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Soapie vixen finds her home

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Soapie vixen finds her home

Sunday Telegraph

17 July 2005

Holly Brisley admits the last year was a bit of a blur.

The former host of Agro's Cartoon Connection has enjoyed a steady rise during the past twelve months, moving from Escape With ET to Dancing With The Stars and now, Home And Away.

But it doesn't end there, because she's also managed to squeeze in a feature film The Crop, for which she won a New York best actress award, and is also the latest in a line of celebrity spruikers for Pepsi.

"When I get time, I pinch myself and just think how one person can be so lucky in a year," Brisley says.

"But it's not just about luck, there's also a lot of hard work involved, you know all the stuff that people don't see you doing. So yeah, it's a combination of the two."

Brisley, who began her role as Home And Away's latest conniving vixen, Amanda Vale, last week, says she is relishing her newfound soapie status.

"There's just so much to Amanda that I love playing her," she says. "It's such a meaty part - she's just such a trouble maker and I love that she's a single mum."

And is this a role she'd like to play in real life?

"Not right now," she giggles. "At the moment I'm enjoying handing them back at the end of the day, but I love working with them."

Brisley, who has signed on with the Seven soapie for 18 months, says that while her future remains unclear, she'd love to pursue a career in feature films.

"I do love features, and hope that after my time on Home And Away, I'll be able to do some more."

Home And Away, weekdays, 7.00pm, Seven

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