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Friday 22 July 2005 - "Out Of The Mouths Of Babes"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Out Of The Mouths Of Babesâ€

POLICE STATION – A male uniform cop informs Irene of the conditions of bail (for break AVO). Cop also suggests that Dina could of easily pressed charges for assault. Irene tells cop that Diana wouldn’t want to meet her in dark ally right now – and Morag & cop warn Irene bout make threats against Diana.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tash is looking for her nail polish, which Tilly has “borrowedâ€. Tash want to spend time with Robbie but he has to bail to go to work. Tash discovers that Tilly has used up all the nail polish, and tilly (inadvertently) makes things worse, by asking Tash how her nails look.

DINER – hayley approach Diana. Hayley insists that she doesn’t like being spoken to like the way Diana did. Diana assures hayley that the authorities need to be informed what kind of person (violent etc) Irene really is. Diana then comes op with a classic – she says that she is grieving for Chloe as much as Irene is (yeah, right) but she’s not the one loosely control off her emotions. Hayley isn’t impressed with Diana, but she holds her tongue and bails. As hayley does this, Robbie enters and goes to kitchen. Colleen tells him to do dishes (Robbie sound not impressed). Dan enters kitchen – wonders if Robbie has done assignment due tomorrow. Robbie says he’s all but done – but when Dan is gone, Robbie says (to self) that he’s not started it yet.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tash is watching something on TV when Beth enters entertainment room. Beth says that she always watches “better homes & gardens†on Fridays (nice cross promoting by Ch 7) Beth then says there’s a doco on pyramids later. Tash decides to bail to room (she clearly isn’t liking live with Robbie family).

DINER – collen is cleaning up some plates Robbie drops (and broke). Colleen is worried when Robbie takes 3 plates of food at once out to customer. The 1-st 2 deliveries are fine – but then Robbie gets too self assured - he puts Dan’s meal at very edge of table and food falls into Dan’s lap. Colleen insists that diner will pay dry cleaning etc. colleen then tells Robbie to get mop rather than use apron etc to clean mess. Robbie has trouble with mop & bucket – water & sauce from meal cover his shirt. Colleen tells Robbie to go – and Robbie soon realises that he won’t be getting more shifts. As Robbie exits (backwards), Morag enters –0 and chastises Robbie for bump into her. Morag approaches Diana – and is pleased that Diana is so smug about her chances of getting custody of Olivia. Morag insist that she LOVES it when ppl are like that – its all the better when Morag is then victorious. When Morag exit, Diana ring lawyer – ask to check Irene’s history.

HUNTER HOSUE – Robbie returns home. Tash s desperate to spend time with him. Robbie tells her he needs to do assignment. Tash is frustrated when she has to spend more time with bath.

BEACH HOUSE – Next morning, kimmy & Hyde talk about recent events. Hyde is V worried about the future of hyde/irene, eg “if we can’t talk in a crisis …†kimmy go inside, and hayley suggests that she & kimmy takes Olivia to beach. When they’ve gone, Hyde not like it when Irene says that she doesn’t need his help cleaning up.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tash wakes Robbie who is keen for more sleep (since he only got a handful of hours after finish assignment). Tash (already in uniform) grabs Robbie out of bed and they go to kitchen (where both Beth & Scott comment about Robbie still being in dirty clothes from last night). After Robbie goes to have shower, Tash is annoyed – Tilly is eating the last of the bagels Robbie & Tash bought

BEACH HOUSE – Irene is busy trying to make things perfect at her house when Morag arrives, with Diana, lawyer & mediator close behind. Mediator thanks Irene & Diana for letting mediation take place in more personal seating. Diana insists that they begin – so mediator can determine what’s best for Olivia.

NAER BEACH – hayley, kimmy & Olivia are mucking around when kimmy jokes about where babies come form (freezer section –next to ice cream). Olivia says she knows where bubs come from – and then she talks about how hurt chloe was by troy. Olivia says that she REALLY miss Chloe.

BEACH HOUSE – Morag insists that Olivia is better off with Irene because of Chloe’s distant relationship with Diana, i.e. Morag tells (female) mediator about Diana thinking Chloe was a gold digger. Dian tries to assure mediator that he relationship with Chloe way improved recently. Irene verbally attacks Diana –0 and Morag tells Irene to clam down.

HOSPITAL GROUNDS – Tash approaches Martha &Alf. Alf tells Tash that Martha will be able to discharge for hospital in the next few days. When Alf bails, Tash tells Martha that she can’t live with Robbie’s family. Tash wonders how she can break this news to Robbie.

BEACH HOUSE – Diana brings up the subject of Irene’s own kids being placed into care, but Morag counters this with Irene’s great rapport with foster children. Diana asks Irene if she has criminal record. Irene laughs it off – but Diana sys that Irene was charged in 1985 with stealing form employer. Irene insists that she need to feed kids, but Diana suggests it was because of Irene’s alcoholism. Dian ponders (to mediator) “do you really want a women with criminal record looking after Olivia?â€

HUNTER HOUSE – Robbie returns home and Beth comments in the light pink shirt he’s wearing. Robbie tells all about the gay comments that he got at school today. Robbie is keen to eat, have shower & g to bed. Tash tells him Tilly ate last bagel. Robbie then goes to shower – and oblivious Tilly make things worse, by asking to borrow tasha’s perfume. Robbie runs out f shower – Beth tell him hot water system being fixed Monday. Robbie & Tash tell each other that they need place of their own (Tash pleased that Robbie thin k this way). Both agree to give tenants of Josie’s old flat notice, so Robbie * Tash can move in. Robbie wonders how they’ll beak news to Beth.

NEAR BEACH – kimmy, hayley & Olivia decide to head for home. When hayley tells Olivia they kimmy is the baby’s father, Olivia say that she think hayley/kimmy should get married.

BEACH HOUSE – the mediation ends, and Diana whispers to Irene to enjoy tonight with Olivia – as it’s the last time you’ll ever see here. When mediator, Diana etc gone, Irene is pessimistic about things.

AFTER AD BREAK – hayley & kimmy talks about Olivia’s fairy tale view of parents. Hyde & Irene return from walk – Irene still pessimistic. Then things change BIG time – when Olivia come downstairs and says things like “don’t let her (Diana) take me away†Irene hugs Olivia with all her heart (note – Olivia’s plea was awesomely heart felt and moving)

NEXT MORNING – it’s very early. Irene tells Olivia (with teddy bear & bag) that they are going for a journey – and that can get breakfast on the road (end of ep)


Will Irene break the law to keep Olivia from EVIL Diana?

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