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Wednesday 6 July 2005 - "Pippa Squared"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Pippa Squared !!!?

AUTHOR NOTE - This has got ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with H&A, I have to say it anyway - the biggest of CONGRATULATIONS to London for winning the right to host the 2012 Olympics !!!!!!!!!!!!

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric, Cassie & sally talk about there soon to be arriving guests. Ric isn?t pleased when sally says that he?ll be sharing his room with Donald fisher. Indeed, Ric says that the students at yabby creek high always feared the Fisher would be sent to their school - to sort them out. Cassie, however, is V pleased when sally says that she?ll be sharing her room with pippa & sophie. Just as Cassie comments on the legendary pippa, she arrives. Sally is overjoyed to see pippa

BEACH - Kimmy (who?s just finished surfing) approaches hayley. She tells him that she?s still unsure if what she feels towards him is parental bonding or actual love. Kimmy suggests that if hayley can?t decide, he?ll ?make the call? for her. Kimmy bails.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly is surprised that Beth is so distracted that she doesn?t pay attention when she?s talking about henry?s big stage debut. Beth responds to tilly - and asks her to get something for the other room. Beth then approaches Scott (who is sitting in the lounge room). Tilly re-enters lounge room - just as Cassie arrives. Cassie asks if Tilly can assist her with birthday party stuff - Beth says that Tilly can, so Tilly & Cassie exit. Beth then asks scott why he?s feeling so down. Scott tells her bout the hayley/Kimmy kiss. Beth suggests that Scott should talk to Kimmy or hayley about it.

VAN PARK HOUSE - pippa ends phone call (see below) and we see something TRULY wonderful - the only 2 ppl on screen (sally is in the room - but off screen) are Pippa & baby Pippa !!! (Note - I can honestly say I?ve been waiting for that on screen image ever since Leah gave birth to sally?s daughter). Ric, Cassie, Tilly & Martha enter the house, and immediately head towards the back patio. As they do this, sally & pippa talk about Carly (Ben has arranged an overseas holiday for himself & Carly) and Stevo (who is sorting things out with Selina). Sally & pippa thinks its unfortunate that neither (Carly nor stevo) can make it to Alf?s party. Sophie arrives - she is ecstatic to see pippa & sally (and vice versa)

BEACH - Tash is keen on telling the world about the wedding, but Robbie insists that they should wait until they both are organised (have jobs etc). They pash - and Beth sees this as she is walking by.

DINER FLAT - Beth enters, and hands alf the books for Noah?s. Beth wonders if alf has remembered about tomorrow. Morag is clearly worried at this point, but is put at ease when Beth says that she hopes he?s remembered that she has the night off work as she is attending henry?s performance. As bet is about to leave, she wishes alf a happy birthday for tomorrow - and when alf asks, she says that Ric told her about birthday. Alf tells Beth & Morag that he wishes everyone would forget -as it will just boring another day.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Fisher & pippa talk about the surprise party. When fisher makes a comment about Seb, sally wonders how Seb is going. Fisher says that, thanks to June, Seb has a new girlfriend. Fisher isn?t overjoyed when sally mentions that Duncan will be attending the party. Sophie re-enters the living room - she?s really pleased to be sleeping in her ?magic? old room again. Fisher then exits room - to put his bags etc in the room he?s sharing with Ric. Pippa then asks Sophie about Blake. Sophie says that she never sees Blake - another person even acts as intermediary when Blake has custody of David (Sophie & Blake?s son). Note - I LOVE that Sophie has named her son after her daughter Tamara?s deceased father

BEACH - Kimmy sees scoot and approaches. Scott confronts Kimmy about the hayley/Kimmy kiss. Kimmy says that hayley is still unsure of her feelings. Kimmy suggest that Scott should talks to hayley about all this.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally & pippa comment that Sophie IS obviously affected by Blake?s imminent arrival, after Sophie grabbed the vinegar (instead of olive oil) for the salad they are making. Sophie say that she can deal with Blake for the short time they have to get along - and, of course, Blake enters the house at that very moment. Sally & pippa are pleased to see Blake, who wonders where Sophie is (she?s bailed to back patio)

DINER FLAT - when alf comments that he thought he just saw Blake drive into town, Morag suggests that alf must be getting dementia - and backs this up by reminding alf that iced tea goes in the fridge (not the pantry) when alf is out of the room, Morag rings sally.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally gets off the phone. She tells pippa & Co what Morag told her about alf & Blake. Sally gives Blake the key to his caravan - and everyone thinks of the good memories they have of the Van Park. Sally hopes the new owner leaves the park as it is (and, although I missed it the 1-st time, pippa has a ?knowing? smile on her face). Sophie renters the house, from the back patio, and goes to so upstairs. Black catches up with her at the bottom of the stairs. Sophie insists, to Blake, that they are in the bay for Alf, eg ?this is NOT about us?. Sophie goes upstairs.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie & Tash are talking V fondly about each other, and doing a fair bit of kissing. Beth notices this - as she is in the room collecting laundry. Tash exits, and Beth tells Robbie that she knows what is going on. Robbie is worried at this point, but is relieved when Beth ?only? say that she believes that Robbie & Tash have moved their relationship to the next level (ie they?ve slept together)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Blake & Sophie clash again. Sophie tells Blake that she would have forgiven him for everything - if he?d been at David?s birth, but Blake wasn?t, and they can?t go back. Sophie then bails.

BEACH - Scott approaches hayley. He tells her that last night made him realise that he thinks they (hayley/scott) are over - and hayley free to do as she pleases (note - Scott?s not angry as he says this, he sounds rather defeatist actually). Scott gives hayley a parting kiss - before walking away. Meanwhile, the look on Hayley?s face, after Scott?s revelation, is one of uncertainty, rather than joy.

HUNTER HOUSE - Scott enters, and tells Beth about his encounter with hayley. Scot says that he feels OK about his decision, but he, once more, sounds/looks defeatist.

BEACH - Kimmy approaches hayley. She tells him about Scott. Hayley, however, insist that she?s nit going to race into anything with Kimmy, ie she wants to see how things go between them. Kimmy is encouraged by this, but Hayley?s face (to me) looks as though she?s ?settling? for Kimmy (and that she still REALLY has feelings for Scott)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric, Cassie, sophie & fisher bail to their bedrooms, and sally is overjoyed when pippa tells her that (through a real estate friend - think phone call earlier) pippa had BOUGHT the caravan park, for sally, flyyn & baby pippa !!!!!!!

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie & Tash talk about feeling uneasy about having to lie to Beth, Irene etc about getting married. At this point we see, in the background, someone?s lower legs and shoes. Robbie & Tash are shocked when Tilly confronts them upon hearing the nuptial news (end of ep)


Beth confronts Robbie about the wedding, and will Sally & Co be able to keep the party a surprise from Alf ?

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