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Wednesday 10 August 2005 - "Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos &

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos & Holden Family !!!â€

PRISON FARM - Kimmy tells hayley that he is deeply annoyed with Hyde. He tells hayley that he is going to discover the truth no matter the cost. Kimmy also tries to phone Hyde - but he is forced to leave a message.

HOLDEN HOUSE - Beth &Scott offer their total support to jack before they exit, jack. Despite that support, jack is still keen on leaving the bay. Tony urges jack that there’s probably more ppl like Beth (ie ready to support him) in the bay. Jack however isn’t so sure.

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde arrives, and the V angry kimmy confronts Hyde about his meeting with tom Anderson. Hyde insists that tom shouldn’t be believed, but kimmy shows him that photo (of kimmy & Jonathon that tom Anderson gave him) and kimmy demands an answer.

NOAH’S - the likes of colleen, Leah, dan, alf, Scott & Martha are talking about jack. Colleen & Martha are totally against the so-called “trigger happy†cop, whilst alf, Scott & Leah are on jack’s side. Harry chambers, the father of the thief who jack shot, enters, and announces that there will be a town meeting at surf club tonight. Harry hands out flyers about meeting as me talks - and Martha & colleen voice their support for harry (as does the guy who used to be head of the P&C committee.

BEACH HOUSE - A VERY emotional Hyde tells kimmy why he’s not been told about Jonathon. Hyde exlains that years ago, Kerry rang him at school. Hyde rushed home - but he expectably it to be just Kerry over reacting again when Hyde git home, Kerry & Jonathon were in the bathroom. Kerry was EXTERMELY distraught, and Hyde then discovers why - Jonathon had DROWNED in the bath. Hyde backs up Tom Anderson’s claim that Kerry was NEVER the same after Jonathon’s death. Hyde alos tells kimmy that the memory of Jonathan’s death was always too painful (note - Hyde was EXTREMELY emotional throughout this, and Ivor Kants’ performance was SUBLIME). Kimmy, however (annoyingly), keeps on pushing the envelope - he still demands to know EVERYTHING that Hyde knows about Kerry. Hyde gets V agitated, and reveals nothing else before he bails. Kimmy is V frustrated.

NOAH’S - Kimmy approaches Morag. He asks for her help with finding out about his mum. Morag, after her initial scepticism, agrees to help.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Hyde approaches Morag, and asks her NOT to help kimmy. Morag, however, won’t be swayed.

HOLDEN HOUSE - Beth, Robbie & Tash arrive, and ask the Holdens if they’d like to join them tonight at the surf club and then for some Chinese afterwards. Tony & Luke are keen to go out, and Tony “suggests†that jack should join them.

SURF CLUB - Beth & the Holdens etc arrive, and jack is instantly verbally attacked by the likes of Harry Chambers, Colleen & Martha. Jack bails, and Tony & Luke go after him.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Tony & Luke catch up with Jack, who insists that he’s not prepared to deal with another lynch mob/. Tony insists that jack can’t let a few loudmouths chase them out of town AGAIN. Tony then V passionately tells jack exactly how he feels - as he tells Jack that he was just doing his job etc (note - it’s V hard to explain just how emotional AND totally cool this speech is, and Jon Sivewright’s [Tony] performance was wonderful. This family, and these actors, ARE true assets to the show). Tony’s impassioned speech convinces jack to go back inside - so their voice can be heard.

SURF CLUB - Harry chambers tells the crowd his EXTREMELY biased version of events/ he says that maybe his daughter wasn’t the best person is the world (note - yeah, we gathered that, when she stole stuff; resisted arrest AND shot a cop) but she didn’t deserve to die. Alf, Leah, Beth & Scott defend Jack, against the evil words of harry, Martha, colleen etc. the holden enter the room, and Tony demands to be heard. He V emotionally, wonderfully explains what happened (without going into the details of the case, to save harry & the memory of his deceased daughter) but Tony DOES insist that everyone in the crowd puts themselves in Jack’s situation - and you can see that this sways the opinions of the likes of colleen & partic Martha.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Hyde exits, and kimmy confronts him about trying to stop Morag from helping. Hyde simply walks away, whilst kimmy insists that he WILL discover the truth.

SURF CLUB - Colleen insists, to jack & Tony, that she was misinformed (note - colleen TRULY s a silly old cow). The Holdens then talk to the new friends - esp. Leah, dan & alf. Jack sees harry sitting nearby - and tells harry that not a day goes by without jack thinking about THAT day. Harry the bails (note - I’m not sure is there’s a truce here or not). Tony approaches jack - who insists that he REALLY needs at drink. As jack heads to the bar, Martha approaches - and she apologises for her behaviour.

SBH - kimmy unlocks one of cupboards in Hyde’s office. He eventually finds several of Kerry’s things - incl. the book that Hyde held in previous eps (that looks like a journal to me). Kimmy hears Hyde talking outside, so he hides before Hyde (talking on phone) enters the office (end of ep)


Kimmy’s search continues, as does the Ric/Cassie saga

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