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Friday 29 July 2005 - "Matilda In The Middle"

Guest JosieTash

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Unofficial ep name "Matilda In The Middle"

NEAR BEACH -Dan has just run out of the surf. He tries to hug Leah (as he is freezing cold). Flynn sees this and makes comments about dan/leah getting a room. Dan asks Flynn if they are still go camping. Flynn insists that he wants to - but Dan isn't so sure, because they planned to go camping with Jesse. Flynn insists that they should still go.

VAN PARK HOUSE - rich & cassia are still at odds about the whole Steve/lack of trust thing when Tilly arrives. Ric goes outside - and Tilly comments about the lack of resolution.

DINER - Dan is V pleased when Leah gives him a cup of hot coffee. Sally & Flynn enter, and sally & Leah decide to go camping with Flynn & Dan - because the 2 men suggested that they would whinge too much if they came. Sally & Leah insists they will prove Dan wrong, and Flynn suggests that Dan may have to eat his words. Nearby, Beth asks colleen is she's seen tash & Robbie this morning. Beth is concerned about the amount of time they are spending away form the house.

OLD JOSIE FLAT - Tash is worried that Beth is going to get suspicious soon, but Robbie insist that he isn't worried. They pair kiss - but Robbie gets a leg cramp mid kiss. Tash insists that they have GOT to get a proper bed for the flat (as she thinks lack of bed cause Robbie cramp). Robbie then realises how late it is - so they can (to head for hunter house)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Tilly talks to Cassie about ric/cassie. Cassie insists that it’s hard to live under same roof as ric at present. Cassie also say that sally/Flynn didn’t know yet. Cassie then (jokingly) blames Henry for all this (as they are so longer the awesome foursome).

HUNTER HOUSE -Robbie is reading the newspaper (with police corruption headline on front page). When Robbie hides the paper (Robbie is looking for stuff for the flat) as Scott enters the room, Scott suggests that Robbie shouldn't be looking at adult mags when tash is in the room. When Scott has exited room, Robbie comments on the expensive price of a bookshelf being advertised. Tash then comments on Robbie’s lack of skill at manual arts - and comment backed up by Beth. Beth also tells tash that the tenants for Josie’s old flat are handing in the key tomorrow. Beth hopes a new tenant can be found soon - as that rent money is the way tash/tash can afford to live at hunter house. When Beth exits room, tash suggests to Robbie that that was the perfect opportunity to tell Beth that they've moved out.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Scott enters, and gives Flynn back some money that he owes. When Scott hears about camping trip being a battle of the sexes (an that he won't be the fifth wheel), he decides to go camping as well. Before sally & the others leaves, sally tells Cassie that she's left money for pizza for tea tonight. Sally notices that Cassie is distracted, but doesn't enquire as to why. Flynn & the others exit.

DINER - Tilly tries to speak to ric about ric/cassie. Tilly insists that ric shouldn't "close any doors" etc.

BUSHLAND - sally, Flynn & the others get out of their cars. Flynn & the boys say that they aren't camping here - campsite is a few kilometres walk away. Dan & the boys insist that Leah & sally prove themselves - by carrying the esky (which weighs, to quote Jeremy Clarkson, "slightly more than south Africa"). The girls insist that they are up to the challenge.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Tilly tries to keep things civil, as ric & Cassie seem to disagree about everything in relation to the school assignment they are doing in a group.

OLD JOSIE FLAT - Tash cover the graffiti with some posters, whilst telling Robbie that he must tell Beth that they've moved out. As tash does this, Robbie brings several bricks and long pieces of wood into the flat.

DINER - colleen comments to Beth that madge Wilkins, who has moved into same apartment block as the one where Josie used to live, heard lots of noise coming form Josie’s old flat this morning. Beth is concerned about this.

BUSHLAND - sally & Leah arrive at the campsite. Dan comments how long the boys have been waiting. Sally & Leah are annoyed when they discover esky ONLY have beer in it (i.e. no food). The boys suggest that they will find firewood whilst girls set up tents etc. sally & Leah aren't ready to let to boys "win" so they agree.

VAN PARK HOUSE - ric bails form the assignment group, and the house. Tilly wants him to reconsider - but ric doesn't think there's any hope. After ric leaves, Tilly tries to speak to Cassie about the relationship, but Cassie also thinks she and ric are over.

BEACH - ric looks V annoyed, as he walks along

BUSHLAND -sally & Leah have erected the two tenets etc so they decide to look for the boys. Whilst walking, Leah tells sally that she & Dan have decided to have a child together. Sally &Leah then see the boys (but boys don't know girls have spotted them) Dan & co are sitting around drinking beer - Leah wants to confront them, but sally has a more cunning plan.

OLD JOSIE FLAT - Robbie leads tash (whose eyes are shut) into the flat. When tash opens her eye, Robbie shows her the bookcase (made of the wood & bricks he put inside the flat earlier). Whilst Robbie & tash about the bookshelf, Beth shocks Robbie & tash when she enters and says, "love what you've done to the place"

BUSHLAND - Dan & the boys arrive back at the campsite - but there are no tents there. Flynn finds a note atop the esky - this alerts the boys that sally & Leah spotted them earlier. Sally & Leah has set up camp elsewhere - with the steak, and salad that the girls bought.

VAN PARK HOUSE -ric enters, and Cassie insists that they have to talk, or like Tilly today, everyone will be caught in crossfire. Cassie is please that ric agrees *that other will be caught in crossfire if they don't stop). Ric then shocks Cassie - by saying that he is moving out !!!! (I assume to diner flat)

BUSHLAND - before they set off to find the girls, Dan decides answer the call of nature. Whilst this occurs, Scot tells Flynn that he wants to set to a new business - but Scott isn't sure what kind of business. Flynn& Scott hear a loud call for help from Dan. They find hi m dangling from a cliff. Flynn & Scott are able to pull Dan up to safety, but when Flynn stands out he overbalances, and falls to the bottom of the cliff. Dan & Scott are distraught (end of ep)


Someone dies - but whilst the preview gives the impression that its Flynn (because they focus on sally) I think its peter !!!

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