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Monday 18 July 2005 - "Jesse .. On The Edge"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Jesse .. On The Edge !!!â€

CLIFF TOP - Jesse is standing dead still (having short flashbacks of the crash) when Flynn (on a run) approaches. Flynn makes a comment, and Jesse responds by walking away (and not saying anything)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn returns, and he tells sally about Jesse’s behaviour at the cliff top. Sally comments that she thought Jesse was feeling good after the funeral arrangements. Flynn insists that Jesse isn’t looking good now.

JESSE’S VAN - Jesse arrives home, and searches for a bit before he finds a bottle of alcohol in one of the cupboards.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally & Flynn continues to talk about Jesse’s behaviour.

JESSE’S VAN - Jesse rings Rachel, and he sounds V pleased to hear her voice

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally is at the computer, trying to type Chloe’s eulogy. Peter enters - he wants to speak to Ric about the crash. Peter tells sally & Co that they are waiting on the results of the paint from other car. Test results will reveal make & model of other car.

JESSE’S VAN - Jesse tells Rachel that “I’ll always love you†etc. he then opens the botte of alcohol, takes a large swig, and spits the alcohol out immediately. Jesse then begins to cry.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Tilly enters, and Cassie says that Ric is upstairs (having spoken to peter). Cassie wishes that she could do something for Ric. Tilly suggests a romantic dinner (like the one Tilly helped Ric with). Ric comes downstairs, and Cassie & Tilly eventually convince him to go to beach with them. Flynn enters, and Tilly & Co exit. He tells sally that computers haven’t got ability to read minds yet (she’s struggling with eulogy). Flynn then suggests that sally should talk to Jesse.

JESSE’S VAN - sally approaches and knocks on door. Inside, Jesse stands totally still. Sally decides the Jesse mustn’t be home so she walks away.

BEACH - Cassie & Tilly are trying to cheer Ric up. Ric decides to go for swim in the surf. Cassie talks about her feelings for Ric - she just knows she’s so in love with Ric. She wonders how others will react and is encouraged when Tilly says that ppl can see that a couple is madly in love - and uses Beth letting Tash moves in with Robbie as an example. Tilly alos insist that as long as Cassie & Ric know that they love each other, nothing else matters.

JESSE’S VAN - Jesse folds a letter he’s just written. He picks up his bags and is set to go.

NEAR BEACH - Ric tells Cassie that he’s so pleased that he now has many ppl in his life (alf, Morag, sally, Flynn etc) and that Chloe’s death has convinced him that there’s no time to waste. Cassie & Ric kiss.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Jesse enters, and sally & flyyn are surprised gives them the money to fully pay his bill. Jesse insists that he’s not staying in bay for Chloe’s funeral - he needs to go now. Sally, in partic, is sad to see Jesse go. When he’s left their place, sally thinks that something is DEFINITELY not right.

AFTER AD BREAK - Cassie enters, and convinces sally to go out with Flynn tonight - until late - as she wants the place for herself & Ric.

NOAH’S - hayley is shocked when Jesse tells her that he’s leaving town right now. Just like sally & Flynn, she wonders about the timing (why he’s not stying for funeral). Hayley tells alf that Jesse is leaving. Alf wants one last drink with Jesse, who insists that he doesn’t have time.

INTERCUT SCENE - Sally enters Jesse’s van and finds the letter. We then see sally reading the letter, and Jesse getting in his maroon car and driving off. As we see these images, we hear a voice of Jesse reading the letter - saying the he is the driver of the car that ran chloe off road. Letter continues with Jesse saying that he didn’t discover this til today. Jesse writes that he can never forgive himself, and he somehow hopes chloe can.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric enters, and Cassie tells him that the have the house to themselves tonight. Cassie says that she is READY for more than just dinner

NOAH’S - sally tells hayley & alf about Jesse’s letter. Alf insists that running away is no way to solve your problems, whilst hayley tries to defend Jesse’s actions.

POLICE STATION - peter is on the phone as Jesse enters. Peter instantly ends the phone call. Jesse looks at peter then Jesse hangs his head in shame. Peter KNOWS what has happened - and he leads Jesse to another room. (end of ep)


Alf is V angry with Jesse. We also see Martha in tears, and colleen enters the store where Ric is buying protection for his night with Cassie

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