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Friday 5 August 2005 - "Holden Versus MacKenzie"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Holden Versus MacKenzieâ€

BEACH - Flynn is following sally (who is wearing fantastic blue top). Flynn calls out to sally but she just keeps on walking (like she’s not heard him). Flynn then awakes (at hospital) from his dream.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric & cassie are fighting, and tilly decides that she;’s had enough, so she bails. Ric & Cassie then “discuss†who should go to Robbie & tasha’s house warming party. Ric wants to go, and Cassie say that she wants to go, but neither thinks that they should both be there (or the rest of the bay would have to deal with their bickering). Sally enters the room, and Ric, Cassie & sally exit (to go to hospital)

BEACH HOUSE - Irene hands tash a box full of items for use at house warming party (with the instructions that items are to be bought back after party). Tash then bails, and Irene ask hayley for suggestions about what to wear for singles night. Hayley is worried that Irene was completely forgotten about Hyde, but Irene insist that she’s only going to assist Beth. Kimmy tells hayley & Irene that he’s discovered (on the net) that yet another person is looking for his mum. Kimmy hopes he can contact the other ppl looking fro his mum. When Irene enquires, Kimmy says that Hyde has thrown out of things to do with kimmy’s mum - but as Kimmy says this, we see Hyde, near beach, with what looks like Kerry’s (kimmy’s mum’s) journal in his hand (note - this was the book that I thought was photo album a few eps ago).

HOSPITAL - Flynn is really pleased that Ric & Cassie have scored the lead roles in colleen’s play. When Flynn ask, cassie says that she is going to Robbie/tash house warming tonight, whilst Ric says that he has assignment (due tomorrow) to do, Flynn, ho isn’t sounding the best, tells Ric, cassie & sally that he hopes to be out of hospital soon.

OLD JOSIE FLAT - tash enters with the box of stuff from Irene’s place. Robbie & tash then tell each other that they’ve found the right guy for Martha. Tash however thinks that Martha isn’t into guys who faint at sight of their own blood whilst Robbie thinks Martha won’t like a guy who cries after failing a school exam.

HOSPITAL - after Ric & Cassie bail, Flynn tells sally about the nightmare he had - and how unwell that he still feels.

OLD JOSIE FLAT - the house warming party has begun, and cassie comments to tilly that tonight should be so much fun (since Ric isn’t there). Nearby, Robbie, and then tash, introduce Martha to the guys they’ve found for her. In kitchen, Cassie discovers that Ric is at the party after all. Cassie is annoyed that Ric s there - and Tilly looks like she doesn’t want to endure another Ric/Cassie fight.

NOAH’S - Beth & Irene arrive - and Beth tells Irene that she’s not keen to be here. They encounter Alf (who I working at the bar). He wonders about why Irene is there (because of hyde/irene). 2 unknown men then approach Beth & Irene.

OLD JOSIE FLAT - Cassie comments, about Ric, to Tilly. Nearby, hayley is concerned that kimmy’s not having a good time at party. Kimmy insists that he’s thinking bout him mum - and I she’ like that person he’s always imagined her to be. In the kitchen, Robbie & tash introduced Martha to the guys they’ve chosen for her - and its sound like there are on a TV dating show, as Robbie, then tash, quickly tell Martha the interests etc of the 2 guys

NOAH’S - bah & Irene are “fascinated†by the 2 guys - who constantly talk about their work as botanists (in a totally monotone voice)(. Beth & Irene tell the 2 gut they are going to get some drinks. When Beth & Irene are away for the guys, they comment on how boring they are. Beth & Irene see Hyde (who hadn’t realised that there was a function tonight). Beth & Irene immediately cling to Hyde - and when the botanists approach, Beth & Irene said they’ve found someone else.

BEACH - Flynn is following sally again calling out to her. Sally walks a little further this time - before Flynn is woken when a nurse says that she has to take his obs.

OLD JOSIE FLAT -Martha tells Robbie & tash to desist in trying to find a guy for her. Nearby, Ric comments, to Tilly, about Cassie's behaviour at the party. When Cassie approaches Tilly & ric, Tilly tells ric & Cassie that she won’t be in the middle on the battles anynmore. Tilly walks away from Cassie & Ric.

NOAH’S - Irene talks to Hyde about kimmy’s search for his mum. Irene is rather surprised when Hyde gets so agitated when he talks to her about Hyde wanting Kimmy to concentrate on the future. Hyde bails, as Beth approaches Irene (who is V worried bout Hyde)

OLD JOSIE FLAT - ric & Cassie agree to stay out of each other’s way, and then they work up the courage to apologise to tilly (for all the angst they’ve cause her). Also, Robbie & tash apologise to Martha for trying to set her up with the 2 guys earlier. 2 police officers then arrive - as there’s been a complaint about the noise. Robbie & tash are keen to comply with what the new policeman is saying, but Martha argues with him

BEACH HOUSE - Irene comments on Hyde’s behaviour tonight, whilst Kimmy tells hayley & Irene that he thinks they Hyde is keeping things from him (note - as Kimmy talks, we see a V worried Hyde, who is at Noah’s)

NEAR SURF CLUB - next morning, Martha is driving along (with Robbie & tash in her car), when they are pull up by the police. It’s the same policeman as last night, and he introduces himself as Jack Holden. Martha argues with Jack - who says she was going over the speed limit.

BEACH - Flynn follows, and calls out to, sally again. This time he follows her all the way - to his GRAVE !!! Flynn then awakes (at hospital) in total shock !!!!

OUTSIDE HUNTER HOUSE - Martha, tash & Robbie arrive - and talks to Beth about the singles night, Beth says that it was a disaster and that Mr Right will arrive when she least expects it. A removal van then arrives next store - along with another car. When the new arrivals exit from their car, Beth introduces herself, Martha, Robbie & tash to the new neighbour Tony Holden. Tony in turn, introduces his youngest son Lucas. Martha is then V shocked/annoyed when Tony’s other son, policeman Jack, arrives (end of ep)


What secret are the Holden family hiding? and Flynn (at van park house) collapses !!!

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