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Monday 15 August 2005 - "More Reasons To LOVE Amanda Vale"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “More Reasons To LOVE Amanda Vale !!!â€

OPENING CREDITS - Beth is back wit Hyde & Irene (with the same shot they had of the trio earlier this year), whilst Amanda is the latest person to be alongside Colleen.

OUTSIDE SBH - Dan is annoyed with Hyde for not telling him that Amanda was joining the school staff. Hyde replies by insisting that Amanda told him all was sorted between them now. Dan takes Amanda aside. He wonders why she in teaching here at SBH. Amanda says that her agent lost her that movie role she mentioned previously - and that Ryan is missing dan V much. When Hyde approaches dan & Amanda, she insists that there’ll be no trouble between them. After Amanda walks away with Hyde, sally approaches dan, who tells sally that Amanda has “come from hell, if I’m correctâ€.

Nearby, Robbie is stressing about what happened with the break in. Amanda approaches Tash & Robbie, and Amanda is concerned when Robbie seems to ignore her. When Robbie walks away, Tash tells Amanda that Robbie really likes drama - and is an enthused drama student. Dan approaches Amanda, and says that she is currently staying with a friend. Dan is shocked when Amanda asks if she & Ryan can stay at his house - and he tells Amanda that she DEFNITELY can’t.

SBH - Hyde enters the secretary’s office, who says that Hyde has no messages. After Hyde enters the principal’s office, he notices that the papers on his desk are disturbed. He asks the secretary if anyone has been in his office - secretary says that Morag went in there to retrieve her bag. Hyde charges out of the office.

OUTSIDE SBH - Hyde charges past students & teachers alike.

SURF CLUB - Hyde pushes past a girl when he sees Morag. He insists that they (Hyde & Morag) MUST talk.

BEACH HOUSE - Tash hears someone approach the front door. She goes into the hallway -so see can spy on whoever enters. Tash is pleased to see that it’s only kimmy & hayley. When hayley asks why Tash acted this way, Tash tells her about the break in. kimmy & hayley then talks about the search for his mother - kimmy is V pleased that Morag is helping him.

NEAR BEACH - Hyde & Morag discuss the kimmy situation. Hyde is V pleased when Morag says that (because of what she read) she will drop the case.

BEACH HOUSE - Morag approaches the back door. She tells kimmy that she’s just got a V big case and can no longer help with his search for his mum.

BEACH - Scott finds Amanda crying as she sits on the sand. As Amanda starts to walk away from Scott, he insists that ppl make mistake and deserve a 2-nd chance etc. Amanda & Scott then hug.

NOAH’S - Amanda tells Scott that she wishes that she could get her friendship with dan back. When Amanda enquires, Scott says that he expects Leah to be away (in Cyprus) for at least a few weeks. When Amanda talks bout her accommodation situation, Scott insists that he can help her.

Nearby, kimmy & hayley approaches Robbie who tells them an enhanced version of the break-in. When kimmy & hayley have walked way, Robbie tells Tash that he’s got to stop this from happening again - by joining the gym.

NEAR SURF CLUB - kimmy tells hayley that he’s V concerned about Morag just dropping his case like that. Kimmy & hayley then see Hyde hand some of Kerry’s things to a woman in a green Subaru wagon. Kimmy writes down the numberplate.

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy gets the woman’s name & address form a mate at the transport department. Hayley thinks kimmy is bad for doing this, but she eventually agrees to go with kimmy to the woman’s house.

UNKNOWN HOUSE - kimmy & hayley see the green Subaru in the driveway. They knock on the door. When the woman who was in the car opens the door, kimmy asks if she is his mother.

AFTER AD BREAK - the woman ells kimmy that she IS his mum, but she (emotionally) brutally tells him that she wants NOTHING to do with him - that’s why he’s abandoned him soon after she gave birth to kimmy. The woman also isn’t swayed when hayley says that she is going to be a grand mother.

UNKNOWN FLAT - A real estate agent friend of Scott show Amanda around a flat we’ve not seen before. Amanda tells the agent, and Scott, that she’s happy with the place. When the real estate agent is gone, Amanda thanks Scott and they agree to meet later at the diner.

VAN PARK HOUSE - dan tells sally & Flynn that he’s concerned about why Amanda is back in town, and he pities that man who “falls†for Amanda’s charms.

DINER - Scott gets a text message from Amanda. It says that she is running late. Kimmy enters, and approaches Hyde. Kimmy tells Hyde that she confronts his mum and found out why Hyde was trying to stop him from finding her. Kimmy then bails.

INTERCURT SCENE - Hyde (diner) rings the woman (at her home) that kimmy approached earlier. Then woman reveals herself to be Kimmy’s AUNT Lorraine (ie obviously NOT his mum). Lorraine is V annoyed with what happened, and wants assurance from Hyde that it won’t happen again. Hyde graciously says that Lorraine won’t be bothered again.

At another table, Scott is talking to Tash & Robbie. Robbie tells Scott about himself joining the gym whilst Tash wants Robbie not to overdo things. Scott is now V worried about Amanda, so he bails.

AMANDA’S FLAT - Scott approaches the partially open front door. He enters - and sees the things are strewn about. Amanda screams out - and Scott runs to her. Amanda is bound & gagged. Scott removes the tape from her mouth, ad Amanda says that someone broke into her flat (end of ep)


It sounds like Martha “doth protest too much†in regard to Jack !!!

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