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Monday 8 August 2005 - "Doctors Really Are Bad Patients!&quot

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Doctors Really Are Bad Patients !!!â€

OPENING CREDITS – The Holden family (like Cassie & Martha earlier this year) has made the opening titles after just 1 episode. The trio (Tony, Jack & Lucas) is together, with Robbie & Tash before them, and Alf & Martha after the newbies.

HOSPITAL – Flynn insists to the female doctor that he believe that is well enough to be discharge. She disagrees. Flynn is V happy to see sally when she enters his room.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Tony, Jack & Lucas begin to unpack all those moving boxes. Lucas is annoyed when Jack announces that he’s having a partic bedroom. Lucas is also concerned when he can’t find his journal – but jack locates it, and Lucas is V relieved (see below). Tony is keen to get all the unpacking done, but jack suggests that they check out the surf. Tony agrees and they are about to bail when Tilly & Beth arrive. Tony & Co are pleased that Beth has bought some muffins with her (as a welcome to the neighbourhood parent. After Beth comments that jack has the same name as her late husband, Beth wonders where Tony’s wife is. Tony tells her that she died in a car accident years ago. Indeed, Tony adds that Lucas has taken things partic hard as she died when he was just 6 months old. Beth apologises for bringing up the subject.

HOSPITAL – Flynn tells sally that he wants to be discharged form the hospital. Sally counters this by asking if Flynn would ever discharge a patient in Flynn’s current condition.

BEACH – Martha is telling alf & Scott about how Jack pulled ger up for speeding. Martha is surprised when alf seems t be on Jack’s side. Martha continued to have a go at Jack – and no surprisingly, jack. Tony & Lucas (with surfboards) arrive and hear Martha’s words of disgust. Martha doesn’t back away and continues to speak badly of jack. When the Holdens are in the water, alf has a go at Martha for speaking to jack the way she did. Martha, however, isn’t repentant.

NEAR BEACH – Flynn is following sally again, all the way to his gravestone. Flynn, once more, awakes form his nightmare in horror. He presses the emergency buzzer – and when Nurse Julie arrives, Flynn insists that he IS discharging himself.

OUSIDE HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly & Beth are gardening when the Holdens arrive home. Beth is having trouble starting the whipper shipper. Tony approaches and is able t get it to work.

HOLDEN HOUSE – After Tony enters, he & jack discover that the electivity in their house isn’t working – the TV not working alerted them to the problem.

OUTSIDE HUNTER HOUSE – alf arrives in his Ute, and Beth comments about Tony helping her with the whipper snipper. Tony approaches Beth & alf, and wonders if they know a good electrician. Alf suggests that Martha (who is sitting in Ute) can help.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Tony, jack, Martha & alf enter. Martha & jack verbally spar some more – before they exit.

OUTSIDE HOLDEN HOUSE – Martha & jack do their best Ric/Cassie impersonation as they continue to bicker whilst Martha checks the fuse box.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Flynn enters, and sally is V surprised to see him. Flynn says that doctor did more tests and discharges him. Flynn alos insists that he think being home will assist his recovery.

AFTER AD BREAK – its’ nighttime, and Flynn very slowly descends the stairs (ie it’s clear that he’s still not well at all). Flynn can hear sally talking on the phone. When the call ends, Sally confronts Flynn – as she now knows that he discharged himself. It’s clear that sally is NOT happy with what Flynn has done.

NOAH’S – jack is at the bar and Martha make more snide comments about him. Alf “suggests†that Martha desist having a go at jack. Jack then bails – and soon after, Beth takes her break. Beth tells alf & Martha that she is going to take a casserole over to the Holdens – as she suspects they are the beer & pizza types.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Beth arrives with her casserole, and she is surprised to see that the Holdens are about to eat a very healthy meal (that jack & Lucas prepared). Beth apologises for her comments earlier – and Tony tells her that Lucas is a normal kid, apart form any tome his mother is mentioned (note – Tony alos mentions that Lucas writes about his mum is his journal). When Beth exits, Tony & his boys starts eating their dinner

VAN PARK HOUSE – Flynn takes some pills, and isn’t keen on sally having a go at him for discharging himself. Sally is then surprised when Flynn suggest that they stop TALLKIG about going on an overseas holiday, ie he wants them to GO. Flynn isn’t too impressed when sally reminds him of all the real world problems – baby pippa not old enough etc. sallies is EXTREMEELY worried when, mid sentence, Flynn collapses.

HOSPITAL - sally speaks to the female doctor, before she enters Flynn’s room. Sally wonders why Flynn discharges himself – and Flynn tells her that he thought he’d be ale t get way from THAT nightmare if he wasn’t in the hospital.

NOAH’S – Beth returns, and comments on the Holden’s “banquetâ€. Martha then says more sarcastic comments about jack.

HOLDEN HOUSE – Tony & his sons are enjoying their meal when a mobile phone rings. Jack confirms that it is who Tony thinks it is. Tony complies when jack says to let it ring out. The phon stops ringing, but starts again seconds later. Tony decides to answer it this time – and Tony sounds V angry, but the caller hangs up V quickly. Jack responds to all this by saying, “we’re never going to escape this, are we?†(end of ep)


Kimmy’s search for his mum continues (he is surprised by news of a brother we never knew about), and the Holden family secret is exposed (newspaper headline “teenager shot by rookie copâ€)

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