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Tuesday 19 July 2005 - "The Times They Are A Changing"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “The Times They Are A Changing !!!â€

DINER - Alf, Sally, Leah, Colleen etc talk about Jesse. Alf is EXTREMELY angry at Jesse - whilst sally had a more moderate view of the situation (note - in the latter part of this scene, we can hear Sally & Co talking, as we see Jesse have his mug shots, fingerprints taken etc).

POLICE STATION - Peter s V surprised when Jesse insists that he doesn’t want a lawyer or bail. Jesse wants to “plead guilty and get this over withâ€

VAN PARK HOUSE - Tilly enters, and Cassie tells her that she wants tonight with Ric to be memorable. Tilly is a little surprised when Cassie insists that tonight will be about more than just dinner, ie Cassie insists that she is ready for the next level. Tilly eagerly agrees to help Cassie prepare the meal.

OUTSIDE GENERAL STORE - warren is surprised that Ric doesn’t have any protection. Ric is worried that madge Wilkins will tell everyone about his purchase. Things get worse when Ric collides with dan, who is exiting the store.

HOSPITAL GROUNDS - alf visits Martha. He tells her that Jesse is the driver is the other car. Martha cries - but alf is surprised that she is not as vengeful as he is. Martha insists that she want to use all her energy to get better.

GENERAL STORE - Ric selects some other items, so his primary purchase doesn’t stand out as much. Ric & warren are dismayed when they notices that the item Ric is after is not on the shelf where it usually is. Warren decides to go and ask the person at the counter, but secs later, he hear a crash. Warren sees the Ric had tried to reach the protection from the top shelf, but the display had fallen into Ric’s arms

POLICE STATION - alf charges in, and demands an update on the pursuit of Jesse. Peter is about to tell alf about it, when one of the male uniform officers leads Jesse from one room to another. Alf shouts at Jesse, eg “I hope your se Chloe’s face every time you close your eyes etc. alf is V, V angry - but Jesse doesn’t respond at all (you get the felling that Jesse agrees with everything that alf is saying.

GENERAL STORE - Ric (protection in hand) heads for the counter. He is taken aback when colleen enters the store - and says that she is subbing for madge Wilkins. Colleen goes behind the counter and asks Ric to give her that item he’s selected (which is behind his back). Ric places it on the counter (his hands & the product are not on screen) and colleen says that she is pleased that young ppl are using protection. We then see the item - no, Colleen hasn’t changed, the item that Ric put on counter is sun screen. Ric & Warren exit (note - I’m glad that H&A can now have an “adult theme†scene such as this. I remember an article in TV WEEK - when Shannon Reed left the Bay in 1997 - in which the H&A producers were annoyed that they then couldn’t cover such topics because of the show’s G rating. It was partic frustrating because “heartbreak high†[in a V similar timeslot] could deal with such things. Speaking of Shannon’s departure, I wonder if the PG rating that H&A now has will be used to have a TRUE portrayal of a gay character on the show).

DINER - warren tells Ric that he’s thought of a plan to get protection from general store without Colleen or madge telling the world afterwards. Ric & warren agree meet at store later. Nearby, alf talks to Leah & sally about Jesse. Sally is clearly a lot more sympathetic to Jesse than alf. Leah goes into the kitchen, where she tells dan that she’s not going to visit Jesse at the police station, esp. since he didn’t say goodbye to her the way he to sally & hayley

POLICE STATION - sally enters. She looks V deternmined, and she demands to peter to speak to Jesse (who is led int0 interview room seconds later). When sally ask, Jesse explains everything that happened. Jesse says that after being rejected by chloe at Alf’s party, she left the party with bottle of alcohol. Whilst driving later, he saw a car heading the other way. Jess was surprised that other car was on his side of the road (which wasn’t true - Jesse drunk). Jesse tells sally that as chloe car got closer, Jesse went to put foot on brake, his the exelerator instead. Jesse tells sally that he went to crash site after alf told him about crash. Jesse was hoping to find clue to who killed chloe - and he then remembered that HE is responsible. (Note - we see flashbacks of this whilst Jesse is explaining to sally). When Jesse is finished explaining, sally reaches over to touch Jesse’s hand. Jesse pulls back - insisting that he deserve no sympathy. Jesse insists that he wanted to plead guilty and get what he deserves (note - this is NO act, Jesse IS truly sorry etc)

AFTER AD BREAK - sally wonders why Jesse just left a note, and she is adamant that the note was a total cop out. When sally mentions how badly alf has reacted. Sally also insists that if Jesse wants to alf to know what happened, then Jesse MUST tells alf in person. Jesse’s not keen - but Sally is V adamant about this.

OUTSIDE GENERAL STORE - Warren realise that there’s no way his plan will work. Ric despairingly begins to walk away. Warren then shows Ric some protection that he had all along. Ric is a bit annoyed that warren didn’t tell him because he has after a bit of fun.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric enters, and comments of the great smelling food. When Ric goes upstairs, Cassie tells sally what food she has cooked. Sally is impressed - and hopes thing go well tonight. Just before Sally & flyyn bail, Cassie thanks them for letting Ric &Cassie have the house to themselves tonight.

POLICE STATION - Jesse is in his cell. Peter tries to hand him a piece of paper with the name & number of Jesse’s appointed solicitor. As per goes to leave the room, Jesse says that there IS someone he needs to speak to.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric is sitting on couch when Cassie (white V-neck dress with floral print) enters the room. When they go to the kitchen, Ric sounds V impressed by the food that Cassie has cooked. Cassie then mentions that she knows that Ric BOUGHT the food for the recent romantic dinner that he arranged. Ric & Cassie kiss- before Cassie leads Ric onto the back patio, where there is a candlelit table.

POLICE STATION - alf enters and Jesse tries to explain to alf what happened. When Jesse is finished, alf assured Jesse that his sob story hasn’t changed anything. The EXTEREMELY angry alf wishes (amongst other things) that the murderous Jesse will rot in hell (end of ep)


Emotions run high as Chloe is buried - and Diana Fraser returns to the Bay (with the intent of taking Olivia home with her)

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