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  1. I wrote this elsewhere but it's worth repeating: - Lynne is giving the stand out performance of the year, never mind the week. What I like about it is that she does not just say the words and have the right expression, but she lives and breathes the part with her entire body and that is what is makes it so gut wrenchingly real . The desolation, despair, fear, and everything else which Irene was feeling were all too visible to us, and when she broke down after the kids visited her in prison I was in pieces. I wish they did a logie for outstanding dramatic performance in a soap/seriel (I believ
  2. Well, despite being a huge Irene and Barry fan I also enjoy reading about all of the other characters who you write for as well, so it would be a shame if you confined yourself to just them. I have just caught up with this story and was very moved by what I read. You never fail to move me with the power of the emotions you describe and the way in which you are able to get inside the heads of all of your charcters whether they be four year olds or 50 year olds. That is a rare gift. I always saw Barry as someone who, because of Kerry, felt he did not deserve to be loved and I think you got tha
  3. Irene looked fantastic in Friday’s episode, all dressed up for a night at the opera. I wish I had legs as good as hers. I really hope this is the beginning of a long story arc for Irene, as Lynne truly is one of the unsung stars of the show.
  4. I looked in here on the off chance that you had written another chapter and was not disappointed. As ever this was very mature and excellent writing. I live every moment with them and it draws me in; and I adore 11 year old Irene. You understand emotions and human failings so well, not just the ordinary ones, but the complicated ones which screw up lives, such insight is a rare gift. I am looking forward to the next installment very much indeed, but I always do.
  5. I have always felt that it is precisely because they are opposites that they work so well. Irene wears her heart on her sleeve, generally everything she thinks and feels is evident on her face and in her reactions to the people around her. She is warm and outgoing, and connects easily with people. Barry on the other hand, due to his upbringing and to his guilt over Kerry, has for years kept the world at arms length. He is however a passionate person. He is passionate about his work, about his son, and about Irene. Somehow she has got through that wall which he had built between himself and the
  6. I agree Melody is not entirely defenceless. And whether you like her as a character or not in the show is entirely your choice. This argument is not directed specifically at you as far as I am concerned, but at those in the main thread, and to a lesser extent here, who have assumed without thinking, that Melody’s ability to think things through is the same as theirs and that she is thus a selfish cow, end of story. And that this being so she should just somehow pull herself together. If only it were that simple. The Jesuits used to say “give me the child until he is seven and I will give y
  7. Yet another very mature and enjoyable chapter, which I found to be very effective. i am also looking forward to seeing how the Barry/Kim discussion goes. Well done, this is excellent writing, and I always look forward to what you have to say about the various characters, whoever they are. Megan is intriguing. Is she related to Floss by any chance? You have captured Kim in a very sympathetic way, as he wasn't always portrayed that way on screen. Its a fascinating character study.
  8. What a great read Sky Kat, I enjoyed it enormously, and read it several times, despite being interrupted by a bad tempted little one with chicken pox! You have captured everything about the desperation of the alcoholic slipping to rock bottom, and the victim mentality when in an abusive relationship. I am intrigued to see where Damien is, and what triggers the ascent back into normality for her in your story. You have got to continue you this you know.
  9. I'm glad one person liked it anyway! I'm hoping to write about Cassie next chapter, plus I'm kind of getting a Kim/Megan scene in my head. I think I should maybe write a synopsis before each chapter, for my sake as much as anyone else's. I keep forgetting what I've written before! Try not to worry about the number of replies. At the risk of sounding a bit patronizing, which I hope that I don't, you don't strike me as the sort of person who would appreciate a lot of those "Oh that was so cool please update" or "amazing please post again soon" type posts. I think you have a lot of re
  10. You write so maturely, and this was deeply, deeply moving. I like to think that had Bevan been writing at the time before Barry left that actually Barry would have told Irene the truth about Kerry , I do not think DB had the maturity or inclination to deal with doing so. It would have made such a difference if he had. You have written it so well, and as with all of the characters that you write about you give them such depth and meaning. I also like the way that you have understood how children think and that you have understood the psychology of your characters, as well as their emotions.
  11. The word has gone out! You write extremely well, and I will be keeping up with this fiction. I like how you have captured Gypsy who was always one of my favourite characters. And of couples you have included one of my favourite couples, so what could be better. I look forward to seeing where you take them.
  12. Have a good trip. York is a good place to visit, you will have a ball.
  13. Have you ever read Knots by R.D. Laing? Its quite an old book...but then so am I..cough....Laing took a very existential approach to psychoanalysis and psychiatry...he argued that what everyone thinks is going on their family or their lives etc...actually bears very little resemblance to the reality of their experieces. It is an intriguing approach and the "knots" of life are actullly described in poetry. That is very true for a lot of us.
  14. Feeling "weird" is perfectly OK. I think part of the problem...although I hate the word problem...is that society, via the media, family and friends, tries to tell us how we should be feeling far too often. You know the sort of thing...."you must be so happy"...."You must be gutted"...."You must feel so upset" ...etc.....and when we don't feel anything of the sort then we start to get worried, and even to think there is something wrong with us. In most cases what we feel, or don't feel, is actually fairly normal. It's only when these thoughts take over and dominate our thinking and our liv
  15. It's about 32 degress in Sydney. It has seemed hotter thatn usual so far this year.
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