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Friday 15 July 2005 - "Kimmy's TRULY Brilliant Suggestion&quo

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Kimmy's TRULY Brilliant Suggestionâ€

HOSPITAL –Hayley helps Kimmy as he discharges for the hospital. A debate about baby names begins

PATTERSON BAKER HOUSE – Dan says that he wished they lived at resort all the time (no have to cook for yourself etc all the time). Dan notices that Leah is way distracted – but Leah bails (to get VJ) before Dan can enquire.

JESSE’S VAN – Jesse appears to be writhing in pain. He has a flashback of the moment at the party when Chloe rejected his advances. Jesse then wakes suddenly. Jesse is about to exit, when sally enters. Sally wants to check if Jesse is OK. Jesse tells sally bout his nightmares. When sally suggests that she wants some help with Chloe’s funeral arrangements, Jesse is dismissive, but sally insists that she thinks this process will help Jesse deal with things.

BEACH HOUSE – kimmy & hayley are still disagreeing bout baby names as they enter. Hayley sees a BIG package in the lounge. Kimmy says that he was hoping that it wouldn’t have come whilst he was in hospital – as he was hoping to build the cot and show it to hayley as a surprise. Hayley decides to try to put together the cot herself – but kimmy questions her ability when hayley wonders how to get the package open.

PATTERSON BAKER HOUSE – Leah & VJ return. When Dan takes VJ to bathroom, to clean him up, Leah takes the pregnancy test out of her bag. She thinks about tasting herself, but decides against it – and puts test back in hand bag.

BEACH HOUSE – All of the cot pieces are out of the box that came in, and hayley & kimmy struggle to put it together (surprise, surprise, instructions NOT in English). The baby name debate continues – kimmy is keen on “simple†names – Luke, Matthew, Sarah (interesting- considering a certain psycho), but hayley is keen on a more modern, funky name.

PATTERSON BAKER HOUSE – Dan is looking for his keys in the lounge. He even checks if VJ has swallowed them. Dan goes into kitchen – looks in Leah’s bag. Leah sees this and takes offence – Dan wonders why. Leah is forced to show him pregnancy test.

AFTER AD BREAK – Leah tells Dan she thinks she is pregnant (she’s late, moody etc). Leah is scared of test being positive – and of how Dan will react. Dan suggests that Leah should take test – and see where things lead.

DINER – Sally & Jesse are discussing Chloe’s funeral. Sally insists music doesn’t have to be hymns. Jesse remembers that Chloe likes Huey Lewis & the news – but he doesn’t want “if this is it†played at funeral. Jesse wishes hat Chloe weren’t dead. Jesse thinks that person who caused accident should be dead – esp. after all the pain & suffering Chloe has been through in her life. Jesse clearly wants vengeance – but sally thinks that Jesse shouldn’t be thinking such things, i.e. Jesse needs to find another way to deal with Chloe’s’ death.

PATTERSON BAKER HOUSE –Dan wonders if Leah has done the test. Leah says that she too stressed to do it. Leah insists that she needs to know what reaction will be before she does test. Dan says that they’ll definitely have/keep the child. This pleasantly surprises Leah – who says that she thinks it’s a bit too soon (for her) after baby pippa. Both insist that they’ll be happy with the result either way.

BEACH HOUSE – hayley & kimmy continue to baby name discussion when kimmy gets an itch on the bottom of his foot (on the leg that’s broken – and in plaster). Hayley is able to find the sweet spot. Kimmy decides to have a shower – and although kimmy thought he could get up off the floor by himself, he soon after asks hayley for assistance.

BEACH – sally comments to Jesse that Chloe (at least) had a great time at Alf’s party. Jesse comments that he ruined that (by tell Chloe how he feels). Sally doesn’t like it when Jesse wishes that he’d dies instead – as he has no one in the world, i.e. there’d be no ripple if he died, whereas the likes of Olivia are affected by Chloe’s death

PATTERRSON BAKER HOUSE – Dan & Leah are in bedroom. An alarm sound and they check pregnancy test. It’s negative – and whilst both SAY they’re pleased, Leah SOUNDS disappointed.

BEACH HOUSE – hayley has totally built the cot and looks V pleased with herself. Kimmy has finished his shower – but then he falls when the shower curtain gives way. He calls up to hayley to help him up – and to help him get dressed (I’m hoping he’s kidding)

PATTERSON BAKER HOUSE – Dan & Leah are surprised, but V pleased, that the other is disappointed by the negative test result. Both agree that they want to have a baby now, and Dan suggest that since VJ is asleep, now is a GRAET time to start trying.

NEAR BEACH – sally is V pleased that Jesse helped her with the funeral arrangements. Jesse insists that sally was right – this HAS helped him deal with Chloe’s death. Jess than confirms that he is going to leave town soon – as he needs to move on. Sally tells Jesse that she hopes he finds happiness.

BEACH HOUSE – kimmy enters the lounge, and is surprised when he sees that hayley has indeed built the cot. This makes the baby seems more real to kimmy. Hayley then suggests the name Claudia (if bub is girl). Kimmy says that he likes that name also. Kimmy then suggests that he has thought a biblical name that hayley WILL like. Hayley is sceptical – but she is totally over the moon (and a little shocked) when kimmy suggest the name NOAH !!!!!! (Note – as much as I don’t like kimmy, you have to – just a little – admire a guy who suggests calling his child after the mother’s soul mate)

CRASH SITE – Jesse is standing near Chloe’s wrecked car. He then notices that the paintwork of his own (maroon) car is damaged near one of the wheel arches. Jess then has a flashback to that terrible night – and is SHOCKED when he realises that HE was the driver of the car who forced Chloe off the road – to her death (end of ep)


Will Jesse leave town, or face the consequences of his actions?

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