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Tuesday 26 July 2005 - "Jesse James"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Jesse Jamesâ€

Author note - my apologies for the extreme lack of detail today - computer problems means massive lack of detail - we're talk REALLY just the basics her. Once more, I apologise.

Hayley & kimmy continue to get closer (whilst painting clot).

Irene went to Diana’s mansion - after Olivia phoned asking for help. Once at mansion, Diana said she’d call police. Irene did get to see Olivia (through the gates of mansion). Irene might have done something bad - but Hailey kept her in line.

Irene was full of despair when she arrives back in bay =- and when she heard knock at door I think Irene thought it was police - but no, it is James Fraser. When Irene tell him mediator gives custody to Diana, James say he is executor of will, and there’s something in there that changes everything. (end of ep)

Elsewhere in bay, Martha is worried about Jesse not getting a lawyer. She thinks he should, so he can get out of prison sooner - and make something of his life. Morag agrees to be Jesse’s lawyer - after Martha convinces Jesse to have lawyer.

Martha also discovers why Alf is so angry with Jesse - it’s the same reason why Martha was angry after her adopted mum died. Alf still blames himself for Chloe’s death.

Leah is reluctant to see Jesse before he leaves - but Dan convinces her to.

Just before Jesse is transferred, he says goodbye to sally, Flynn, Alf, Martha, Morag & Scott. Lara is leading him away when Leah arrives. She wonders why Jesse not say goodbye to her (like he did to sally & hayley) before Jesse turned himself in. Jesse says that it’s because he didn’t want Leah - the person who really “took to him†when he returned to bay a few years ago - to see him like that. Jesse & Leah hug, before Lara leads Jesse away (note - Jesse will WAAAAAAY will be missed).


Is Cassie cheating on ric? Kimmy & hayley kiss

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