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Wednesday 20 July 2005 - "The Battle For Olivia Begins"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “The Battle For Olivia Beginsâ€

BEACH HOUSE - alf & hayley disagree about Jesse, ie like sally, hayley believes that Jesse always intended to give himself up to police, and that he only realised what he’d done on the day that he wrote note. Alf however thinks that Jesse gave himself to police, as he knew police would catch him soon. Hyde, Irene & Olivia enter. When Irene asks, Olivia says that she is not hungry. Hayley then takes Olivia upstairs, whilst Irene tells alf that she so glad that Jesse & sally arranged the funeral (Irene wouldn’t have been able to cope). Irene sees that strange look on Alf’s face - and enquires. Alf says, “you haven’t heard, have you?â€

POLICE STATION - sally & Flynn are talking to Jesse who is in his cell (sally etc on other side of bars). Jesse insists that he doesn’t deserve friends like sally & Flynn, who tell Jesse that they’ll not be swayed by the likes of alf (to abandon Jesse). Sally tells Jesse that she thinks he should attend funeral - to say his last goodbyes to chloe. Jesse insists that he doesn’t deserve to be there (because of what he’s done).

VAN PARK HOUSE -there’s a nervous tension between Cassie & Ric when their meal is finished. It gets to the point where Ric accidentally bumps into Cassie (and drops his plate) when they get up form table. Cassie insists that they both know that they want the same thing to happen tonight. She then leads Ric upstairs.

BEACH HOUSE - alf finishes telling Irene about what Jesse did. He then bails. Irene is V angry - she wants to confront Jesse, but both hayley & Hyde don’t think it’s a good plan. Things get worse when Irene raises her voice to the point where Olivia (in lounge room) hears it when Irene says that Jesse was drunk when he ran chloe off the road. Olivia storms upstairs.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie quickly descends the stairs, followed by Ric. Ric tries to talk to the obviously distressed Cassie, but then sally & Flynn come home. Cassie insists that she has to clean out after their meal etc, and she also tells sally that things went well. Ric knows otherwise, and is frustrated that Cassie won’t talk to him.

DINER - alf & colleen are in complete agreement in their opinion about Jesse. This alarms Morag, who thinks there’s something more to Alf’s attitude about this. Alf insists that too many do gooders aren’t treating the murderous Jesse hard enough.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric tires to talk to Cassie again. But she insists nothing is wrong. Ric go upstairs (frustrated), and sally approach Cassie. Sally suspects something is wrong, but Cassie insists all is well (note - Cassie, you are fooling NO ONE)

LATER THAT NIGHT - Ric gets a drink water from kitchen sink. He doesn’t see Cassie - who is all but crying on back patio)

NEXT MORNING - Sally tells Flynn that she wished she’d spent more t9ime with chloe. Ric enters then room, and when he enquires, sally says that Cassie has gone out (something she had to do this morning before funeral). Ric tries to ring Cassie - gets no answer. When sally enquires, Ric insists all is well.

DINER - Ric approaches Cassie. She insists they can’t talk now - have to go to funeral.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric enters and Flynn approaches him. Ric tells flyyn that he & Cassie slept together 0- and flynn insist that although Cassie said she was ready, actually doing the deed more than likely bought her bad memories (of uncle Ben) flooding back. Sally re-enters room, and places great framed pic of chloe in middle of wreath. Sally pick up wreath, and Flynn, sally & Ric exit.

INTERCUT SCENE - at the cemetery, we see that mourners as the hearse arrives and the ceremony begins, whilst (in his cell) Jesse looks like he’s in psychological hell. (Note -love the way the screen faded to black between cemetery & those of Jesse)

CEMETARY - the priest does the whole “ashes to ashes†thing and as the coffin is lowered into ground, Diana Fraser arrives. She places a wreath right near the grave. Diana then removes her sunglasses. Irene is now aware that Diana is at the funeral - and Irene takes offence. She grabs Diana and moves them both to away form the grave site. Irene isn’t only one who is annoyed - Diana insists that she would have responded quicker to a answering machine message that Irene left her if it was more than just “call meâ€. Diana insists that she is at funereal for “my grandc daughter†(Olivia)

AFTER AD BREAK - the funeral has ended. Olivia places a bunch of flowers on the foot of the grave. Diana wants Olivia to go home with her, but Irene has other ideas - Olivia goes with Irene.

HEADLAND - Ric catches up with Cassie. He tells her that he think that Flynn’s suspicions is right, but Cassie insists that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cassie insists that she was worried before they had sex, but certainly not afterwards. Cassie insists that she now think of sex as the loving act that it always should be (not what uncle Ben put her through). Cassie/Ric hug.

POLICE STATION - Jesse tells sally that she was right. He DOES wish that he’d been at funeral - as he needs to say goodbye to chloe. Sally insists that its not too late.

CEMETARY- Under the watchful eye of Summer Bay's finest, Jesse stands at Chloe’s grave. He says that he’s V deeply sorry for what he did. Jesse aslo says his goodbyes - and places a flower on grave.

BECAH HOUSE - Morag insists that she’ll give Irene all the help she wants with getting custody of Olivia. Irene wonders where alf is - Morag insists that he needs time to thinks everything through. Irene then sees Diana approaches. Irene goes onto back patio. Diana all but laughs when Irene says that she is going for custody of Olivia. Diana also makes it clear that she’s not keen to see moarg. Diana insists “no one takes my grand daughter form meâ€. (end of ep)


The battle for Olivia is on in earnest - Irene is charged with assault (from hitting Diana) whilst Diana tells hayley that she doesn’t want Olivia raised by “trashâ€

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