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Thursday 21 July 2005 - "Diana Shows her True Colours"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Diana Shows her True Coloursâ€

BEACH HOUSE - Irene is annoyed that Hyde isn’t on her side re Olivia, and she esp. takes offence when he says that she deliberately kept the news of Chloe’s death from Diana. Hayley & Olivia enter, and Hyde takes to opportunity to bail. After Olivia goes to her room, hayley tries to convince Irene to calm down about all this, as its really affecting hyde/Irene. Irene insists that they only time she’ll calm down is when she knows that Olivia is safely out of Diana’s clutches.

DINER - Diana approaches Hyde. Diana insists that she’s just a simple grandam trying to do her best for her grand child. Diana alos warns Hyde that she’ll being the police into this if Irene keeps up her current stance. (Note - I was NEVER agree with Irene more that I have about this - Diana is EVIL

HUNTER HOUSE - Tasha approaches Robbie who wonders why she is wearing a (pink) bathrobe. Tash insist that she has no other clothes because Robbie hasn’t done the washing. Robbie & Tash start kissing, but they are interrupted when Scott enetrs the entertainment room (where Robbie & Tash are). Tash bails to the bedroom, and seductively signals for Robbie to join her. Robbie does so, but seconds later, he exits the room - with the basket full of washing.

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde returns, and Irene is not impressed when he passes on Diana’s message. Hyde begs that Irene keeps the peace until mediation, and Irene is annoyed that this suits Hyde’s agenda.

NEAR SURF CLUB - As they approach Diana, Irene responds to a question from Olivia by saying that chloe & Dina never saw eye to eye. Irene also insists that they must be civil to Diana. After the pleasantries are dispensed with, Diana gives Olivia a rather quaint doll.

HUNETR HOSUE - Robbie & trash have returned form grocery shopping. Both are surprised how expensive everything is. Beth adds to their pain by mentioning the upcoming phone bill. Tash suggests that they can access her term deposit, but Robbie isn’t keen on this. Beth then reaches a compromise with Robbie & Tash.

NEAR BEACH - Irene arrives to collect Olivia, who tells the child that she can bring as many ppl as she likes to a pool party. Irene tells Olivia that she needs to speak in private with Diana, and after Olivia walks away, Diana insists that there is no way that Irene can win custody. Diana also insists that Irene is poisoning Olivia against her, but as she did chloe. Irene insists that Diana did the poisoning herself. Things get REALLY love when Irene claims that Irene's love killed Chloe (if Irene not love Chloe, Chloe not come back to bay when in crisis). Irene looses it - and punches Diana in the face (note - punch not as good as Irene’s on Angie)

DINER - Diana enters with blood nose. She tells Leah & Hyde that she ran into a pole. Hyde sees through this - and Diana has to tell him the truth. Hyde insists on apologising on. The looks on Dina’s face (after hyde exits) indicate that she is pleased that hyde/irene are at odds.

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde & Irene are arguing as they enter. It gets to the point where hayley has to break up to verbal duel. When Hyde goes upstairs, Irene is annoyed that Hayley & Hyde can’t see her point of view. Hayley insists that if Irene continues with this attitude, Diana will easily walks away with Olivia.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie & Tash are trying to sort through their money issue. Robbie is keen to contribute, ie he doesn’t want for it all to fall on tash’s shoulders. Robbie suggests that he is going to get a job.

DINER - Leah is concerned when Irene appears uneasy about entering, but Irene insists that its not because of food etc. Irene approaches Diana, who insists that she wants a 2w-nd chance with Olivia (as relationship with own kids, incl. James in UK, are woeful). Diana insists, once more, that Irene has poisoned Olivia against her. Irene tells Diana that she will keep things civil - and let tribunal decide.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene tells Hyde & Hayley bout her truce with Diana. Irene is pleased that Diana seems to be playing fair - although that is shattered when Lara arrives and tells Irene that Diana has an AVO against her. When police are gone, Irene takes back what she said about Diana playing fair.

AFTER AD BREAK - Olivia comes downstairs whilst Irene, Hyde & Hayley are discussing Diana. Hayley offers to take Olivia to the beach - ands Irene is V pleased when Olivia hand her the doll Diana gave her. Olivia insists that she doesn’t want doll.

BEACH - hayley & Olivia are making sandcastles. When Olivia goes to get some seashells (for windows), Diana approaches. Hayley sees this, and is clearly concerned.

DINER - Robbie & Tash enter, and Leah overhears them talking about Robbie wanting to find a job. Leah offers Robbie a trail period at the diner - he accepts.

BEACH - Irene sess Diana with Olivia and hayley. Irene charges over to here Diana is - and tells her off about how underhanded Diana is. When Irene has led Olivia away, hayley tries to reason with Diana (that Irene is a great mum etc) but Diana reveals her TRUE self to hayley - ie Diana doesn’t want Olivia to turn out like Irene’s “star†child - the unwed, pregnant hayley. Diana also insists she doesn’t want Olivia to be raised by trash.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene tells Hyde & Hayley that she’ not impressed with how underhanded Diana is. Hayley insists that Irene HAS to get a better strategy agianst Diana. The police then arrive - Lara tells Irene to come with them to station, as she’s been charged with breaking the AVO. (end of ep)


Will Irene “kidnap†Olivia to keep her away form Diana’s grasp, whilst Robbie's family is driving Tasha crazy.

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