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Thursday 18 August 2005 - Episode # 4029

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Chivalry ISN’T Dead !!!â€

NOAH’S - Hayley clutches her chest. She tries to reach for the phone - but this unbalances her, and she collapses.

DINER - colleen tells sally how troublesome the play is (no lead actors, Leah in Cyprus). Sally offers to help colleen with the play - and colleen eagerly accepts.

NOAH’S - sally & colleen enters, and colleen is rabbiting on about her play. Sally, however, sees the unconscious hayley and rushes to her side. Sally tells colleen to ring the ambulance - and she complies.

HOSPITAL - The ambulance officers wheel hayley into the examination room. Irene, sally & kimmy are very concerned, whilst Flynn & Nurse Julie set about trying to save hayley.

DINER - Tony & alf talk about the bay’s new rugby team - and some of the town’s past rugby greats. Alf sees Ric enter, and goes over to him, alf gives him some (old) rugby boots. Ric says that he’s not that interested in rugby. Alf goes back and talk to Tony - and it's clear that alf is disappointed at Ric’s lack of interest in “the game they play in heavenâ€.

SURF CLUB - Colleen is being a VERY dictatorial director, eg she isn’t listening to any of the idea that the likes of Luke & Tilly have of (in their opinion) making the play better. Colleen decides that she’s not happy with the 2 ppl who were auditioning for the lead roles (note - can’t remember seeing the 2 ppl in question before). Colleen suggest that Tilly & Luke (who was only there to be involved in props) should audition for the lead roles. Colleen likes what she hears - and tells everyone that she’s chosen Luke & Tilly to be the leads in the play. She also informs everyone that they’ll be further rehearsals later today (note - all this action occurred in approx 3 separate scenes, but I was “on a roll†and decided to combine it all together)

HOSPITAL - Flynn tells kimmy, Irene & sally that hayley is having heart valve problems. Flynn suggests that they need to operate - and when kimmy asks, Flynn says that it’s too late now to terminate the baby.

SBH OVAL - Ric & Cassie approach alf, Tony and the others who are trying out for the rugby team. Ric insist that he’s only there to be waterboy. Aden arrives, and talks to Cassie, and then he begins to train with the others. Whilst they are training, you can see that Cassie is eagerly watching & enjoying, and you can also see that Ric is getting a “tad:†jealousâ€. When the training session ends, alf & Tony tell everyone that the sign on for the team in at the surf club later today. Alf is V surprised when Ric tells his that he wants to join the team.

HOSPITAL - Flynn tells hayley about her condition. Hayley insist that she doesn’t want to loose the baby, no matter what happens. Hayley then wonders if the doctors can do to heart operation AND deliver her baby at the same time. Flynn expresses his concerns about how premature that baby would be born WAY premature if they go through with Hayley’s plan. Flynn insists that hayley should REALLY think this through, and she asks to look at the latest ultrasound pics of her bub. Hayley insists that they will assist her decision.

AFTER AD BREAK - hayley talks to kimmy about what’s happening, and then she asks kimmy for some alone time. When kimmy goes out into the corridor he sits beside an unknown couple. Kimmy ^ the couple start talking about their situations.

SOON AFTER - kimmy enters Hayley’s room (in ICU), and he tells hayley that she should hear the tale of this couple he was speaking to. They enter, and the woman tells hayley that she was in an accident and had to have her baby V premature - but it survived and is currently getting much healthier in a humidicrib elsewhere in the hospital.

LATER - Flynn & Irene are now with hayley. She insists that she DOES want to do ahead with the dual (heart/Caesareans) operation. Flynn starts to begin proceedings to make it happen.

AFTER AD BREAK - Irene & kimmy are a tad concerned when hayley wants to write some thoughts down before the operation, in case she doesn’t survive. Hayley alos wants to the likes of will & gypsy informed of the operation before she undergoes to the procedure.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Ric signs up for the rugby team. Aden approaches Ric and wonders Ric/Cassie are still “an item†because Aden doesn’t want to steal Cassie from anyone. Ric insists that he & Cassie have split, and that Aden can proceed. When Aden walk away, you can, however, tell that Ric IS still interested in Cassie (note - V chivalrous form both Ric & Aden)

HOPSITAL - hayley reads through the letter she’s written and she puts it in the bedside drawer. Kimmy enters, and he assures hayley that he’ll be there for her and the child, even if its disabled in some way (which IS a V real possibility).

AFTER AD BREAK - flyyn is about to take hayley to surgery when she has some violent chest pains. Hayley becaomes unconscious - and Flynn & Nurse Julie fight to keep her alive (end of ep)


The fight to save hayley continues (note - this is Bec Cartwright’s final appearance on H&A)

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