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Thursday 25 August 2005 - Episode # 4034

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Martha Feels The Wind in ALL Of Her Hair !!!â€

NOAH’S - Robbie is teasing Tilly, as he has a red envelope which belongs to her. Both Robbie & Tilly play innocent when Beth wonders what they are up to.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda is stressing about her financial situation (she has lots of financial statements in front of her). Scott arrives, and he tells Amanda that Beth claims that Amanda threatened her (with the whole families splitting thing). Amanda tells Scott that it’s all one big misunderstanding.

NOAH’S - Amanda (with Scott beside her) explains the “misunderstanding†to Beth - who says that she believes Amanda (Beth’s tone suggests otherwise). Scott & Amanda go over & sit on the couch. Jack enters, and he & Martha verbally spar. Jack then tells Amanda that she needs to some down to the station.

POLICE STATION - jack & harper tell Amanda to look at pics of other suspects, as there’s security camera footage of the guy picked in the line up (Leo Simms) at an RSL on the night of Amanda’s break in. Amanda is annoyed that they are taking the word of a known criminal over hers. Things get worse when Leo is lead past Amanda. He makes threats against her - and Amanda is scared, as the guy knows who she is.

DINER - colleen is ready to starts the latest rehearsals of her play. She’s annoyed when Luke arrives late. When Luke looks through colleen’s script revisions, he thinks that the lingo is out of date (eg she calls the police “the fuzz†which Luke says that jack has never reffered to them as). Kenny - the boy sitting next to Tilly, who clearly admires her - agrees wit colleen when she asks him if he’s heard of the term. The annoyed Luke decides to “tow the line†for the time being.

NOAH’S - Amanda is stressing about the criminal knowing who she is. Scott offers to talk her home, and Amanda graciously accepts. Amanda & Scott exit, and Leo (the guy Amanda accused as the break in) follows them.

AFTER AD BREAK - Robbie & jack are playing pool. Martha challenges jack to a game - for money of course.

DINER - Tilly & the others suggest that colleen’s script is rubbish. Colleen is moist annoyed. Kenny gets a little to close to Tilly so she suggests that colleen need his help. Tilly then puts the red envelope in Luke’s backpack.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda & Scott enter and Scott gets a text message - his charter has been bought forward. Amanda insists that she’ll be fine now that she’s safe at hoe. Scott bails, and Amanda looks at the financial papers again. She hears a knock in the door - she thinks its Scot - but its Leo. Amanda tries to slam the door, but Leo forces his way. Leo manhandles Amanda. She flees into the lounge, but Leo gets the upper hand once more. Amanda pleads to him (eg “I’ve got a young sonâ€. Amanda then sees a letter opener nearby - she tries to grab it, but Leo stops her. The financial papers fall to the floor. Leo sees them. He discovers that Amanda is in financial trouble, and had planned to claim the insurance fro her flat being robbed. Leo then blackmails Amanda - he says that he wants $5000 tonight, or he’ll go to the police. Amanda says that she can’t get the money by that time but Leo doesn’t care. Leo exits, and Amanda is distraught.

DINER - colleen finishes up these rehearsals for the day. Kenny then tells Tilly that he hopes she REALLY liked the “beautiful girl†note that he left in her bag. Tilly is VERY stressed.

SURF CLUB - jack & Martha’s pool games continue. Martha defeats jack again, but jack up the $ value of the bet again. Tilly enters, and she is still stressed. She asks Beth if she’s seen like. Beth says that he is at the surf club. Tilly sees his unattended backpack. She immediately starts looking for the envelope. Luke catches her, and Tilly makes up an excuse for searching through his bag. Luke finds the envelope, and Tilly bails - she’ more than slightly embarrassed. Like opens the envelope - and he appears to REALLY like what Tilly has written.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda is on the phoneme, but her plan to get a loan fails. Amanda ends the call, and goes to the cupboard. She gets the statement for Ryan’s bank account - there’s $3000 in there.

SURF CLUB - jack looses yet another game of pool. He suggests one last game, with incredibly high stakes - the looser must do a NUDE run. Martha eagerly agrees - as jack’s form has been pathetic. She says that he can break - but jack (unsurprisingly) has a wonderful return to form, and he EASILY wins this game. Martha claims that he cheated, but jack thinks that Martha is a sore looser.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Martha, dressed only in an orange towel, is still complaining about jack’s underhandedness. Martha, however, doesn’t want to jack to have the satisfaction of her “piking outâ€, so she hands him the towel and starts running. As she continues, Martha (of course) runs past alf & Morag. Martha clearly ISN’T embarrassed and just keeps on running. Alf can’t believe it - and suggests that Martha should put some clothes on, whilst Morag responds to all this by TOATLLY bursting out laughing. (Note - I LOVE how Martha, and Morag, got into the spirit of the dare)

ROADSIDE - it’s nigh time, and Amanda meets up with Leo. She hands him an envelop with the money, but he quickly realises the there’s only $3000. Amanda says that all she could raise. Amanda runs to her car, gets in, and starts it up. Leo grabs hold of the door of the car, but Leo looses his grip as Amanda sleeps up. Leo falls to the ground and hits his head. Amanda looks concerned that he’s not moving (end of ep)


Will the police discover the truth (that Amanda is responsible for Leo’s death) - after she trashes the baker house, whilst Martha’s revenge on Jack goes woefully wrong

(Note : once again, before we saw the preview, the voice over guy spoke about the Summer Bay clothing range, with an image of Sharni Vinson, Indiana Evans & Jodi Gordon on screen)

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