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Wednesday 17 August 2005 - "How NOT To Drink Responsibly"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “How NOT To Drink Responsibly !!!â€

NOAH’S - Alf asks Amanda if she could ID the intruder. Amanda says that she thinks she could. Amanda tells alf that she is pleased that dan invited her to stay at his place - which Beth visually takes offence to (ie she deaths stares Amanda)

GYM - Tash enters. She suggests that Robbie should perhaps stop doing the macho thing, but Robbie is SOOOO not listening to Tasha.

DINER - hayley & Martha enter. Irene comments on a delivery guy “dumping†a delivery for Noah’s at the diner. Irene takes offence at hayley trying to help Martha carry the heavy boxes (because of Hayley’s pregnancy). Martha doesn’t like it when jack offers his help - and there’s more verbal sparring between jack & Martha as they carry one of the boxes to the exit

NOAH’S - scott enters, and Beth let him know that she’s sceptical about Amanda, ie it’s weird that Amanda got robbed on her 1-st night in the bay. Amanda enters, and Scott joins her when she sits on that V comfy couch. Jack, Martha & hayley enter-and Beth thanks jack for his help. Hayley sees Scott with Amanda, and you can see that hayley is concerned/jealous.

GYM - Tasha enters. She REALLY wants Robbie to stop with the weight training. He complies - and when he goes to the change room, some unknown guy starts talking to Tash. When Robbie emerges from the change room, he REALLY (verbally) makes it clear to the gut that he’s not happy with the way this guy is talking to Tasha. Meanwhile, you can see that Tash, however, is annoyed with Robbie

NEAR BEACH - Tash tells Robbie that he can’t go around acting that way and that Robbie MUST do something about his insecurities.

NOAH’S - Martha starts talking to a male customer, and she sounds like she; interested in h9m, but you can tell that it’s all for jack’s benefit. Meanwhile, Beth tells alf that she doesn’t trust Amanda (and hayley hears this).

DINER - Amanda tells Scott that she never got robbed/mugged whilst she was in America, which is why the intruder in the bay was so weird. Scott tells Amanda about Beth’s opinion of her.

In the kitchen, Tash tells Irene about Robbie and the guy at the gym. Irene is concerned, but she tells Tash that she has to go home and get the books - as accountant is coming to diner tomorrow. Irene then bails.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene enters via the back door. All the lights are out, and when Irene is about to pick up the diner’s books (in living room) she is knocked over by an intruder). The intruder then flees via the back door.

AFTER AD BREAK - the police are questioning colleen. From her answers, they think the guy who break in a few days ago (and was interrupted by Robbie & Tash) has probably come back to finish the job. The polices says that Irene is very lucky (given that the intruder bound/gagged Amanda.

DINER - Scott & Amanda finish their meal, and Scott goes to the counter to pay (Amanda insist that she’ll pay next time). Beth approaches Amanda - and comments that Amanda is taking advantage of Scot - and dan. Amanda tells Beth that parents shouldn’t interfere in their kid’s relationships as “I’ve seen families split†etc. Beth is shocked, whilst Scott & Amanda bail.

In the kitchen Irene tells Robbie, Tash & Beth about the break in. Robbie & Tash say that Irene can stay with them tonight. Beth suggests that she’ll take Irene to Robbie & Tasha’s place - whilst Robbie & Tasha finished up tonight at diner. After Irene & Beth have bailed, Robbie goes over to the only customer left - and Robbie hears that the guy on the phone referring to the burglary at Irene’s. Robbie asks if te customer wants anything. Customer says no. When Robbie returns to the kitchen, he tells Tasha that he’s sure that the customer IS the guy who was the intruder at the beach house a few days ago. Tash tells Robbie to keep the guy at the diner, whilst she goes for help.

NOAH’S - jack can see that Martha really isn’t interested in the other guy. When Martha goes to the bar to order another drink. Jack insists that he can “hold his liquor†more than Martha can. She accepts that challenge - and the drinking begins.

DINER - the customer pays for his meal etc and wants to leave. Robbie says that he’s got to get the key, because he locked the door. Robbie deliberatley grabs the wrong key several times. Robbie hands the customer the keys and he unlocks the door. When he does, alf & Tash charge into the diner, and alf suggests the he wants a word to the man about the recent burglaries.

NOAH’S - Martha & jack’s drink contest continue, and both are sounded rather drunk, which hayley isn’t happy with. Martha goes to bail, but jack insists that would mean that she would have to forfeit. Martha decides to stay - after all, she doesn’t want jack to get the better of her.

Robbie enters, and tells hayley and Co that the intruder has been caught. Meanwhile, Beth & hayley talk of their concerns for Scott. Hayley wonders why Scott has fallen for Amanda. Beth insists that “she’s an actress, and has got him fooledâ€

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Scott & Amanda kiss, and Amanda is worried when they hear a knock at back door. It’s the police, who want Amanda to come down to the station and ID the guy who tied her up etc.

POLICE STATION - Amanda is shown a line up of suspects. She insists to the police that she isn’t sure - but Amanda uses the knowledge she’s heard from others and ironically picks the guy whom broke into Irene’s place twice.

NOAH’S - jack gloats a bit to hayley & Beth that he has outlasted Martha, who has passed out at the bar.

BEACH - Robbie thinks that he should have done more to apprehend the burglar. Tasha insists that Robbie’s insecurities have GOT to stop. Robbie says that they can’t - because of the way that his father always treated him. Tasha insists that Robbie must move on - as his dad would have proud of Robbie’s actions today. Robbie seems to take heed of this (note - this was a partic GREAT Robbie/Tash scene)

OUTDOORS SOMEWHERE -Amanda tells Scott that she’s not sure why the intruder admitted to the beach house robbery but not to breaking into her place. When Scott tries to talk some more about this, Amanda insists that she’s doesn’t want to discuss it further. Amanda tells Scot hat she’s V glad that he is “there†for her.

NOAH’S - next morning, Scott enters (with surfboard under arm). Hayley tells Scott that she doesn’t think Amanda is “good†for him. Scott abruptly tells hayley that his life is none of her business - and hasn’t been since they broke up. Scott bails - and hayley begins o have rather bad chest pains (end of ep)


Is this the end for Hayley? (note - well, yes it is - in her Bec Cartwright guise anyway)

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