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Thursday 28 July 2005 - "A Matter Of Trust"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “A Matter Of Trustâ€

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie is keen to spend time with Ric, but he’s not so keen. Ric bails - and Cassie is worried.

DINER - Robbie & Tash insist that the NEED to move out (no privacy, Tilly etc using their things), but Martha is V surprised that Robbie & Tash haven’t told Beth yet. Robbie & Tash insist that they will do so soon. Ric approaches Martha - insists that they need to talk.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie leaves Tilly a message on her mobile. Cassie is V worried bout Ric.

DINER FLAT - Ric tells Martha that he’s V worried that Cassie is cheating n him. Ric realises that this only started after they slept together. Ric is now worried that Cassie is seeing someone else because of his performance in bed. Martha assures Ric that that isn’t the reason - she alos insist that Ric should talk Cassie about his concerns.

HUNTER HOUSE - robbie & Tash enter, and they prepare to tell Beth that they are going to move out, but this (telling her) is put on hold when Beth say that henry just rang and that she is really missing him etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric overhears Cassie talking on the phone. Ric is now sure that Cassie is cheating on him.

NEAR SEAPLANE FLIGHT HQ - Ric discreetly follows Cassie to where she meets up with Steve. Ric doesn’t like it when Steve kisses Cassie on the cheek.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie & Tash about how they’ll arrange things in josie's old flat. Beth overhears that word arrange and wonders what Robbie/Tash are talking about. Robbie says that they school is arranging to have a big band this year. Robbie & Tash bail then bail.

NEAR SEAPLANE FLIGHT HQ - Ric watches as Cassie & Steve talked. When Cassie walks away, Ric confronts Steve about stealing Cassie from him. Ric punches Steve - Cassie sees this, and she’ furious with Ric.

DINER - alf, Morag & Martha complain that theirs is chilli in their food. Colleen says that Leah did it because she’s in “love lala landâ€. Ric signals to Martha that he wants to talk to her. Alf & Morag agree to Martha’s request for her to speak to Ric alone. After Morag & alf bail, Ric sits with Martha - tells her about wha6 happened with Cassie & Steve. Ric is really distraught, eg “why did she cheat on me?†Ric admits that he now thinks this realtionship (Ric/Cassie) is all in his head

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth is V busy looking in cupboards for a partic saucepan & some tuppaware. Scot sees that cake that Beth had made (as it s on the table). Scott flatters Beth - as he wants a piece, but Beth insists that it be not cooled yet. Robbie & Tash tells Beth & scott that they are going out - and Beth is more than a little suspicious when she hears, coming from Robbie’s back pack, what sounds like the saucepan she is looking for. Robbie tells her that the sound came from a (drum) cymbal - which is in his backpack. Robbie & Tash bail, whilst Beth is still suspicious.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie arrives home, and Ric confronts her. Cassie insists that she’s not going to say anything to Ric as she KNOWS she’ll say something she will regret. when Cassie goes upstairs, Ric destroys the CD he gave her last night.

DINER - Beth tells Leah & colleen how open & honest Robbie & Tash have been of late.

JOISE’S OLD FLAT - meanwhile, Robbie & Tash (behind Beth’s back) enter. There’s junk strewn over the floor - and graffiti on the walls. Robbie says that he has grand plans for the flat, but Tash suggest that they should keep things simple (and within their budget). Both agree to spend as much time as they can here (by saying they’ll be away from the hunter house all day) - until they can work up the courage to tell Beth they are moving out.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie approaches Ric - who insists that Cassie is cheating on him. Ric insists that the worst mistake of his life was sleeping with Cassie. Cassie then tells Ric the truth - Steve is her support person from abuse counselling (ppl with similar interests paired together). Cassie sys that Steve has had a V hard time of late - really needed to talk o Cassie before their regular counselling session on Mondays. Both Ric & Cassie can’t believe that tho other won’t trust them - Cassie even brings up Ric’s freiendship with tilly is the middle of all this). Cassie then bails.

NEAR BEACH - Ric catches up with Cassie, who tells him that she REALLY liked it when they slept together, and that it was a BIG moment on trust on her part (given her history). Cassie alos tells Ric that she HAD to speak to Steve because Ric only seemed to worry about how doing the deed affected him. Cassie tells Ric that she thinks they should split up - and they don’t trust each other. Ric is V annoyed - but is this because he is the dumpee, not the dumper? (end of ep)


A camping battle of the sexes (between flynn/dan & sally/Leah) leads to dan hanging off a cliff

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