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Wednesday 3 August 2005 - "Making It Public"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Making It Public"

Because of a bit of absent mindedness on my part, the ep guide below isn't as detailed as usual (or, in English, all of that mean that I left my hand written draft ep guide at home). Apologies for my forgetfulness.

Anyway, here's a more succinct version than usual of what happened.

Kimmy & Hayley announced their relationship to the world. Before this Kimmy was worried about doing so, because of how quickly he and Hayley broke up last time.

Kimmy told Hayley that suggestions from Irene (from them to go public) and comments form Colleen (about family, love etc) convinced Kimmy to change his mind.

BTW, Colleen made these comments whilst he was (initially begrudgingly) helping Colleen type up the script to new play that she's written for a fundraiser for the hospital (Kimmy told Hayley the play is a bad Romeo & Juliet rip off)

Kimmy also decides to look for his mum - but Hyde seems to be thwarting this, i.e. when Hyde was on the phone to Kimmy, Hyde told his son that he had no record of where Kimmy's mum is etc. when call ended, we saw Hyde with what appeared to be a photo album in his hand.(end of ep)

Peter thankfully wasn't that badly hurt - gunshot grazed his shoulder.

at the hospital Dan was reluctant to speak to Peter, but when he did, Peter reacted to the accusations that he was the corrupt cop in a similar way that Duncan told Alf that he didn't blame Alf for thinking he'd run Chloe off the road. Peter says all this because of what happened with Amanda Vale.

Dan & Peter have reminisced about the past (Peter damaged a shed when they were kids, Dan dobbed him in, after he thought that their parents wouldn't believe the shed had been hit by lightning).

As Dan exits Peter's room, Clare enters - she's so pleased that Peter is not seriously hurt (arm in sling). Clare tells Peter that she's not letting him out of her sight again - and Clare ensures that this can happen because she tells Peter that his transfer to the city has been approved.

Clare then really takes charge - and proposes to Peter. Peter doesn't initially say anything, but then he wonders why Clare has picked this moment of their lives to pop the question. Clare insists that since they had been working etc together again, she's realised that she REALLY, REALLY loves Peter and never wants be apart from peter ever again. Clare is then disappointed when Peter says they can't get engaged just yet, as "we have to do it properly". As Clare turns away from Peter (to look for something in her bag), Peter gets down on one knee. He asks Clare to turn around, and she is V happy to see Peter on one knee. Peter then asks Clare to marry him - and she eagerly says YES.

Soon after, Leah & Dan are in Peter’s hospital room. Peter & Clare tell them that they (peter & Clare) are leaving bay. Peter is most appreciative when Leah says that she will arranged a farewell get together this afternoon.

The farewell takes place at Noah's -it is attended by Leah, Dan, Alf, Scott, Hayley, Kimmy, and Beth & Hyde. Peter surprises all when he asks Dan to be his best man (because this is the 1st word that anyone other than Peter & Clare has been told about the engagement).

Just before peter & Clare leave, Alf assures the newly engaged couple is most welcome to return to the Bay any time they choose.

BTW, Hayley & Kimmy kind of follow peter & Clare's lead, i.e. they publicly announce their relationship at the farewell - and Scott tells Hayley that he is happy for her (the look on his face when he 1st found our suggests otherwise thought.


Do Hayley & Cassie (respectively) still have feelings for Scott & Ric? And why is Hyde thwarting Kimmy's search for his mum?

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