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Monday 25 July 2005 - "Nobody Ever Said The Law Is Fair"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Nobody Ever Said The Law Is Fairâ€

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy is in the kitchen. The radio news says that there’s investigation into a corrupt cop in the bay. Hayley enters and they talk about Kimmy’s struggle with his crutches, and Hayley’s pregnancy related illness. Hyde enters the kitchen, and wonders id hayley & Kimmy have seen Irene or Olivia this morning. Both suggest they are still asleep - but Hyde says that this is not so. Hayley is concerned, but she still walk straight past the letter Irene has left them.

DINER - Diana is being a COMPLETE low life as she boasts about how easy it will be for her to get custody today of Olivia. Both Morag & alf fiercely disagree with Diana, incl. alf saying, “Nobody ever said the law is fairâ€

PETROL STATION - Irene & Olivia are having breakfast. Irene suggests that Olivia must hurry up - a police car passing accentuates this. Olivia is so rushed that she leaves her teddy bear behind.

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy & hayley speculate of the sex of their bub, and Kimmy thinks that really should find out the truth before the bub is born. Hyde re-enters the house - he tells hayley & Kimmy that he can’t find Irene & Olivia, and that Irene’s car isn’t there. Hyde hopes Irene has done anything stupid. At this point hayley finds the letter. All are worried because Irene was in effect kidnapped Olivia. Hyde rings Irene - she doesn’t answer. Hyde decides to follow the road out of town - in the hope of finding Irene (and convince her to return to the bay for mediation decision today). Hyde asks hayley & Kimmy to stall for time etc if he & Irene aren’t back by the time of the mediation.

INTERCUT SCENE - Diana (diner) rings Hayley (beach house) wanting to speak to Olivia. Hayley says Olivia is still asleep. Diana isn’t surprised at the lack of discipline when hayley says that Olivia is sleep in because he was up late last night.

BEACH HOUSE - hayley tells Kimmy that she should have predicted, and stopped, Irene from doing this. Kimmy insists that there’s no way she could have known. There’s a knock at door - it’s Diana. She wants to see Olivia. Hayley sys that Irene took Olivia with her when she went shopping in yabby creek (there’s a sale on). Diana is sceptical - and insists that she will wait at beach house for Olivia to return.

UNKNOWN PARK - after a short break, Irene insist that Olivia get back in the car - lots of miles to cover. When she’s back in the car, Olivia realises that teddy is missing. Irene says she’ll buy new teddy, but Olivia wants that one chloe gave her. Irene begins the drive back to where they had breakfast.

BEACH HOUSE - hayley tries to ring Irene, as Diana is getting more suspicious by the minute. Things get worse when the mediator arrives (she’s early btw). Hayley assures mediator that Irene will be back in time for decision.

PETROL STATION - Irene & Olivia arrive. Irene gets out of car, asks attendant if he’s seen the teddy. Irene frustrated when he hasn’t seen it. Irene begins walk back to car when she encounters Hyde (who has the teddy). Hyde is able to convince the distraught Irene to return to the bay.

BEACH HOUSE - Morag is now there, and she’s annoyed when hayley secretly tells here the truth esp. since Irene is now WAY late for meeting. Morag tells hayley tat she’ll handle things, but when Diana asks, hayley is about to tell the truth … when Irene, Hyde & Olivia enter. Irene says that she had flat tyre on way home. Hyde found Irene - helped her change tyre. When Diana ask, Olivia insists that Irene is telling the truth (Olivia has fingers crossed behind back).

AFTER AD BREAK - Diana tries to convince mediator that Irene was lying, whilst, in kitchen, Irene thanks Hyde for coming after her. Morag, Hyde & Irene enter living room, where they sit with mediator, Diana etc. hayley suggests that she & Kimmy take Olivia to the Beach. Mediator insists on asking Olivia some questions first. When asked, Olivia says that she likes living with Irene, esp. since Irene & chloe so close. Also, Olivia says (a not very impassioned) “I guess†when asked if she likes Diana, but Olivia does say that she’s like it in city because of her school friends. Mediator wants to ask more questions - but Olivia not having a bar of it. After Kimmy, hayley & Olivia have exited (go to beach), mediator says that she will make her decision soon. Diana looks VERY self-assured.

DINER - hayley assures Olivia that Irene love her V much, and won’t let bad stuff to happen. When Olivia goes over to select a cake, Kimmy tells hayley that he thinks she’ll be a great mum. Hayley tells Kimmy that she think he’ll be great dad.

BEACH HOUSE - mediator says the decision was V hard, but, in light of history & family connection, mediator awards custody to DIANA (won is over the moon). Irene, meanwhile, is TOATLLY gutted.

AFTER AD BREAK - on the back patio, Irene wonders if she can appeal, but Morag insists decision is final. Inside the house, Diana leads Olivia down the stirs. Irene re-enters the house (she’s totally in tears). Irene says sorry to Olivia for not win. Olivia rushes over to Irene - and they hug, whilst Diana is trying to rip Olivia’s arm out of its socket by pulling her in opposite direction (towards front door). Diana is still trying to wrench Olivia out the door when Irene tries to give Olivia her teddy bear. Olivia’s heartfelt look of TOTAL despair, as she is all but dragged to the door, is unforgettable (end of ep)


Hayley & Kimmy are getting closer (SOMEBODY end this PLEASE), and will leah forgive jesse before he leaves the bay FOREVER?

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