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Thursday 4 August 2005 - "Actors At War"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Actors At Warâ€

HOSPITAL – Hayley is giving her latest ultrasound. Hayley & kimmy are V pleased to se their unborn child again – and thinks its amusing when nurse says the bub is sucking its thumb. Kimmy then surprises hayley when he actually those 3 little words “I love youâ€. (Hayley doesn’t reciprocate).

NOAH’S – colleen asks Beth if she can book the surf club games room for this afternoon, for auditions for her play to raise funds for hospital. Tilly is immediately interested in the play – and asks if she can audition. Colleen says that Tilly will need an audition partner. As colleen & Tilly exit, Robbie & Tash enter. They apologise to Beth for not telling her about moving out. Beth thinks their peace offering – a framed photo of Robbie & Tash – is lame.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Ric & Cassie are on the verge of another fight with Tilly enters. She tells them about the auditions for colleen’s play, after Cassie bails for the room; Tilly eventually persuades Ric to be her audition partner.

DINER – when kimmy enquires, Hyde says that over the years he’s steadily thrown out all the things that he had of kimmy’s mum.

NEAR BEACH – hayley tells Irene bout kimmy saying “I love youâ€. Irene then picks up on the same things that will did a couple of weeks ago, i.e. Hayley saying that kimmy is kind, caring person who is going to be great father for her child, Irene tells Hayley that she didn’t say that she loves kimmy.

DINER – Robbie & Tash enter, and Martha suggests they have a house warming party. Irene comments on how serious a commitment that moving out of home is – and then jokes about Robbie & Tash perhaps ordering a milkshake with chocolate sprinkles (no malice intended, just a bit of fun)

SURF CLUB – Cassie tells Ric & Tilly that she only auditioning to keep colleen off her back. Tilly wonders who Cassie’s partner will be. Seconds later, colleen arrives with a boy named Aidein (who she partners with Cassie). Ric is clearly annoyed when Cassie merely talks to Aidein.

DINER – Tash thinks that she & Robbie have to prove themselves to Beth & Irene. She suggests that they invite Irene & Beth to a diner party. Robbie & Martha think Tasha’s idea is great – and since both Irene & Beth are at diner at the moment, Robbie & Tash ask Irene etc to come to diner. Both Irene & Beth accept.

SURF CLUB – Tilly is eagerly trying to rehearse the audition scene, but she can see that Ric is much more interested in what Cassie & Aidein are doing.

BEACH HOUSE – kimmy tells Hayley that he is looking for info on his mum through an Internet search engine. Kimmy apologises for just blurting out that he loves Hayley, whilst Hayley says that she is definitely not there yet. Both agree that they are happy with their current “lot in lifeâ€.

SURF CLUB – whilst supposedly rehearsing, Ric comments of how touchy, feely the rehearsing of the scene by Cassie & Aidein is. Ric then approaches Cassie - and has a go at her for flirting with Aidein. Tilly meanwhile is trying her best to keep the peace. Colleen the approaches – and tell all that the auditions are about to start.

OLD JOSIE FLAT – Robbie, Tash & Martha eagerly prepare for the diner party. When Martha comments that they have set one place too many at the table, Tash says that there is no way that they were not going to invite Martha along -esp. since she’s helped them so much (note – the flat looks amazing, and includes white flowers all around the door frame).

SURF CLUB – Cassie & aidan‘s audition was V intense, and not to be outdone, Ric tried to make his audition with Tilly even more intense than Cassie – to the point where he was ad lobbing dialogue. Tilly took offence to Ric trying to kiss her (which wasn’t in the script) during the audition. Tilly quickly bailed from the room.

BEACH HOUSE – kimmy tells Hayley that, on a website, he’s found his mum’ birth certificate and her marriage (to Hyde) certificate. He’s pleased that there is no record of a death certificate. Hayley then notices that someone has left a message on the site. This person also wants to get in contact with Kerry Louise Hyde (i.e. kimmy’s mum)

OLD JOSIE FLAT – Beth & Irene arrives, and they seem very impressed with how the flat etc now looks. They are also impressed when Tash tells them about the 3-course meal they’ll be having.

SURF CLUB – Ric & Cassie have yet another verbal skirmish. Tilly looks bored with the whole situation.

OLD JOSIE FLAT – Beth & Irene talk about how the house next door to the hunter’s has just been bought. Beth hopes they aren’t the neighbours form hell. As Tash removes the plates form the table (as the meal is complete) Beth & Irene comment that Robbie & Tash have passed the test (and can “stand on their own"). When Beth comments on the lack of ppl in her house, Irene invites her to the singles night that is at Noah’s soon. Beth isn’t than keen, but Irene persuades her to attend.

SURF CLUB – everyone is shocked when colleen announces that Ric & Cassie have been cast in the lead roles in her play. Ric tries to convince colleen to change her mind, but colleen isn't budging.

OLD JOSIE FLAT – after Beth & Irene exit, Martha comments on her own single status. Robbie & Tash insist that they’ll find a guy for Martha.

DINER – when kimmy asks, Hyde says that he has no idea who Jonathon (the person who was looking for kimmy’s mum on the net) is. Hyde also insists that kimmy should be concentrating on Hayley & the future, and not worrying bout the past. When kimmy exits, Hyde looks rather worried

BEACH HOUSE – kimmy enters, and he tells Hayley that he thinks that Hyde is keeping information from him.

DINER – Hyde is on the phone. He tells (I assume) kimmy’s mum that kimmy really wants to find her. Hyde asks, “What should I do?†(End of ep)


Flynn is having nightmares (about death), and the Holden family arrives.

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