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Wednesday 27th July - "Memories of Mustafar"

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I was sent this by a friend so I am posting it now as I know JosieTash wont be around again until tomorrw!

Unoffical Title: memories of Mustafar

VAN PARK HOUSE -Cassie's mobile ring. Ric asks if he can answer, but Cassie

enters room, ands says that she will. The phone stops ringing, and when ric

asks, Cassie says that the person ringing (named Steve) is a friend of her

Gran's. Cassie is surprised when ric goes to kiss her, and she backs away a

little. Ric then suggest that they should head off to school whilst Cassie

looks concerned at things.

SBH - warren approaches ric - and it’s clear that ric was told warren that

he slept with Cassie. Warren wants ric to tell him everything, and Cassie

isn't too far away - so she hears ric & warren talking.

BEACH HOUSE - James tells Irene that he can't believe that Chloe is dead.

Irene is ecstatic when Olivia enters, but naturally isn't keen when Diana

also enters. Diana wonders why she is here - as Chloe wouldn't have left

her anything in the will. James suggests that Olivia should go outside

(whilst grown ups talk). Kimmy takes Olivia outside.

SBH - when cassie confronts ric about his telling warren about them sleeping

together, ric insists that he didn’t do so in a sleazy way, i.e. he merely

told warren how wonderful it was etc.

BEACH HOUSE - James reads out Chloe’s will - everything left to Olivia (to

be held in trust till she is 16). James continues by saying the most

important things in the will - under NO circumstances is Diana to be given

custody. Diana is furious - whilst Irene appears to be saying thank you to

God. When Diana says that the mediator was already given her custody, James

insists the will is a legally binding document, which overrides mediator's

decision. James then throws everyone a curve ball - that Irene WON'T be

getting custody of Olivia, because (James says) "I am". Dina & Irene are

both shocked.

AFFTER AD BREAK -when Diana insists that James knows NOTHING about raising

children, he tells her that he knows how NOT to (i.e. the way Diana raises

him & lachie). Dina insists that she loves Olivia, but James insists that

Diana wants one last victory over Chloe. Meanwhile, Irene is all but in

tears (I think its a combo of being happy - that Diana hasn't got custody,

and sadness - that she hasn't also)

VAN PARK HOUSE -Cassie is on the phone she says t Steve that she forgot that

he was going to call earlier. When Tilly approaches, Cassie tells Steve

that they'll talk soon. Tilly tells Cassie that ric wouldn't do anything

stupid that would destroy ric/cassie relationship (note -this is, off

course, ironic)

BEACH HOUSE -James tells Olivia that they can live in the city - as he is

going to live in the flat that he's been renting out whilst he's been in

UK. Olivia is pleased that she'll be able to hang out with her school

friends again. Dina gets off the phone - she confirms that will is legally

binding. James & Diana verbally battle about their relationship, Diana’s

parenting etc. mid battle, Olivia cuts in - she insists that she doesn't

want to live with Diana because she cause everyone else (Chloe, Irene,

James) trouble. Diana claims that Irene turned Olivia against her, but

(just like when Anakin made similar claims to Obi Wan, about Padme, in STAR

WARS Episode III) Irene insists, "You did that all by yourself. Diana is

about to exit; when she says that (paraphrase) "this isn't over". Irene

then hugs Olivia.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie is texting someone when ric arrives - she instantly

stops texyting. Ric wants to go out tonight, but Cassie says that she has

already made plans tonight with Tilly. Cassie then agreed to go to diner

with ric before hanging out with Tilly.

BEACH HOUSE -Irene insists that she is totally cool with James having

custody of Olivia - as its what chloe would have wanted. James says that

Irene, hayley etc can visit he & Olivia at any time. Olivia says a

heartfelt goodbye t0o Irene - big hug etc. when James & Olivia exit, Irene

is all but totally in tears.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly has just taken something out of the oven when Cassie

arrives. Cassie tells Tilly to cover for her tonight (cassie tells tilly

what she told ric). When Tilly enquires, Cassie insists that things are

complicated. Tilly agrees to help her friend.

BEACH HOUSE - when Hyde asks, Irene insists that a giant wait has been

lifted form her shoulders. Hyde then inists that he is keen on seeing where

their relationship goes from here, but Irene thinks that this is improbable

- as they are (philosophically) "heading north & south". Both insist that

they still love each other - and they hug (but both are heart broken)

DINER - Ric wishes their date would be more special than this, but Cassie

insists that this is cool. Cassie looks at her watch - and tells ric that

she mustn't be late for her pre-arranged time with Tilly.

WHARF - Hailey tells kimmy that their path to love has been so trying, but

both insists that it was worth is (since they are now together). Hayley &

kimmy kiss (PLEASE someone end this DISGUSTING partnership)

DINER - Alf wonders why ric is by himself. Ric tells Alf about Tilly &

Cassie. Alf then wonders why Tilly is at the counter (behind ric). When ric

confronts Tilly, she says that she is there buying a cake for her girlie

night with Cassie, but ric wants to know what's REALLY going on. Tilly

eventually "caves" - and insists she has no idea where Cassie really is.

VAN PARK HOUSE -ric in sitting in the lounge. When sally asks, ric insists

that he is waiting up for Cassie. Sally then exits the room - to go to bed.

Moments later, Cassie arrives home - and gives ric a CD that she knows he's

been after. Cassie can sense that ric knows that ric is aware that she

wasn't with Tilly tonight, but ric doesn’t say anything. After Cassie goes

to shower, her mobile beeps. Ric gets Cassie’ mobile out of her bag – the

message is from Steve = saying that he enjoyed great night out with cassie

(end of ep)


Ric confronts Cassie, but will his actions end their relationship?

I am desolate about Barry and Irene...how could they split them up? :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

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