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Wednesday 13 July 2005 - "Eduardo's Boisterous Cousin"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Eduardo?s Boisterous Cousin?

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth, Robbie, Tash, Tilly & Scott return form the city. They talk about Henry?s wonderful performance - and how he has decided to stay in the city. Tash & Robbie are keen for Tash to move in now - but Beth insist that Tash must get Irene?s consent. Beth opens the newspaper - and is shocked by the front page news of the deadly car crash

BEACH HOUSE - hayley enters. Irene is on the phone, and Hyde tells hayley that Irene is speaking to Morag about getting custody of Olivia. Hyde tells hayley that he is annoyed that Irene doesn?t care about his opinion on this matter. When Irene is off the phone, hayley confronts Irene. Irene says that she doesn?t want a lecture from hayley (just had one form Hyde). Tash & Robbie enter, and Tash hugs Irene.

DINER - Beth, Tilly, alf & Scott enter - they talk about Chloe?s 1 in a million death. Jesse enters - he makes various comments about Alf?s down beat nature being down to overdoing things at the party. Alf then tells Jesse about Chloe?s death. Jesse appropriately is shocked.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene tells Robbie & Tash about her plans to adopt Olivia. Irene senses that Tash is holding something back from her. When Tash tells Irene that she wants t move in with Robbie, Tash is surprised when Irene says that Chloe?s death had made her realise that ppl should always do what makes them happy, ie Irene gives Tash her blessing. When Tash & Robbie go upstairs, (to get Tasha?s things) Hyde confronts Irene. Irene insists that there is NOTHING to talk about.

DINER - alf tells Scott, Tilly & Beth about how brave Ric & chloe were at the crash site. Tilly bails - to see how Ric is. Scott asks about the driver of the other car. As alf is going upstairs, Morag wonders if he?s apologised to Duncan, alf says that he?s not been able to find Duncan - Morag insists that alf MUST say sorry.

BEACH HOUSE - Jesse, like Irene, blames the medical staff for Chloe?s death - Irene insists that he?s taking things out on the wrong ppl. Jesse should blame the person who ran Chloe?s car off the road

NEAR SURF CLUB - Jesse catches up with peter. Jesse wonders if they?ve apprehended troy. Peter thinks things aren?t that certain (that it was troy - no evidence). Peter warns Jesse not to take law into own hands (or Jesse could go back to jail)

HUNTER HOUSE - Tash decides that her & Robbie?s room needs a total makeover. She takes down many of the posters on the walls, and suggests a new paint scheme. Robbie suggests that Beth will hate an aqua paint scheme and it?s her house. Tilly takes pleasure in observing Robbie?s obvious pain - because Tash is taking over, ie she replaces his blue donna with a reddish-pink one and puts a Robbie teddy bear (complete with glasses & white t-shirt with ?Robbie" on it) on the bed.

BEACH HOUSE - Morag makes its V clear that the courts will most likely side with Diana in custody of Olivia. Irene insists that she will fight this no matter what it takes

PARK - alf approaches Duncan, and is pleasantly surprised when Duncan says that he?s not surprised that alf blamed Duncan for running them off the road, as the old Duncan might have. Duncan insists EVERYTHING changed when roo almost dies. Both Alf & Duncan that the relationship is finally back on track.

JESSE?S CARAVAN - peter enters. Jesse isn?t buying that troy isn't responsible - even when peter says that Troy?s credit card was used at the exact time of the car incident (to pay for a hotel room 75 kms away)

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde confronts Irene about Olivia. Hyde insists that he thought his child raising days were over and that there?d be time for just him & Irene. Irene insists s that she didn?t ask for Hyde?s opinion because she thought he?d support her in something she believes in with all her heart. The frustrated Hyde walks way (btw, Irene is wearing a V nice pink top)

DINER -peter enters, and tells alf & Co about the hotel transaction on Troy?s credit card. Peter tells them that Jesse still thinks it?s troy. Scott suggests that he will go and talks to Jesse.

JESSE?S CARAVAN - the frustrated Jesse is having trouble opening an obviously stuck drawer. Jesse eventually rips the drawer out - and cutlery goes everywhere.

BEACH HOUSE - hayley confronts Irene about her treatment of Hyde. Hayley insists that she think Irene is rushing things/not thinking. (Note - I could be wrong, but I get the felling Hyde & Co will come around to Irene's way of thinking, as soon as they are exposed to the EVIL that is Diana Fraser)

JESSE?S CARAVAN - Jesse angrily talks on the phone. He?s trying to confirm that troy is still at hotel, with no luck. Scott enters just as Jesse throes the phone down of the bed. Jesse insists that Phone Company is being a pain. Scott suggests that he think Jesse isn?t coping with Chloe?s death. Jesse insists that he IS dealing with it. Scott exits.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly is amused as Robbie irons his clothes. Robbie enters his room -as sees that the poster of the bikini girl is gone. Robbie asks Tash where ?Mizzi? (pronounced just like the surname of the actress who played his sister Kit) is. Tash insists that Robbie does need the poster, as he has her now. Tash ask Robbie to get her a drink, and as Robbie goes to get it, tilly comments that Robbie must try to avoid tripping over his ball & chain.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Irene approaches Hyde. Irene insists that her door will ALWAYS be open for kids in need, whilst Hyde says that he thought he was beyond all that. Irene insists this means they have a BIG problem. Irene begins to cry.

DINER - alf asks the about to leave Duncan to phone him at any time (about anything - even if its just to ?catch up?. Duncan & Morag exit - as Scott enters. Scott tells alf that Jesse on keen on vengeance agianst Troy. Scott insists that it?s lucky that Jesse does know where troy is (because Jesse would surely attack him)

JESSE?S CARAVAN - Jesse is o the phone. He makes up a story, and is able to get person on other end to give him Troy?s address - 4 Carlton road, Ryde, NSW). Jesse gets off the phone - and he looks V determined. (end of ep)


Jesse bashes troy - and is charged with assault by the police, and Robbie takes offence to Tash making all the decision about their room.

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