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Tuesday 23 August 2005 - Episode # 4032

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Dream Come True !!!â€

OUTSIDE LORRAINE’S HOUSE - Tash, in a bid to help kimmy, approaches Lorraine & her husband. Tash claims to be new to the neighbourhood and asks for the name of a good local gardener etc.

INTERCUT SCENE - Lorraine’s phone rings. It’s Hyde (at diner). He tells Lorraine that the text messages she received from his phone were sent by kimmy. When Hyde enquires, Lorraine says that there’s a blonde girl who is acting strangely. Hyde suggests that the girl is Kimmy’s friend Tasha. Lorraine tells Hyde that she’ll get rid of Tasha. Lorraine then ends the call.

OUTSIDE LORRAINE’S HOUSE - Lorraine goes over to where her husband & Tash are. Lorraine suggests that she’ll go inside and get the local newspaper (which will have names of tradesmen etc). When Lorraine goes inside, kimmy tries to hide, but she sees kimmy and confronts him. Kimmy insists that he want answers. Lorraine “suggests†that kimmy should keep his voice down, as her husband doesn’t even know about this. Kimmy persists in asking - and Lorraine, to shut kimmy up, tells him that she is his aunt (Hyde’s sister) and that they used to be close- before all this Kerry stuff happened. Lorraine hears her husband approaching the door, and “suggests†that kimmy hide in a cupboard. When Lorraine’ husband enter the house, he tells Lorraine that he got rid of Tash (whilst Lorraine said she took so long because she couldn’t find paper). When Lorraine & her husband are putting the shopping away, kimmy exits the house.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally is intrigued when she sees Flynn with lots of financial papers. Flynn insists that he’s decided to get all his filing up to date etc. When sally leaves the room, Flynn phones Morag. He wants to speak to her about legal matters.

SURF CLUB - Ric is clearly annoyed about Cassie & Aden’s public displays of affections. Tony & alf call out to the rugby players to go into e gym for a weights session. Becasuse Ric & Aden are too busy to listen, Tony has a go at them and pairs them together.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Morag enters, and is surprised when Flynn tells her that he wants to draw up a will. Flynn explains that it’s because of his recent health scare. Morag is surprised that Flynn doesn’t want sally to be involved in the process at this stage.

OUTSIDE LORRAINE’S HOUSE - kimmy returns to his car. He gets in and tells Tash what Lorraine told him. Kimmy alos reveals that although Lorraine took the box back off him, kimmy was able to get his hands on the missing pages of Kerry’s journal. As kimmy reads aloud, we discover that Kerry suspected that Hyde thought she deliberately killed Jonathon. The journal pages also expose the beginnings of Kerry’s affair with tom Anderson.

GYM - Aden is raving on about Cassie whilst Ric is working out on the bench press. Ric is almost injure because Aden is too busy talking about Cassie to be doing what he’s supposed to be doing, ie “spotting†Ric. When Ric “goes off†at Aden, Tony & alf “suggest†that Ric should take an early shower.

VAN PARK HOUSE - when sally enquires, Flynn tells her that he has finished all that filing. When sally eixts the room, Morag arrives at the door, she gives Flynn a draft copy of his will. Morag suggests that Flynn should get sally involved in the process. When Morag bails, Flynn puts the will in a nearby drawer.

SURF CLUB - Cassie has a go at Ric because of the way he’s been behaving regarding her & Aden.

VAN PARK HOUSE - When sally mentions that she thought she heard Morag, Flynn takes the will out of the drawer. Sally s V upset that he wasn’t even consulted before Flynn spoke to Morag about all this. Sally seems to be partic concerned when Flynn’s draft will lists Leah & dan to be baby Pippa’s guardian if something should happen to sally & flynn, ie Sally always thought that her foster mum Pippa would be the guardian. Sally is very concerned that Flynn is taking these dreams WAY too seriously. Sally bails in disgust.

OUTSIDE LORRAINE’S HOUSE - kimmy sees Hyde’s car approaching. Kimmy parks his car in a nearby drive way - to avoid detection. Kimmy & Tash see Lorraine hand Hyde that box of Kerry’s things. Hyde gets in his car & drives off. Kimmy, at a discrete distance, follows.

NEAR BEACH - Flynn is following sally. He’s calling out to her but she isn’t responding (just like in Flynn’s dream). Flynn suddenly begins t feel V sick. He falls to the ground. Meanwhile, the nearby sally says hello to alf, who alerts sally that Flynn is in pain behind her. Sally & alf race to Flynn’s side.

COUNTRY ROAD - kimmy & Tash follows Hyde as he turns off onto a dirt track. Kimmy is concerned when he comes across a fork in the road. There is no dust to indicate which way Hyde went. Kimmy decide to go straight ahead, but it’s a dead end, ie obviously Hyde took the other track.

VAN PARK HOUSE - the female doctor tells flynn that all his recent trouble are ALL stress induced, ie flynn has stressed himself to the point where the dream almost came true. When the doctor & alf are gone, flynn tells sally that he is feeling MUCH better now - because the dream has played itself out, only with a better ending. As sally & Flynn exit the room, we see part of Flynn’s draft will - all his possessions etc are left to the love of his life, sally.

DINER - when Cassie approaches, Ric is forced to admit that he does still have feeling for her. Cassie sheepishly denies that she fells the same way.

DIRT TRACK - Hyde burns the contents of the box (incl. a passport) with a small campfire.

AFTER AD BREAK - when kimmy & Tash arrive at the site of the fire, all the papers are charred beyond recognition. Kimmy is intrigued when he discovers that Hyde tried to destroy a diamond ring as well. Kimmy wonders just what is going on (end of ep)


Did Hyde KILL Kimmy’s mum ???

(Note - before we saw the preview, the voice over guy spoke about the Summer Bay clothing range, with an image of Sharni Vinson, Indiana Evans & Jodi Gordon on screen)

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