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Thursday 11 August 2005 - "What's In The Box?"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “What’s In The Box ???â€

TEASER - Whilst I was paying attention to kimmy hiding form Hyde (at SBH) in the previous ep, I missed that hyde was clearly talking to Amanda Vale (about her being school’s drama teacher

SBH - Hyde gets off the phone, and sees that his cupboard isn’t fully shut (and you get impression that Hyde thinks that he obviously didn’t shut it properly. As Hyde exits the office, the cleaner comments that both he & Hyde seem to spend a lot of time at the school. When Hyde is gone, kimmy exits the office - but he drops an envelope of the floor (without noticing).

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric & Cassie explain to Tilly that they are trying to not be in the same room at the same time. Tilly thinks their plan is VERY flawed. The excited colleen entered, and tells Ric & Cassie that rehearsals for the play are at surf club today. Ric & Cassie try to get out of it - but colleen isn’t listening.

BEACH HOUSE - colleen tries to be the voice of reason, eg “if Hyde is keeping this info from you, there’s probably a V good reason“, but kimmy isn’t listening. Kimmy thinks Hyde is being a total control freak.

SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie are snipping at each other, whist Colleen is annoyed that non-one is listening to her, ep. Since she is the director (note - it’s ironic that colleen assisted June a few years ago when Seb & jade played Romeo & Juliet, and now colleen is in director’s chair).

BEACH HOUSE - Morag is NOT pleased when kimmy reveals that he stole Kerry’s journal (note - yay, I was right, the book is a journal) from Hyde’s office. Kimmy says that it’s rightly his to “borrowâ€. Kimmy is surprised when he reads sections of the journal - Kerry writes about an upbeat, totally loving Hyde (Irene & the others are also surprised at this side of Hyde

SBH - Hyde enters his office, and he notices the envelope on the floor. He unlocks his cupboards - and discovers that Kerry’s journal etc is no missing.

SURF CLUB - colleen is annoyed with the lack of emotion, from Ric & Cassie, during rehearsals. When they all take a break, Ric & Cassie (separately) tell Tilly that they are going to try to force the other to be sacked, or quit, from the play.

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy reads more of the journal, and tells Irene & Co that Kerry was V lonely whilst pregnant with Jonathon (ie Hyde V distant). Hyde enters. He’s V enraged that kimmy stole the journal. Hyde charges towards kimmy, and demands to have the journal back. Irene gets in between Hyde & kimmy - and she “suggests†that Hyde should bail.

SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie rehearse the scene once more but they baulk at having to kiss during the rehearsal. Colleen is partic annoyed with Ric, but he gets one over casse when he graciously apologises to colleen.

BEACH HOUSE - Morag suggests that kimmy shouldn’t be involved in illegal acts such as theft. Irene tells kimmy, hayley & Morag that she is going to confront Hyde.

SBH - Irene enters Hyde’s office, and confronts him. Irene passionately tells Hyde that he should tell kimmy the truth, as secrets ALWAYS come out.

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy reads form the journal entries written at the time of Jonathon’s death. Kimmy notes that there were no entries for 6 months after Jonathon’s death. Kimmy then tells hayley that Kerry seemed to be sorting her life out, with Hyde being very distant, but then he notices that there are pages ripped out of the journal. Kimmy wonders who removed the pages.

SBH - Hyde is on phone (to Kerry I assume). He wonders if he maybe should tell kimmy what happened. Hyde then notices that something else is missing. Hyde ends the call, and bails.

BEACH HOUSE - hayley find what I believe that Hyde is looking for - a key, which was at the back of the journal. Morag thinks it belongs to a safety deposit box. Kimmy grabs phone book - to search for nearby locations.

SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie rehearse the scene once more. Both are speaking passionately but Ric isn’t actually looking at Cassie, and his eyes are all watery. Ric & Cassie then kiss, and Cassie clams that Ric had eaten onions. Colleen tells Cassie to behave, and Cassie (who is not ready to let Ric win) complies - and this incl. a 2-nd (onion breath) kiss

BEACH HOUSE - kimmy tells Morag & hayley that he’s locates that storage facility in question. Kimmy adds that they said that all he needs is the key & some ID. Hayley offers to drive kimmy there, and kimmy eagerly accepts.

SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie both want the other to quit from the play, but neither wants to yield, when Cassie bails from the room, alf comments on Ric’ onion breath.

In the bar room, Cassie gets an idea - after Tilly takes a slip of her drink.

When Cassie return to the games room, she & Ric rehearse a different scene, in which their characters have a drink. Ric drinks - and instantly spits it out - as Cassie has added V hot chillies to it. Cassie laughs, whilst Colleen has had enough - she tells Ric AND Cassie that they are no longer required, ie they’ve been SACKED.

STORAGE FACILITY - kimmy, with hayley, opens the storage compartment with THAT key. They remove a BIG metal box. Kimmy & hayley are V excited. Kimmy opens it - but there is NOTHING in the metal container.

OUTSIDE STORAGE FACILITY - Kimmy is V frustrated, and as kimmy & hayley get it their car, we can see that they are being watched. It’s Hyde that is watching them - and he has an envelope addressed to Kimmy on the front seat of his car. (end of ep)


Morag breaks into Hyde’s office - and discovers the truth about Kimmy’s mum and Amanda Vale returns to the Bay -Dan is surprised that she is SBH’s new drama teacher.

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