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Brotherly bump check

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Brotherly bump check

From Sydney Confidential

July 21, 2005


Bump check ... the mystery hand is Bec's brother / AFP THE hand sparked a storm of outrage and empathy among pregnant mums - and today Confidential can reveal the identity of its owner.

The man pictured patting Bec Cartwright's tummy at the Davis Cup was, as far as the star was concerned, quite welcome to do so. The tummy-toucher was her older brother, Shaun, as he explained in an e-mail to us yesterday.

"Just a short e-mail to let you know the reason why Bec Cartwright looked unfazed with a hand on her pregnant stomach in a picture first published on Monday, July 18," he wrote.

"The hand wasn't a stranger's, it was mine! I can assure you, Bec wouldn't have looked so relaxed if it was a stranger's hand on her."

So at least that's one major issue cleared up before Cartwright weds Lleyton Hewitt today.

The only matter outstanding is how much her groom will be fined for his abuse during the game.

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