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Friday 19August 2005 - Episode # 4030

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Hayley’s Blurred Vision !!!â€

BEACH - hayley is siting on the sand. Irene & hayley’s child (a boy - approx 2 years old) are playing nearby. Hayley calls out to the child’s approaching father - who, interestingly, is all blurry.

HOSPITAL - meanwhile, back in the real world, Flynn & nurse Julie are frantically trying to save hayley’s life. They eventually bring her back to the land of the living - by using the defibliator several times.

DINER - cassie ^ sally talk bout hayley. Cassie then asks if she can go to the movies with Aden tonight. Sally says she can - if Cassie is home on time etc. ric enters as Cassie is exiting - and there’s more of the usual unspoken tension between them.

HOSPITAL - Hyde enters hayley’s room in ICU. He tells kimmy & Irene that he’s only just got their messages as his phone has been off all day. Flynn enters, and he tells Kimmy that she’s unsure if the baby has been affected. Flynn says that he has to talk to hayley about her changed situation when she wakes up. Flynn insists that he won’t tell anyone the situation until hayley awakes. Flynn’s beeper goes off, and he tells jimmy tat he ha to attend another patient. Moments later, hayley awakes - and socks jimmy & Irene when she tells then that she’s NO LONGER having the operation (because of her vision).

SURF CLUB - Cassie notices that Tilly is more dressed up than usual. Tilly insists that she’s dressing as Summer (her role in colleen’s play) would. Cassie tells Tilly about her date tonight with Aden. And suggest that till should take some risks with Luke. Cassie exits, and colleen is keen to get rehearsals under way.

HOSPITAL - kiimy tells Flynn about what hayley said. Flynn approaches hayley, and tells her about his dream about sally & the gravesite, hayley insists that there’s a difference between her vision & Flynn’s dream. She also insists that her visions haven’t let her down in the past - so she’d “going with it†(note - it’s interesting that hayley is only dealing with the bit of the vision which says that her child will be ok, and NOT the blurry-ness of the father)

SURF CLUB - colleen isn’t impressed when Luke & Tilly try to modernise her script

HOSPITAL - kimmy expresses his concerns about hayley going with her vision to Irene. Irene, however, insist that the visions haven’t harmed hayley ever before. (Note - I must say, and this could be my bias against kimmy coming out here, but kimmy seemed to be V selfish in this scene, eg “what around MY babyâ€)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie (in the green dress she wore at the miss groper pageant) exit to go on her date. She does so as Flynn enters. Sally tells Flynn she is worried about ric, and suggests that Flynn talks to ric about it.

SURF CLUB - colleen is really happy with the latest bit of rehearsal. During a short break in rehearsals, tilly congrats Luke for scoring the role of rex (the male lead) but by the time the brief conversation ends, tilly still isn’t sure is Luke REALLY likes her or not.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn tries to talk top ric about Cassie, but ric tries to avoid the subject.

HOPITAL - Kimmy tells hayley that he’s totally cool with her decision, and that he’ll always be there for her. Hayley makes it clear that she’s pleased that she & kimmy are together.

SURF CLUB - Mid rehearsal, colleen suggests that Rex & summer (i.e. tilly & Luke) should hug during part of a partic scene. Tilly & Luke do so, and you can see that that there is DEFINITELY a connection as Tilly & Luke stares into each other’s eyes. Indeed, colleen has to remind them that the rehearsal has finished (note - tilly & Luke V much “in the momentâ€)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn tells ric about a girl that he was interested in when he was at school. Flynn says that he regrets not telling Mindy Wilson how he felt about her. Ric insist that if Flynn had, there’d be no sally/Flynn etc. Flynn says that ric shouldn’t make the same mistake. Ric insists that he &Cassie still have trust issue, and that he will get over her in time.

SURF CLUB - Luke & till says good night to each other (rehearsal is over) after Luke has exited, Tilly notices that Luke has left his journal behind. She looks inside at see the word “Kate†on inside. Tilly goes outside and she sees Luke nearby. She hands him the journal - and asks about Kate. Luke says that that is his mum’s name. Luke then tells Tilly about his mum’s death. Luke says that, when he was approx 6 months old, his mum took him with her as she went to the school to greet Tony at the end of the day. She was about to cross the road when a guy on a motorcycle tried to grab the bag from her arm. Luke’s mum wouldn’t let go of the bag, and she became unbalanced. She fell and hit her head - and the blow killed her. Luke tells Tilly that not many ppl know that story - and when Luke bails, you can see that Tilly is “moved†by it. Tilly then goes back into the surf club to grab her bag. She see a note inside - from Luke - it sys “to the most beautiful girl in summer bayâ€. Tilly is V pleased.

VAN PARK HOUSE - when sally asks, Flynn says that he didn’t get too far with ric tonight. A joyous Cassie enters, and tells Flynn & sally about her great night. Cassie stops talking when she sees that ric is in the room. When sally & Flynn strategically bail, Cassie thanks ric for being so good about her & Aden.

HOSPITAL -hayley tells kimmy that she DOES love him. When kimmy bails, hayley gets the letter she wrote out of the drawer. It’s to Scott. She says that she never stopped loving him, and wished they’d got together. Hayley then rips up the letter (note 1 - this is ANOTHER letter than Scott should have read - just like the one Josie wrote him with the paternity results. Note 2 - I must say this was a VERY low-key final scene for Bec Cartwright as Hayley)

DINER - kimmy enters, and talk briefly to Hyde about hayley. When kimmy has exited, Morag approaches Hyde. He tells her that he’s glad that kimmy hasn’t discovered the truth bout his mum.

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy enters, and Irene hands him a letter. Kimmy notes that its from tom Anderson. Kimmy opens the envelope. The letter says that enclosed is the other half of the pic that tom previously gave kimmy - and this photo features kimmy’s mum. Kimmy looks at the photo - and is perplexed, as the woman in photo looks NOTHING like the woman who claimed to be his mum (end of ep)


Kimmy’s search for his mum in back on in earnest, and someone (from Cassie & sally’s reaction I’d say Flynn or Ric) is choking at the van park house)

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