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Wednesday 24 August 2005 - Episode # 4033

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, 'Say It Isn't So !!!'

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy is V frustrated about things, Tash hands kimmy the diamond ring, which is now totally clean again. Kimmy reads the inscription on the ring which incl. the initials TA. Kimmy tells Tash bout his mum & tom Anderson. Kimmy decides to speak to tom again.

PRISON - tom Anderson is surprised to see kimmy. Tom reveals to kimmy that Kerry was thinking about leaving Hyde, because he’d grown distant. The night they tom & Kerry were going to go away together, Kerry disappeared. Kimmy is shocked when tom suggest that Hyde might have KILLED Kerry.

DINER - colleen talks to Scott about hayley - and he can see that Amanda (who is with Scott) isn’t too happy about all that. Amanda, however, says yes to colleen’s request for her tho help out with the play.

NEAR BEACH - kimmy is V determined and angry as he approaches Hyde. Kimmy tells Hyde that he’s been speaking to tom Anderson. Kimmy then asks Hyde if he killed Kerry. Hyde’s answer - “I can explainâ€. Kimmy can’t believe it, and charges off.

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy enters, and starts ringing the police. Hyde enters, and pushes kimmy away from the phone. A HUGE physical battle ensues - the pushing & shoving begins in the kitchen, moves into the living room, includes several clashes on the couch and ends with both kimmy & hyde sitting in front of the cupboards below the steps.

Hyde then tells kimmy what happened. Kerry became increasingly depressed after Jonathon was born. She alos spend almost no time with Hyde & Jonathon. Hyde thought Kimmy’s arrival might have changed things didn’t. When Hyde found Kerry in the bathroom with Jonathon that day, he suspected that she might have killed him. Things continued to go downhill between Hyde & Kerry - she didn’t have meals with Hyde ad she began to sleep in another bed. Kimmy was the only reason that Hyde could live through all of Kerry’s distantness etc. one afternoon, Hyde decided to get home early - to talk to Kerry about them separating. When Hyde arrives home, he found Kerry in the bathroom - she was drowning kimmy (like she’d done with Jonathon). Hyde was enraged - and pushed Kerry under the water, the only thing which stopped hyde from what he was doing was when he heard baby kimmy cough. Hyde was soooooo pleased that kimmy was still alive. Hyde held kimmy for ages - before realising that Kerry was still in the bath, and that she was dead. After holding kimmy is his arms for seemingly ages, Hyde rang his sister. Together that got rid of Kerry’s body - and the police concluded that Kerry had run away. Hyde tells kimmy that he thought, at the time that he didn’t want kimmy to grow up with any parents. When Hyde is finished telling kimmy the truth, Hyde exhausted tells kimmy that he can call the police if he wants to. Hyde then gets up and exits - leaving the dumbfounded kimmy just sitting there (notes - this was brilliantly, awesomely, emotionally great. I wish that Hyde hadn’t killed Kerry, but at least that its not some stupid, cop up reason why she’s dead)

SURF CLUB - colleen enters & talks to Beth about how great it is that Amanda is for helping with the play. Amanda enters - she’s on the phone, and it sounds like Amanda is having money trouble. Amanda ends her phone call. Beth talks to Amanda about Scott. Beth suggests that many of Scott’s ex’s weren’t good enough for him. When Amanda wonders how she’ll react when Ryan starts dating, Beth comments about the maternal instinct, ie “when someone threatens the happiness of your child, you go for the jugularâ€. Amanda is way shocked by Beth’s GREAT “great of serve†for her comments a few days ago about families splitting.

SONN AFTER - Amanda & Robbie are talking about the play’s set design. Amanda then quizzes Robbie about hayley & Scott.

INTERCUT SCENE - Hyde is at the beach contemplating the future. Kimmy is doing the same thing at the Beach house (kimmy is holding the 2 halves of the phot that tom Anderson gave to him).

NEAR BEACH - kimmy approaches Hyde. Kimmy tells Hyde that he hasn’t called the police. Kimmy thinks that all these years that Hyde’s been keeping the anguished secret is probably far worse that any prison term for Kerry’s murder would have been. Kimmy also thinks that he’d have doe the same thing if he saw someone doing that to his child. Kimmy tells Hyde that he thinks that Hyde has suffered enough. Kimmy then walks away - and Hyde starts crying.

SURF CLUB - Beth is concerned when Scott says that he is having dinner with Amanda tonight (after having brunch with her earlier that day). Robbie then suggests that Scott shouldn’t talk so much about hayley when Amanda is around. When Robbie bails, Beth tells Scott about Amanda’s threat about splitting their family, ie “she didn’t say it, but that’s what she meantâ€

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - dan enters, as Amanda is making a snack for Ryan. Dan mentions that Amanda has some mail today. When dan goes to where Ryan is, Amanda opens her mail - it’s a letter from a bank. She has a $10,000 overdraft - and this letter is the final notice !!! (end of ep)


The guy who Amanda framed seeks revenge, whilst jack & Martha have a bet - with the looser having to do a naked run (note 1 : don’t these ppl learn - think Robbie. Note 2 : once again, before we saw the preview, the voice over guy spoke about the Summer Bay clothing range, with an image of Sharni Vinson, Indiana Evans & Jodi Gordon on screen)

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