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Tuesday 5 July 2005 - "Reconciliation and a Declaration of WAR&qu

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Reconciliation ? and a Declaration of WAR !!!?

SURF CLUB - The newlyweds enter, and their arrival is announced by alf. Noelene wonders why Amanda is sitting next to her - Amanda suggest that Ryan was supposed to, but he?s feeling ill and hasn?t come to reception. Nearby, Kimmy approaches hayley (as she gets some food). He wants to talk about what happened that other day when the baby kicked, but Kimmy is annoyed when hayley walks away (colleen wants a photo of Leah, hayley & sally). Peter and his dad approach the food table - and both go to pick up the last plate. Peter?s dad suggests that peter should have it - Noelene hands her husband another plate (that she got for him especially). Noelene suggests that her husband shouldn?t start something with peter. When Peter?s dad walks away, Noelene approaches peter. Noelene is really surprised that peter says that he was being VERY serious when he said that he wants to cut all ties with parents after weeding. Noelene tells peter that she anonymously phoned the hospital everyday (that peter was in coma) - wondering how he was. Noelene insists that she never stopped loving peter - and this breaks some serious ice, ie peter & Noelene hug. Nearby, Jesse & chloe talks about getting the wedding blues (when they both recall their own weddings in the past). Btw, chloe is wearing a fantastic sky blue halter dress. Elsewhere, Leah & dan that today has been amazing. Nearby, Peter approaches his dad. Peter tries to reconcile things with her father, but his dad isn?t interested, eg ?you always though that you?re too good for your family? etc). When peter walks away, dan who heard the argument between peter & their father, is clearly NOT impressed with their dad. Dan then heads towards peter.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - hayley talks to Kimmy abou6bthe day the baby kicked. Hayley thinks their feelings are just because they are bonding because they are going to be parents. Kimmy thinks there is more to it, but hayley is certain that she?s not romantically keen on him. Hayley walks away.

SURF CLUB - dan confronts his dad about peter. Dan?s father insists that peter always thought that he was better than his family, the town they lived in etc. Dan?s father is taken aback when dan says that peter only did the things he did (incl. becoming an under cover cop) because peter just wanted so parents would be PROUD of him. The father is surprised at this - and dan admits that he spoke up about it because their father never listened to peter. Dan suggests that his father speak to peter - before it?s too late. Nearby, Amanda & Scott have a brief conversation. When Scott walks away, Amanda has her eye on him - is she interested? Elsewehere, alf approaches Leah & dan - he suggests its time for the bridal waltz. Leah, dan & everyone start dancing. Flynn subs for (matron of honour) Sally?s partner - as best man peter is not available. As scott & hayley dance, scott is V pleased when hayley says that she V pleased that dan & Leah got married, esp. after they?ve been through so much, ie Hayley?s statement gives scott hope for himself & hayley get back together

AFTER AD BREAK - the dancing is over, and peter is intrigued when he hears Amanda described what the woman (housekeeper) who phoned Leah sounded like. Elsewhere, Scott tells dan that dancing bridal waltz with hayley was V beneficial (possibility of getting back together). Nearby, peter confronts Amanda about her various attempts to sabotage the weddings. Peter & Amanda are causing such a scene that dan & Leah begin to pay attention. Peter totally grills Amanda about sabotaging the wedding, and try as she might, there was NO way that Amanda was going to lie her way out of all this. However, Amanda decided to attack - saying that she was trying t save dan from the worst mistake of his life. Dan tells Amanda to ?GET OUT?. Amanda begins to exit, but she turns around and tells, well everyone, that ? you (dan) may have moved on, but I?ll always be in your life. You can?t pretend that we didn?t happen, I won?t let you?. Amanda then exits. (Note - I am sooooooooooooooooooooo in LOVE with this AWESOME woman)

AFTER AD BREAK - dan, Leah, peter, Noelene & her husband make comments about Amanda. Noelene?s husband stops laughing at a comment when he sees that peter is laughing as well. Alf suggest that they stop the party from dieing - with the toss of the bouquet & garter. Irene catches the bouquet (Hyde is V pleased), and despite Kimmy?s best efforts, Scott catches the garter. Nearby, sally talks to chloe, and Flynn talks to Jesse, about chloe & Jesse getting V close again. Peter is about to exit when his father calls to him. Peter stops and his father comments that he?s heard that peter has a girlfriend who is also a cop. Peter?s father suggests that peter should bring Clare to meet Peter?s parents and see where he grew up. Peter is surprised, but V pleased with this suggestion. Both men are clearly pleased that the path to reconciliation has begun. Nearby, dan tells everyone that he?s so glad to have met, and married, Leah. Dan then surprises Leah (and everyone else) by bursting into song - all clap/cheer/laugh as he sings the 1980s hit ?soul kind of felling?. When dan is finished singing, he & Leah joyously kiss.

LEAH?S - dan carries Leah over the threshold

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Kimmy confronts hayley about his feeling towards her. Hayley comments that the baby seems to kick more when Kimmy is near. Kimmy comments that this is a GREAT sign.

SURF CLUB - sally, Irene, Flynn, Hyde chloe, Jesse etc decide to go to the van park house - to further arrange Alf?s party. They don?t want him to get a suspicion of what?s going on. When sally & Co have exited, alf asks Scott about tonight. Scott thinks that things are great between he & hayley - and there?s a real possibility of them getting back together. Scott exits the surf club - and sees (of course) hayley & Kimmy kissing. When Scott has walked way, hayley beaks way form the kiss - she tells Kimmy that this isn?t right (end of ep)


Hayley MUST make a choice between Kimmy & scott, and has Tilly discovered that Robbie & Tash are ?married? ?

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