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Tuesday 12 July 2005 - "If You Know Diana, Like I Know Diana&quot

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?If You Know Diana, Like I Know Diana?

BEACH HOUSE - colleen is acting all strange around Olivia, eg ?you just eat up like a good little girl?. Irene & Hyde enter, and Olivia wonders where chloe is. Irene sits beside Olivia - Irene say that she had something (uneasy) to tell Olivia.

HOSPITAL - hayley & Kimmy enter Martha?s room. Hayley has a blonde moment - when she asks Martha how she is feeling. Martha then insist that she?ll not contact her adopted family until swelling goes done and she?s certain os her injuries. Talk turns to chloe - all are shocked that she died, partic because chloe appeared to ?get off lightly? from the crash. All this is too much for sally, and she runs out of Martha?s room. Flynn hugs her. Back inside Martha?s room, hayley & Co are shocked when Ric concurs with chloe?s suggestion that this incident was DELIBERATE.

CRASH SITE - Peter & Lara discuss the situation. Both agree that the lad of skid marks from the other car confirms the theory that this is deliberate.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene tells colleen & Hyde that Olivia cried herself to sleep. Sally enters - and hugs Irene. When sally asks if she should contact Diana Fraser (Olivia?s grand mother). Irene VEHEMENTLY opposes. Sally then tells Irene & the others that they think incident was intentional.

CRASH SITE - alf & Morag arrive. When Peter says that maroon paint was found on Chloe?s car at the point of impact. Alf immediately says that Duncan has a car that is painted that colour.

AFTER AD BREAK - Morag seriously has a go at alf for even THINKING that Duncan is responsible. Alf insists that Duncan is a ?bag egg? who Morag always tries to find the good side of. Morag is so angry with alf that she refuses a lift home.

HOSPITAL - hayley & Kimmy leaves Martha?s room. Martha eventually confirms Ric?s suspicions that she went silent when she saw Kimmy in the wheelchair - as that could be her permeant fate. Martha is SHOCKED when Ric reveals that he & alf moved Martha out of the car at the crash site.

Elsewhere, Kimmy & hayley enter his room. Hayley helps Kimmy out of the chair and onto the bed. The duo talks about the usual amount of time they?ve both been in hospital this year.

BEACH HOUSE - sally, hyde & colleen are somewhat shocked when Irene insists that Olivia is going to stay right here - as the absolutely NO WAY that Diana is getting her mits of Olivia - chloe would NEVER want that, Irene claims (note - Irene is V passionate about this issue all ep, and Lynne McGranger?s performance was SUPREME).

HOSPITAL - Morag & alf enter Martha?s room. Martha lashes out of alf & Ric - she insists that she?d rather be DEAD than be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

BEACH HOSUE - when they are alone, Hyde is shocked when Irene insists her going for custody of Olivia has ?nothing to do with you?.

HOSPITAL - alf is walking in the corridor with Ric, Cassie & Morag. Alf is really blaming himself for Martha (ie concurring with all she said). Duncan enters the room - and alf charges straight for him. Alf grabs Duncan at starts shouting at him (blaming him for crash). Ric is finally able to break them up.

AFTER AD BREAK - Duncan insists to Morag that he is NOT responsible for this. Morag says that she knows he didn?t do it - and that alf is merely speaking out of emotion. Nearby, alf tells Ric that he just tried to ring peter. Peter eneters seconds later, and tells alf that the marron paint on Chloe?s car is NOT from Duncan?s car.

Duncan enters the room - sees Alf?s non-apologetic reaction to the news, and Duncan leaves the room in disgust. Morag then begins to chastise alf for his behaviour towards Duncan. Alf ignores this - and has a physical reason to when Martha is wheeled past them.

In Kimmy?s room, hayley, Kimmy & Hyde discuss Irene?s vehement stand about Olivia. All are worried that Irene isn?t thinking straight (note - as much as I like hyde these days, he?s WRONG, because he doesn?t KNOW Diana Fraser - the MOST EVIL women to set foot in summer bay before ANGELA RUSSELL - like Irene knows her).Hyde exits, and Kimmy & hayley talk about their own child (Note - could they PLEASE resolves this storyline? I know I wanted the father of Gypsy?s baby to remain secret forever but this is stupid Kimmy we are talking about).

Elsewhere, Ric, Morag & alf enter Martha?s room. She apologises for ?going off? at them before - and admits she is WAY scared of what will happen to her. Alf & Co are about to leave when alf touches Martha?s hand - and she can FEEL the touch. Alf calls out to Flynn, who touches Martha?s foot & lower leg in several places (with no response initially). Martha is overjoyed when she can feel it when Flynn touches her lower leg.

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde enters the living room, and Irene asks Olivia to get a storybook from her room. Irene insists that she IS going to apply for custody of Olivia, because of EVIL Diana. Hyde is shocked when Irene insist that ?I?ll be this without you if I have to?

CRASH SITE - alf has a flashback on the crash. Peter approaches - he tells alf there's no sign of troy in the surrounding region. Indeed, peter doesn?t think troy is responsible. Alf assures peter that he?ll not stop until the perpetrator of the crime is found (end of ep)


Jesse is also keen to find Chloe?s killer, but will he like what he finds? (does this suggest that Jesse is, unknowingly, the killer), and will Irene?s tough stance about Olivia mean the end for her relationship with Hyde?

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