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Thursday 14 July 2005 - "Even MORE Reasons to HATE Leah"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Even MORE Reasons to HATE Leahâ€

CARAVAN PARK - It’s late at night and Jesse almost knocks colleen over as he chargers towards his car. Colleen picks up piece of paper that Jesse dropped and wondered where Jesse is heading. Jesse says he has to visit friends in city. Colleen is annoyed when Jesse says that he’ll have no time to buy any fruit (from roadside stalls) for her.

HUNTER HOUSE - EARLY next morning, Tash wakes. She then wakes Robbie up. Tash is keen to g for walk on beach. Robbie isn’t so keen. Tash turns on light and pulls the blind up. Robbie eventually caves and they exit.

DINER - colleen comments on Jesse’ bad mood. When she says that the address was of a troy peters, colleen “wakes up†whilst alf hopes Jesse hasn’t done anything stupid.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie enters the main part of the house. He is pleased when he sees that Tilly & Beth are having pancakes. Tash, however, says that she & Robbie are having muesli & yoghurt for breakfast. Robbie clearly hates it, but doesn’t say anyting to Tash. Beth does suggest that she will have muesli one day (but long into the future I’m guessing)

DINER - alf, colleen & Scott are talk about Jesse, when dan & Leah (Patterson-baker) return form their honeymoon. Colleen wants to know all about the honeymoon, but Leah & dan suggests details too racy. Dan & Leah go over to alf & Scott - who says there is no new leads about Chloe’s killer. Scott is trying to ring Jesse in city - but dan says that Jesse is at the beach (passed him whilst re-entering town)

NEAR SURF CLUB - Scott approaches jess. Scott 's pleased when Jesse says that troy wasn’t home. When Scott walks away, Jesse sees troy on the beach. Jesse runs to where troy is. Jesse verbally abuses troy, before Jesse bashes him. Dan sees this happening, runs to where Jesse is - and eventually pulls him away form troy (whose face is a mess)

AFTER AD BREAK - Tash & Robbie are walking near surf club. Tash is keen to get their room totally set, but Robbie says that he’s made arrangements to hang out with a friend. Because of the disappointed way Tash sounds, Robbie frustratedly decides to cancel the arrangement, and help Tash.

DINER - in kitchen, colleen suggests to Leah that her honeymoon was too short, but Leah (who is on edge) says that life isn’t one big holiday. Dan & Jesse enter the Main part of the diner, diner tells alf about Jesse bashing troy. Alf tells Jesse that he thinks he’s an idiot. Jesse insists that he’s not repentent - as troy made Chloe’s life a living nightmare.

HOPITAL - peter see how bad Troy’s injuries are.

DINER - dan enter kitchen, and Leah takes offence when dan says that it’s great that stella has offered to keep VJ with her til end of the week. Peter enter the main part of the diner =- he charges Jesse with assault. Jesse is shocked when peter says that troy was on a security camera miles away for bay at time of crash. Peter leads Jesse out of diner.

HUNETR HOUSE - Robbie is annoyed that Tash is throwing out all his old clothes etc (and its clear he doesn’t like the Robbie bear either). Tash exits the room, and Scott enters. Scott comments on the Robbie/Tash situation. Robbie takes comfort that hes not alone in the world - when Scott says that woman was hide new things, and men hide old stuff. Scott insists that Robbie’s situation will continue unless he confronts Tash.

AFTER AD BREAK - later, Robbie enters his room. Tash is taking down more of his posters. The room is even more girly now, and Robbie tries to follow Scott’s advice, but he doesn’t heart the heart to truly confront Tash. (Note - because she’s albut my fave H&A charecter ever, this situation REALLY reminds me of when GYPSY moved in with Will)

DINER - in the kitchen, colleen wonders what’s up with Leah - who’s just cooked some meat for a veggie burger. Leah is clearly annoyed - but colleen doesn’t now why. Jesse and Leah enter the main part of the diner - Jesse insists that he’s NOT sorry for bashing troy. When peter says that Jesse is lucky that toy didn’t die (manslaughter charge) Jesse insists that NO ONE is lucky in this. Jesse storms out of diner.

BEACH - dan catches out with Jesse, who is sitting on the sand. The crying Jesse says that chloe died so young, had so much to live for etc.

HUNETR HOUSE - Robbie FINALLY confronts Tash about the overwhelming girly-ness of their room - and about how Tash has been making all the decisions etc. Tasha is dismayed - and she exits room.

AFTER AD BREAK - its’ nigh time, and Tash is on the bed. Robbie sees that some of his posters are back on the wall, and the room is a good blend of both their personalities. Tash says that she has a surprise for Robbie - and he is V pleased when he opens wardrobe door, as Mizzi (red bikini girl) is on the inside of the door. Robbie & Tash then start kissing - but Tash insists that the mood is being killed by them both hearing Beth & Tilly talking outside

PATTERSON-BAKER HOUSE -Leah takes offence to dan wanting to take advantage of VJ not being at the house right now (note - Leah was being a TOTAL cow in this ep. PLEASE someone kill her off !!!!!!) Leah insists she has a headache -and hen she enter her room, Leah takes a home pregnancy test out of her bag (end of ep)


Jesse is shocked when he uncovers who killed chloe (himself?), hayley & Kimmy gets closer, and Leah wants to know Dan’s feelings about new baby (before tests result is revealed)

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