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Friday 8 July 2005 - "4000"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?4000?

AUTHOR NOTE ? Most of this ep guide is out of sequence, but, with ppl talking at a party like this, sequence is pretty much irrelevant.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Alf can?t believe that so many friends and family have returned to bay for his birthday, inc. Mitch, Will, Sam, Sarah and, late in the ep, Barbara. One person who Alf seems to be ignoring is Duncan, i.e. Duncan tries to talk to Alf several times, but Alf seems more interested is catching up with something else at the time. This situation comes to a head when Alf wishes that roo ha been able to make it to the party. Indeed, Duncan way tales offence ? ?I?m just not good enough for you?. Duncan storms out of the house.

Duncan wasn?t the night?s only disturbance. Troy enters the house, and Chloe was petrified. Troy says that he?s out on bail. Several of the ppl are the party push troy under of the house ? whilst they do so, troy yells ?if I can?t have you, no one will?.

Also at the party, Blake & Sophie have a number of conversations ? in which the TRULY decide to get back together ? Blake WAY confirms that he?s totally committed to Sophie (and their kids) by suggesting that Sophie should put the engagement ring that he gave her ages ago back on her finger.

Elsewhere at the party, Celia is getting on Morag?s nerves, whilst colleen tells that like of Martha & cassia that martin dibble was a VERY bad influence on lance. Will talks to Hailey about her situation. Will thinks that Hailey should follow her heart (and be with Scott) rather than settling from kimmy. Hayley suggests that will can?t just arrive in town every so often and tell her what to do (note - whilst I agree that Will was wrong to try to suggests that KK shouldn?t share the reception with Hayley/Noah last year, I believe that he is TOTALL right this time). Btw, there (of course) was the obligatory reason with gypsy & lily couldn?t make it to the party.

Also, Dan talks to Jesse about his feelings for Chloe. Jesse says that he thinks that he & Chloe have seriously reconnected, but whilst Jesse & chloe are dancing, Jesse tries to make a move on Chloe, and she tells him that she?s only interested in him as a friend.

Note ? from this point on, everything is in sequence.

Everyone gets together for a BIG photo for all in the room. Then we had the speeches. Fisher tells everyone that Alf is the best friend he?s ever had. Celia talked about Alf & the great love of his life ? ailsa. Ric talked about Alf?s other great loves (rugby, fishing) and the rocky start to his relationship with Alf, then its (appropriately) sally?s turn ? she is fighting back tears as she speaks about her great friend, and how Alf IS the heart and soul of the bay, (note ? it was V touching speech made that much more poignant because it was from one of the last 2 originals to the other). Sally & Alf hug at end of speech.

This leads to a fantastic montage (with the show?s original theme them in background) of many of H&A?s most memorable moments ? sally, pippa & co meeting Alf in the show?s debut, roo telling frank that she?s not having his baby at their wedding, bobby & frank?s nuptials, Meg Bowman?s death, Sophie giving berth to Tamara, angel & Shane?s wedding, Shannon & Selina, Shane's death, fisher & Marilyn? wedding, Travis & Rebecca tieing the knot, pippa leaving the bay, Chloe & Lachie, the deaths of ken & Ailsa, Leah & Gypsy giving birth, the weddings of Gypsy/Will, Sally/Flynn and Hayley/Noah, before the montage ends with another shot of Alf from the movie length pilot ep. (Note ? we also saw shots of Irene at some of the above events.)

Alf is then presented with a chocolate iced birthday cake. Alf thanks all for coming back to the bay for his special day, and hopes hat they come back to the bay more often in future.

Everyone bails and the end of the patty, and Morag is NOT impressed that Celia wants Morag to drive her home (Celia can?t go in barbara's car ? too small). When only Alf & Sally remain in the room, sally thanks Alf for everything, but Alf insists ?no. thank you?.

ON THE ROAD ? Chloe is driving Alf, Ric, Martha & kimmy home. Chloe apologises for the scene troy caused, whilst Alf says sorry for trouble Duncan caused. Chloe & the others can?t believe it when a car (coming in opposite direction) comes straight for them. Chloe is forced to veer of the road ? and as the screen fades to black, we hear the car crash (end of ep)


The crash kills someone, leaves another with the possibility of not walking again - but worse still is the truth that this was deliberate. (Note ? I initially thought, before seeing the ep, that troy was responsible, but given Duncan?s attitude, he may be out for revenge)

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