrives home. She’s quite flustered. She then begins to totally trash the lounge room - throwing books, photos on the floor etc. (note - well, it's not like amanda doesn't know how to trash a place)

HOLDEN HOUSE - Tony tells jack about the Hunter girls coming over for dinner. Jack says that he has to work tonight. After jack exits, Luke asks Tony how you know a girl likes you. Tony proceeds to tell Luke a funny story about Tony & Luke’s mum when they were teens. Tony said that he was trying to impress Kate (his future wife) by climbing up to her bedroom with a ladder. Tony, however, lost his balance and got caught and ended up hanging upside down - the fire brigade had to come and rescue him. Luke is rather surprised when Tony says that Beth and Tilly are coming over for dinner.

DINER - Tilly has a similar reaction when Beth tells her that Tony has invited them over tonight. Tilly says t6hat she's not feeling up to it - and is going to "hang" up the diner.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda finishes trashing the lounge room. She then puts Leo’s bandana in amongst all the stuff strewn all over the floor. Amanda then switches off all the lights. She then hears Scott arrives, he calls out to her, but Amanda doesn't verbally respond. She does however make a loudish voice by moving something near her. He is intrigued, but doesn't look into it further. He then bails

DINER - Amanda enters, and she realises the part of her dress is dirty. As she tries to clean it off, Dan & Ryan enter. When they enquire, Amanda says the she spilled some make up on the dress.

HOLDEN HOUSE - Beth enters, and Luke is surprised/disaapointed that Tilly isn't with her.

DINER - Scott enters, and tells Amanda that he's been looking for her. When Scott comments, Amanda sys the she's not been at home for ages. Scott then tells Amanda & Dan that he thought someone was in the house when he went there earlier.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda, Ryan, Dan & Scott enter. The kitchen is trashed, as is the lounge. Amanda immediately claims that it must be Leo - getting revenge on her. Scott tells the others that he'd wished he'd acted on his instincts earlier.

HOLDEN HOUSE -Luke goes to bail after dinner. Luke asks Beth where Tilly is, and she tells him that Tilly was at the diner. When Luke is gone, Beth tells Tony that she's just realised that Luke & Tilly must REALLY like each other.

DINER -Luke enters, and approaches Tilly; she explains that she wrote him the letter because she thought he'd written her a note in the 1-st place. When Luke asks, Tilly insists that she still means everything she wrote in the letter to Luke. Luke then states talking about one of his fave film "to kill a mockingbird" - and Tilly agrees to get with Luke to the movies. After Luke exits, you can see that Tilly is V pleased.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE -Jack & another male cop are there. Amanda insists that Leo did this. The police aren't so sure - and you can see that Amanda is willing them to see THAT bandana on the floor.

HOLDEN HOUSE - there's a knock at the door. Tony answers - it's Martha, who says that she wants to check if the fuses (which she fixed recently) are still in good working order. Tony tells her to go ahead. Martha makes it sound like she’s gone outside, but she actually goes into jack's room. She places a fake spider beneath a shirt that is on his bed.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Jack & the other policemen are about to leave when Amanda has to take it upon herself (annoyingly) to "find" the bandana. Jack definitely recognises it as Leo’s.

HOLDEN HOUSE - Martha "re-enters" he house and tells Tony that the fuse etc are fine. Martha exits, and soon after, jack arrives home. Tony says there’s plenty of food for dinner. Jack insists on having a shower 1-st.

NOAH'S - Amanda & Scott are talking about the break in. Beth enters the conversation - she is confused as to why she saw Amanda by the roadside earlier. Amanda says that she had to change flat tyre. Dan enters, and hands Amanda her mobile. He comments that she has several missed calls - one is from the police.

POLICE STATION - Amanda is "shocked" when she is told that Leo is dead. The policeman sys that they think he tripped over and hit his head. The policeman asks Amanda if some jewellery found in Leo’s pockets is hers. Amanda says that it is. Amanda tells Scott that although she didn't like Leo, she would never wish this on anyone. Amanda tells Scott that she is glad to he is there for her. Amanda & Scott kiss.

HOLDEN HOUSE -jacks goes initio his room. As he grabs the shirt off his bad, he sees the spider. Jack freaks out - he trips over, and hits her head al the cupboard as he falls - blood comes from his ear (end of ep)


Tony is MEGA stressed about what’s happened to jack, as is Martha !!!!

(Note : once again, before we saw the preview, the voice over guy spoke about the Summer Bay clothing range, with an image of Sharni Vinson, Indiana Evans & Jodi Gordon on screen)

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