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Tuesday 9 August 2005 - "Daddy's Little Girl"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Daddy’s Little Girl !!!â€

HOLDEN HOUSE – jack wants to leave town – as his new mobile number has been discovered already (by the mysterious person pursuing them). Jack alos tells Tony & Luke that he thinks their pursuer knows where they live. Tony, however, insist that they should give the bay a bit of a chance – before they consider running.

BEACH HOUSE – Kimmy is on the phone, and is being frustrated because the ppl at the back he rang won’t divulge any info about his mum’s back accounts. When kimmy gets off the phone, he tells hayley & Irene that hes thinking about giving up the search.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Luke enters jack’s room, and gives jack his police shirt (on a hanger). Luke insists that he also want to give the bay a chance. Tony enters the room, and “suggests†that he & Luke should be heading off to school. Jack exits to the house with them, and watches as they get in the car and drive off. Jack, however, is also being watched.

BEACH HOUSE – hayley tries to convince kimmy, whilst kimmy is V frustrated about the lack of help from his mum.

SBH – Sally is showing Tiny & Luke about the school. Ric approaches and sally asks Ric to help Luke out with any questions etc he has. Tony & Ric wonder why Luke is distracted – and Ric discovers why when he looks behind him, ie Tilly & Cassie are approaching. Cassie tells tilly that she has to go to canteen before class, and when Ric asks tilly sys that she’s already met Luke (as he’s her next door neighbour).

HOLDEN HOUSE – Jack has just got dressed for work when he hears a noice outside. He slowly approaches, and opens, the front door – it’s Scott. Seconds after, a brick of thrown through he front window. Jack & Scott rush outside – and see a car hooning away from the scene. Jack tells Scott that he has no idea why this happened – but Scott seems suspicious of jack’s explanations.

BEACH HOUSE – Kimmy is V pleased when he gets a reply to his message on the website. He tells hayley that the e-mail is from a Tom Anderson, who has supplied a phone number so kimmy can contact him. The e-mail also says that tom knows Kimmy’s mum well. Kimmy thanks hayley for convincing him to continue his search.

SBH – Sally gives Luke a map of the school. When Luke walks away, sally tells jack (the school’ new PE teacher) that he probably won’t be happy with the school’s sports cage. Tony also comments that SBH doesn’t have a football (I assume he means rugby league) team.

Nearby, a bully sees Luke takes the journal out of his bag. The bully grabs the journal; and starts reading it outside – in a totally mocking manner. Luke, however, fights back – he immediately begins to wrestle the journal back from the bully. As Ric & Tilly approach, Luke is able to get his journal back. When Tilly gets to where Luke is, she looks like she’s concerned about the way he behaved.

Elsewhere, sally & Tony exit the sports cage. Tony comments that sally was right – he’s not happy with the state of things (memories of when Joel Nash arrived at the school in 1998). Tony’s phone rings – and from the way that Tony is speaking, you can tell that it’s jack on the phone. Tony then bails.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Tony enters, and both he & jack “play dumb†about the brick etc. Scott clearly looks wary. When scott is gone, Tony wants jack to report this incident to the other police, but jack insists that he wants that other SB police to get to now him 1-st.

SBH – Luke is waiting in the room just outsuide the principal office, when Tony & sally enter. Tony apologises for bailing earlier, but sally insists that she knows a thing or to about family troubles. Seconds after tony & Sally enter the office, Tilly arrive –and gets some papers (for her teacher) from the school secretary. Till sees Luke – and deliberately drops her handkerchief. Both Tilly & Luke band down to pick it up. Tilly reaches it 1-st. she then exits the room, but Luke sees that Tilly has dropped something else (V small) so he picks that up and puts it in top pocket.

BEACH HOUSE – hayley enters, just as kimmy finishes his phone call. Kimmy tells hayley that tom Anderson is currently an inmate at a prison farm. Hayley is cautious, but kimmy persuades her to go with him to meet tom.

NOAH’S – Scott tells alf & Beth about jack & Tony’s behaviour. Alf dismisses Scott’s speculation – but then Beth open a letter she’s received. It contains a photo copy of a news paper article with the headline “teenager shot dead by rookie copâ€, and the article has note stuck to it “how does it feel having a killer next door?â€

HOLDEN HOUSE – Luke is concerned about the brick, but Tony insists that the bay will be different. Beth & Scott arrive – as asks for an explanation about the newspaper article.

PRISON FARM – Kimmy & hayley meets tom Anderson, who tells that that he had an affair with Kimmy’s mum. Tom aslo says that he has no idea where Kerry (Kimmy’s mum) is. Hayley & kimmy are intrigues when tom says that Kerry is the reason he’s is prison.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Tony explains to Scott & Beth what is going on. In the city, jack & his police partner were involved in a car chase after some thieves. The thieves eventually stopped their car and tried to get away on foot, but jack & his partner cornered them. One of the thieves shot Jack’s partner – and had their gun pointed at jack, when jack shot (and killed) the thief. Tony explains that the father of the GIRL who Jack killed has been on a vendetta against the Holdens ever since, and has chased them out of several towns already. The V supportive Beth wonders how she can help. Tony insist that we just bath & Scott to jeep the info to themselves, as Tony doesn’t want jack to know that Beth & Scott know. Jack enters - and wonders what Tony is talking about.

AFTER AD BREAK – jack is keen to bail form summer bay, despite the support from Beth &Scott. Things however, are muddied, when Luke listens to a local radio station, whose talk back host’s topic for the day is the new “trigger happy copâ€

PRISON FARM – Tom tells kimmy & hayley that he is in prison because he started embezzling money for his secret for Kerry. Kimmy & hayley are shocked when Tom says that Kerry LOVED summer bay and always planned to move there. Hayley & kimmy are, however, suspicious on tom – as we has no proof of any of this (police took everything tom had when they arrest him). Tom then shows kimmy & hayley a pic of kimmy as a baby. Tom mentioned that Kerry was never the same after Jonathon’s death – and kimmy & hayley were SHOCKED when Tom says that Jonathon is Kimmy’s brother !!! (end of ep)


Kimmy demands the truth from Hyde, and will the residents of the Bay side with, or against, the Holdens?

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