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Advantage Hewitt as city braces for celebrity love

Guest Andy

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Advantage Hewitt as city braces for celebrity love match

The Sydney Morning Herald

21 July 2005

Forget for a moment, if you can, the happy wedding of Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, the all-too-public romance between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and the supposed "itemisation" of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Today, Sydney belongs to a local celebrity couple, soap star Bec Cartwright and tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, who will marry in what the paparazzi and publicists have guaranteed will be the match of the year.

"It's going to be helicopters, telephoto lenses and chase-boats at 100 paces," said one freelance photographer, under instructions from a women's magazine to "get up close and personal".

That will not be simple. Such has been the secrecy involved in the planning that even guests, who have been asked not to bring cameras or phones with cameras, denied knowledge of the venue.

"We know absolutely nothing, and we won't until we arrive," insisted a spokeswoman for Encompass Management, which represents Cartwright. "It's all being handled by Lleyton's people." And Hewitt's people, led by the former cricket official Rob Aivotaglou, weren't speaking.

What is known, probably, is that Cartwright's wedding dress is by Alex Perry, the celebrant will be Pastor Brandon Chaplin from Hewitt's home town of Adelaide, and 200 guests have been asked to the InterContinental Sydney for pre-reception drinks at 2pm. Speculation about where the ceremony will be held has ranged from the Opera House to Taronga Zoo and even Luna Park.

Hewitt and Cartwright met at a charity tennis day in 2000, and struck up a friendship again late last year after breaking up with long-term partners, tennis star Kim Clijsters and actor Beau Brady, respectively.

Hewitt, 24, proposed to Cartwright, who turns 22 this weekend, on bended knee at the conclusion of the Australian Open in January. Since then the couple has bought a $4.5 million house at Palm Beach, raised funds for an Cambodian orphanage, appeared in Home & Away together, and announced that they are to be parents.

Louisa Hatfield, editorial director of Woman's Day, said: "They are the No. 1 celebrity couple in Australia right now.

"We liked it when [Hewitt] was winning, but we didn't exactly love him. Then he hooks up with Bec and, well, she's perfect."

Hewitt says his career will not be affected by marriage and fatherhood. "Obviously, there's a lot of difference with my life ... but once I step on court it is business as usual," he said.

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''then he hooks up with Bec,and wee,she's perfect''.

oh,please,since when?,i'm sorry but she's not and they are entitle to privacy like everyonelse on their wedding day.I'm sorry i'm trying to like them and be happy for them,i really do hope it works out for them,but give it a rest already.

Thanks for the article though,didn't mean to sound rude,rant over :)

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